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The Brave New World of Displays
By Stephen P. Atwood

Industry News

Sony and LG Introduce 84-in. 4K TVs
By Jenny Donelan

Frontline Technology: Microfluidic Technology Enables New User Interface

We live in a highly tactile world. However, our daily interactions with technology, from tablets to automobiles, are becoming more and more flat. The next wave of user interface will re-incorporate dynamic physical features with the introduction of a novel deformable membrane technology that integrates into standard touch displays and surfaces.
By Nate Saal

Frontline Technology: Virtual Remote Controller Enables New Laser-Projection-Based Applications

A novel pan-tilt user-interface (UI) robot system uses a scanning MEMS projection head in combination with a depth sensor. The UI robot system can detect and track a hand, then project a virtual-remote-controller (VRC) image onto the top of a palm or table.
By Masafumi Ide, Kaoru Yoda, Yosuke Abe, Shinpei Fukaya, Takeo Komiyama, Tomohiro Tamura, Kouhei Arakawa, and Takaaki Nozaki

Display Marketplace: OLED and 4K x 2K TVs: Oxide TFTs Could Help Make Both Happen

In 2012, two new approaches to TV have come to the forefront: large-sized OLED and 4K x 2K LCD TVs. Both involve technical challenges, and in their first versions are likely to carry price tags in the $10,000-and-up range. The path to mass adoption is not yet clear. However, the technology called oxide-TFT technology could play a key role in the development of either or both of these approaches.
By Paul Semenza

Frontline Technology: Real-Time Dynamic Holographic 3-D Display

Using a proprietary thin film with a super-fast holographic response and no applied electric field, the authors have produced a real-time dynamic holographic display-concept demonstration with holographic images that can be refreshed on the order of a millisecond without crosstalk.

By Hongyue Gao, Xiao Li, Zhenghong He, Yikai Su, and Ting-Chung Poon

Q&A: Holography Power: A conversation with MIT Media Lab's V. Michael Bove, Jr.

Information Display had the chance to talk to V. Michael Bove, Jr., who heads up the Object-Based Media Group at the MIT Media Lab, about data processing and other logistical challenges designers face in order to render real-time holographic TV images.

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