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Looking Back at Display Week and Summer, Looking Ahead to Fall
By Stephen P. Atwood

President's Corner
Goals for a Sustainable Society
By Helge Seetzen

Industry News
By Jenny Donelan

Display Week Review: Best in Show Winners
The Society for Information Display honored four exhibiting companies with Best in Show awards at Display Week 2018 in Los Angeles: Ares Materials, AU Optronics, Tianma, and Visionox.
By Jenny Donelan

Display Week Review: Emissive Materials Generate Excitement at the Show
MicroLEDs created the most buzz at Display Week 2018, but quantum dots and OLEDs sparked a lot of interest too.
By Ken Werner

Display Week Review: I-Zone Turns Seven
Five Innovation Zone exhibitors received recognition for their emerging, best-in-class display technology at Display Week 2018.
By Steve Sechrist

Display Week Review: Advances in Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality Technologies
Virtual, augmented, and mixed reality (VR/AR/MR) technologies offer the promise of seamlessly blending the real and the virtual worlds.
By Achintya K. Bhowmik

Display Week Review: Digital Signage and the Emissive Materials Evolution
A series of new emissive materials – microLEDs, miniLEDs, and QLEDs – seem poised to take over a portion of the digital signage market.
By Gary Feather

Display Week Review: Automotive Displays Proliferate at Display Week 2018
Displays in vehicles are an ever-greater focus in cars and at the show.
By Karlheinz Blankenbach

Display Week Review: Innovative Glass and Polymer Components Impress at Display Week
Among the oldest of flat-panel components, substrates and optical films in novel formats continue to improve display performance.
By Ken Werner

Display Week Review: Display Metrology and Image Quality Are Relevant, Vital for Development
Display Week 2018 featured a variety of exhibits, seminars, and symposia on topics related to display metrology and image quality.
By Tom Fiske

Business of Displays: Q&A with Fieldscale’s Yiorgos Bontzios

SID News: Best Student Paper in JSID