Products on Display at Display Week 2016 Products on Display at Display Week 2016

Products on Display at Display Week 2016

Some of the products on display at North America’s largest electronic-display exhibition are previewed.

by The Editorial Staff

THE SID 2016 International Symposium, Seminar, and Exhibition (Display Week 2016) will be held at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco, California, the week of May 22.  For 3 days, May 24–26, leading manufacturers will present the latest displays, display components, and display systems.  To present a preview of the show, we invited the exhibitors to highlight their offerings.  The following is based on their responses.

San Jose, CA, USA  +1-480-239-8712
Booth 1341

A Novel Laser Processing Solution for Transparent Materials

3D-Micromac AG, the industry leader in laser micromachining, will introduce its FSL (Flow Supported Laser Ablation) technology at Display Week 2016. The sophisticated machining strategy is perfectly suited for the generation of structures such as taper-free holes or even holes with negative taper and columns with rectangular walls in glass, sapphire, and other transparent materials. Typical dimensions of those structures are in the range of a few 10 µm up to a few 100 µm. The machining, performed by an ultrashort-pulsed laser, is stress-free and without thermal impact. The achievable wall roughness is ~ 0.5 µm (Ra). The FSLA technology opens up new vistas for the production of shaped holes and nozzles and surface modifications in display glass or sapphire.

Santa Paula, CA, USA  +1-877-622-7472
Booth 1215

Oleophobic and Hydrophobic Anti-Reflective Coatings for Displays and Optical Windows

Abrisa Technologies’ CleanVue PRO Series of (AR) coatings combine improved handling, cleaning, water shedding, and robust performance with excellent AR properties making them ideal for displays and optical windows in “tough” outdoor, high traffic, or other challenging-use environments. Unlike many other solutions on the market, the CleanVue PRO Series of Oleo/Hydrophobic AR coatings will not flake or peel off the glass substrate over time, maintaining glass transparency and image clarity for displays and window elements. The CleanVue PRO Series of (AR) coatings repel oil and make the glass easy-to-clean; fingerprints wipe off easily, and the coating provides a non-smudge surface.

Ittervoort, The Netherlands  +31-475-600232
Booth 747

2D Analysis System

The Admesy Atlas 2D analysis system is the ultimate 2D imaging CCD combined with a spectrometer, opening up an unprecedented range of capabilities and flexibility.  The Atlas was developed amongst other things for display and LED panel markets to test characteristics such as luminance, color uniformity, mura, white-point adjustment, etc.  The Atlas combines several fundamentally different devices in one solution giving it unprecedented capabilities and flexibility.  Thanks to the software, the operation of the Atlas is very user-friendly.  The Atlas consists of a high-level 2D RGB imaging CCD, colorimeter, or spectrometer (380-780 nm) with optional flicker measurement.

Boston, MA, USA  +1-857-241-3871
Booth 1313

Glass Replacement for Screen Protector

AEE Technology’s Plaglass optically engineered functional film, a glass replacement for screen-protector applications, features:

• High total light transmittance
• Low haze and optically clarity
• Anti-scratch (4H~7H)
• >epellency-grade anti-fingerprint
• Excellent self-gel and bubble-free fitting on flat screens
• Anti-impact and anti-shatter
• Totally enhance touch-screen durability and functionality with viewing comfort
• Can be formed for curved-screen edges
• Can be roll-to-roll processed.

Hzogenrath, Germany  +49-241-8909-386
Booth 1114

Barrier Deposition Systems for Organic Electronics

OPTACAP™ is a innovative low-temperature process technology based on a scalable linear PECVD approach, optimized for the deposition of highly flexible and effective silicon-nitride inorganic barrier films. Ideal for deposition on glass and plastic substrates. Applications include OLED displays and OLED lighting, PV, flexible electronics, etc.  Platforms include the OVPD-200 for 200 × 200 mm2 substrates and the OVPD-470 for 470 × 370 mm2 substrate. Scaled up versions are currently under preparation.

New Taipei City, Taiwan, ROC  +886-2269-67269
Booth 1240

LCD Products

As an ISO9001 certified company, Ampire provides quality LCD products in a timely and professional manner.  Benefits of working with Ampire include: full support to the LCD project from customization to standard part and value-added integration, adaption of standard RMA process for the warrant parts, cost competitiveness, quality assurance, flexibility, great selection of displays, and financially security.

Bielefeld, Germany  +49-521-542-0
Booth 1118

Ultra-Thin-Glass Cleaning

BENTELER has taken its expertise in developing glass-processing machines another step further by developing a washing machine that allows the cleaning of ultra-thin glass under cleanroom conditions featuring:

• Highest washing quality for special applications
• Washing zones completely made of synthetics
• Customized configuration through modular design
• Optional polishing sections
• Optimized for pre-coating conditioning
• Detergent dosing
• Designed for cleanroom production
• Integration into complete production line
• Modern control with touch-screen and advanced visualization

Shenzhen, P. R. China  +86-1861-1949-171
Booth 717

65-in. 8K TFT-LCD Module

BOE Technology Group Co. will feature a 65-in. 8K Super TFT-LCD Module featuring Bright View 8K resolution with a total thickness (minimum) of 3.8 mm. Bright View is BOE's patented delta-type pixel arrangement. The aperture ratio of the panel is 20% higher than that for the stripe-type pixel arrangement. With the application of a glass LGP, the minimum thickness of the module will reach 3.8 mm.

Canton, MA, USA  +1-781-821-0443
Booth 1310

Hybrid Transparent Conductive Films

CHASM will showcase AgeNT hybrid transparent conductive films which combine silver nanowires (AgNWs) and carbon nanotubes (CNTs) in a novel way to achieve superior performance and lower cost than AgNWs or CNTs alone.  ​Applications include touch buttons and sliders, touch screens, displays, smart windows, smart cards, ePaper, wearable electronics, photovoltaics, lighting, etc.  The AgeNT manufacturing process is called “Print & Wipe” (patents pending) and all steps are scalable for mass-production.  The first product version is called AgeNT-75, with a typical sheet resistance of 75 Wq at 99% visible light transmittance (excluding substrate).

Santa Clara, CA, USA  +1-661-296-2790
Booth 644

High-Resolution Spectroradioneter/Spectrophotometer

Colorimetry Research’s CR-300 is a high-resolution spectroradiometer/spectrophotometer in a very compact footprint with a 2.5-nm bandwidth and a 1-nm/pixel resolution that excels in low-light high-accurate wavelength and color measurements.  It is ideal for measuring current and future display technologies.  The CR-300 is HDR ready.

Tokyo, Japan  +81-3-6231-1311
Booth 1408

Pico Projector OE Module

Color Link’s E5 high-optical-efficiency pico-projector module utilizes a 0.26-in. LCoS display featuring a resolution of 1280 × 720 (720p HD), brightness of 16 lm (typical), and contrast of 600:1 (center).

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada  +1-250-361-4300
Booth 1447

Promising Alternative to ITO

Daido Steel will feature STARMESH,  Cu mesh that is one of the promising alternatives to ITO for large-format capacitive touch displays because of its low resistivity and low cost.  However, some issues of adhesion, corrosion, and reflectance still exist. Daido Steel has developed new Cu alloys which satisfy these critical requirements and opens the possibilities for applications such as mobile PCs, electronic blackboards, as well as next-generation flexible displays and circuits.

Santa Clara, CA, USA  +1-408-616-1243
Booth 1043

Shelf-Label Projection Screen

The “Shelf Display” is a projection screen designed for electronic shelf labels in retail stores.  The screen is fit to the size of the shelf edge, and images are projected from a small projector inside the shelf.  They can display the price tags, commercials, and/or highlights of the merchandize to catch the attention of shoppers.  This electronic shelf-label system has been developed by The Kroger Co. and the screens for the system are provided by Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

Dresden, Germany  +49-351-2586-0
Booth 1023

Electron-Beam-Induced High-Resolution Modification of OLED Emission

Fraunhofer FEP will present OLED samples for which the emission has been modified by using a focused electron-beam process. The method provides the opportunity to modify the emission after finalizing and encapsulation the OLED to various shapes at high resolution in lateral dimensions and to adjustable intensity profiles, e.g., any gray level.

Wurzburg, Germany  +49-931-4100-0
Booth 1021

Advanced Materials

Fraunhofer ISC develops advanced materials based on hybrid polymers, sol-gel materials, and organic polymer composites for display technologies.  This includes flexible and transparent gate insulators and passivation materials for backplanes, printable transparent conductive oxides (TCO), amorphous semiconducting oxides (ASO), and thermally stable transparent dielectrics, flexible touch screens, and novel input methods, light-guide solutions. and new design options for flexible and transparent displays. ISC also offers diffractive optical and holographic optical elements for head-mounted microdisplays as well as porous films for liquid crystals to get switchable optical elements and sophisticated optical structures to improve the performance of 3D displays.

San Jose, CA, USA  +1-408-745-4900
Booth 1347

Custom Automotive PCAP Touch Panels

Fujitsu Components America’s FID-154 custom automotive PCAP touch panels support 10 simultaneous inputs, gesturing, and gloved finger operation of HMIs in center-stack display applications such as backup cameras and navigation, infotainment, and radio systems. Available in glass-film-film or glass-glass structure, the automotive touch panels feature 90% (typical) transparency as well as palm suppression and hover functionality. They are scratch and moisture resistant, have a –40 to +85°C operating temperature range, and an operating lifetime of 10 million taps. Sizes range from 7 to 9 in. on the diagonal, with designs, border/logos, and optional surface treatments available.

Schaumburg, IL, USA  +1-847-884-1444
Booth 229

Capacitive Touch-Panel Products

Futaba's capacitive touch-panel products were developed using the thin-film formation technologies perfected by electronic-component manufacturing processes.  With their outstanding sensitivity and resistance to harsh environmental conditions, they are finding an increasing number of applications in general household products and in vehicle equipment that requires a high level of reliability.

San Diego, CA, USA  +1-858-279-8034
Booth 515

Reflectance and Trasmission Measurement Systems

Complete your inspections faster and achieve higher standards of quality with accurate repeatable reflectance and transmission measurement systems from Gamma Scientific.  Controlled optical geometry and industry-leading spectroradiometer performance offer quick and accurate reflection/transmission measurements for any glass or polished transmissive element.  When measuring reflectance, Gamma Scientific’s unique technology allows manufacturers to perform single-sided inspection on the first surface while excluding the second surface.  With handheld semi-automatic and fully automated options, Gamma Scientific reflectometers have tremendous flexibility and can be used for R&D, QA, and production line testing.

Stuggart, Germany  +49-711-18560-2566
Booth 1005

A Display Platform of Expertise and Know How

Of German origin, the DFF is a growing international organization of companies and institutions from all parts of the flat-panel-display value chain not limited to Germany.  The DFF provides a unique networking platform for professional displays and applications. For maximum benefits for our members, we offer plenary meetings, focussed working groups (“automotive displays,” “display system integration”), newsletters, and workshops.

Brecksville, OH, USA  +1-440-922-4584
Booth 1037

LED-Based Light Guide

Global Lighting Technologies has introduced a 4 × 4 in. LED-based light guide with higher efficiency, better durability, longer life, and lower cost than a comparable OLED panel.  It is intended as a superior solution for applications considering similar-sized OLED panels with similar diffused-light output, albeit at a much lower cost.  The light guide assembly is only 3.5 mm thick.  The panel itself measures a slim 2 mm while offering enhanced light extraction.  The current product provides an efficiency of over 115 lm/W while producing up to 250 lm when fully powered.

Orlando, FL, USA  +1-407-422-3171 x206
Booth 405

Imaging Colorimeter/Photometer

G&H Instruments’ MANTIS Imaging Colorimeter/ Photometer delivers ultra-fast high-resolution spatially resolved measurements of luminance, chromaticity, and color temperature. It’s compact, rugged, and ideal for full-field measurements of automotive and aerospace lighting and displays in high-speed-production test measurements.

Munich, Germany  +49-89-454953-0
Booth 706

High-Speed 2-in-1 Imaging Colorimeter

Instrument Systems will present the LumiCol 1900, a novel high-speed 2-in-1 imaging colorimeter, especially designed for manifold test applications of display production lines. It combines the benefits of an RGB CMOS camera with those of a high-accuracy spot colorimeter. Using the colorimeter as a reference for the camera enables fast and precise display-area characterizations with respect to luminance, chromaticity, contrast, or uniformity. Moreover, it offers typical spot colorimeter functionality as flicker measurements or the adjustments of white balance and gamma. The new "LumiSuite" software is optimized for automated production processes or quality control, but is likewise suitable for R&D applications.

Bristol, UK  +44-(0)-1179--297-481
Booth 210

Scientific Publishing

IOP Corporate covers the hottest topics, the fastest-paced research areas, and the subjects with the highest patent applications.  IOP has published over 600,000 articles from more than 140 years of scientific study.  Stop by to learn more and sign up for your free trial or go to to start searching today.

Austin, TX, USA  1+512-339-4739
Booth 205

Display Connector

The I-PEX Cabline improved the 0.4-mm-pitch display connector by covering the solder tails with a shield.  The added shielding eliminates EMI emissions from the high-speed graphics signals as they pass through the solder tails into the circuit boards.  The Cabline CA receptacle was already designed with additional shell grounding contacts under the connector to squelch any common mode energy.  The CA II design completes the shielding of the entire microcoaxial wire interconnection eliminating any interference with WiFi antennas.  Additionally, the contact design has been enhanced to accept the AWG34 diameter center conductor delivering more power for display backlights.

Tokyo, Japan  +81-3-5405-5797
Booth 1221

Silicon Optically Clear Adhesive Technology Solution for Optical Requirements

Iwatani Corp. provides specialized high-performance film and industrial tape products for electronic devices.  The ISR-SOC series, a product of Iwatani’s silicon optically clear adhesive (OCA) technology, has high durability, heat resistance, and flexibility suitable for specialized displays such as reflective, flexible, and OLED.  Its low refractive index improves the visual quality of the display.  With its innovative technologies and superb performance, the ISR-SOC series allows customers to freely develop custom design concepts.  Iwatani also provides various types of industrial tape products.

Seoul, South Korea  +82-2-958-6379
Booth 1438

Autostereoscopic 3D Display

KIST will feature an autostereoscopic 3D display, the High Density Multi-View (HDMV) display, for which any type of special eyewear glasses are not required to view 3D images, and motion parallax is provided as well.  By minimizing optical noise (i.e., crosstalk) and moiré phenomenon, and expanding the viewing zone, this product not only provides more natural motion parallax, but expresses the remarkable depth of objects, enough to feel more realistic 3D images.

Plymouth, MI, USA  +1-734-416-8500
Booth 429

High-Resolution TFT-LCD

Kyocera Display Division will introduce their new 12.1-in. WXGA (1280 × 800) TFT-LCD.  It features Advanced Viewing Technolgy (AWV) that achieves a 170° viewing angle in both vertical and horizontal directions.  The 1500-nit super high brightness makes this product ideal for outdoor applications exposed to direct sunlight.  The wide aspect ratio allows more content to be displayed. Other features include a wide operating temperature of –30°C to 80°C and 100K hours of LED backlight lifetime.

Menlo Park, CA, USA  1+512-567-9768
Booth 504

Full-Color Holographic Multiview Display with Touch

LEIA will feature its 5.5-in. full-color “Holographic” 3D multiview display with Hover Touch which lets the user visualize and manipulate 3D content above an LCD screen.

Torrance, CA, USA  1+310-320-1066 x314
Booth 611

Direction-Turning Film

Optimal viewing angles are not always possible in display panels because of space and design limitations.  Luminit’s Direction Turning Film (DTF) can help.  This transparent optical component takes the image created by a flat-panel display and directs it by 20° up, down, left, or right to attain an optimal angle for the viewer.  DTF can be used either within the display under the LCD or on top of the LCD in the display.  DTF can also be incorporated in double-sided film with the DTF on one side and a Luminit Light Shaping Diffuser® on the other side.

Santa Rosa, CA, USA  +1-707-791-1650
Booth 310

High-Efficiency Anti-Reflection (HEA) Thin Films

MAC Thin Films will introduce a highly durable PrintFree HEA at Display Week 2016. The HD PrintFree HEA combines best-in-class anti-reflection performance with a superior anti-fingerprint easy-to-clean anti-smudge treatment.  This product is well suited to demanding display applications that would benefit from the following characteristics:

• Brightness < 0.5%


• Rub resistance greater than 1,000,000 Cheese Cloth strokes


• Easy cleanability


• Excellent Haptics.

Cypress, CA, USA  +1-714-229-3838
Booth 1215

3.5-in. QHD TFT-LCD Module

Mitsubishi Electric's AA035AE01, a 3.5-in. color TFT-LCD module in quarter HD (960 × 540) format, provides half the resolution of full-HD (1,920 × 1,080) screens both horizontally and vertically (16:9 aspect ratio).  The QHD format allows smoother undistorted conversion from full HD, making it well suited for studio video monitors, professional digital camcorders, and other digital broadcasting equipment.  Features include:

• High-resolution 313-ppi [0.081(H) × 0.081(V)] • Super-wide viewing angle, high contrast ratio, and 72% color gamut of NTSC standards
• 170° super-wide horizontal/vertical viewing angles and 800:1 high contrast ratio
• Slim and lightweight (4.0 mm and 43 g).

Nes Ziona, Israel  +972-8-9350-101
Booth 1409

Low-refractive-Index Liquid OCA

LOCA-133, with a refractive index of 1.33, exhibits strong adhesion, previously unattainable with such low-index adhesives.  This Liquid OCA enables the lamination of glass, PMMA, PET, and PC.  This unique combination of strong adhesion and low refractive index enables new applications, such as bonding the backlight-unit light guide to the reflector film, or bonding the light guide to the diffuser film, or to the lens array.  LOCA-133 is used in various touch-screen technologies, such as FTIR.  The lower-cost LOCA-135 addresses the different cost and performance requirements of various segments of the display industry.

Osaka, Japan  +81-6399-2711
Booth 737

Ultra-Thin Glass

G-Leaf is NEG’s ultra-thin glass with a thickness of 0.2 mm or less, developed by overflow forming technology.  G-Leaf is extremely light, smooth, and excellent in flexibility that makes the glass bendable while keeping the conventional characteristics of glass.  G-Leaf is a new material expected to contribute to the advancement of technologies and products in a wider range of fields.  Coating with various functions (ITO, anti-reflection, anti-glare, and anti-fingerprint) can be added to the glass.

Toledo, OH, USA  +1-800-221-0444
Booth 1440

Novel Glass

The NSG Group is pleased to introduce NSG glanova, a novel glass composition developed for chemical strengthening.  Produced by the float process, this cost-effective material provides the advantages of soda-lime glass while achieving strength and breakage properties approaching that of aluminosilicate glass.  The product’s low iron content provides high light transmission and excellent color rendering.  These features give a new option as cover glass for smartphones and tablets.  NSG glanova is available in a range of thicknesses and sizes with a variety of fabrication options.

Pittsburgh, PA, USA  +1-888-774-2001
Booth 1109

Display Coatings

PPG offers a broad product line of transparent coatings for display glass substrates that includes anti-smudge (AS), anti-glare (AG), low-reflective (LR) and anti-reflective (AR) coatings.  Each of these products can be combined into complete pre-engineered, pre-stacked, and pre-packaged transparent coatings solutions.  PPG operates multiple global research and development centers and has worked closely for decades with consumer-electronics manufacturers to engineer innovative coatings for plastic, metal, glass, and composite substrates. As a result, PPG coatings are trusted to protect, beautify, and enhance the performance of the world’s most popular electronic devices.

Englishtown, NJ, USA  +1-732-792-1234
Booth 1048

ePD and DP Cables

Quadrangle Products now supports eDP, DisplayPort, and Mini DisplayPort style cables.  An increasing number of LCD panels are becoming to incorporate the eDP-style display interface for their display data connections, as opposed to the more commonly seen LVDS/TTL interfaces.  Quadrangle Products are equipped for common eDP and standard DisplayPort connectors.  The more common eDP cables are also available. As always, custom eDP/DP cables are also a possibility.  Quadrangle's Engineers will help to guide customers through the various design and construction challenges that can be associated with eDP and DisplayPort cables.

Redmond, WA, USA  +1-425-844-0153
Booth 529

Ultra-High-Resolution Imaging Colorimeter

Radiant Vision Systems will feature the ProMetric® I29, an ultra-high-resolution imaging colorimeter developed for high-volume displays and consumer electronics manufacturers.  The high spatial resolution of the I29 makes it capable of detecting very small flaws that are easily missed by human inspectors.  Mura, particles, scratches, and other defects in flat-panel displays can be identified and quantified using Radiant’s TrueTest  Automated Visual Inspection software to provide objective and repeatable pass/fail criteria.  The I29 has been engineered for optimal measurement speed, which means the shortest possible cycle times are achieved.  The ProMetric I family of imaging colorimeters also features 2, 8, and 16 MP models.

Beverly Hills, CA, USA  +1-310-385-4000
Booth 743

Privacy Display

RealD will feature Intelligent Privacy, a novel dynamically controlled privacy display for sensitive data.  The product combines computer vision and RealD’s InteliLight directional backlight technology.  The smart privacy software alerts the user to visual hackers and automatically blocks the screen to unauthorized observers.  The InteliLight based display electronically switches to allow the user to continue to work while blocking the content from prying eyes.  The smart privacy mode including face recognition can identify approved users versus unauthorized observers.  It can identify environments where privacy is of concern such as on an airplane or coffee shop and automatically switches to privacy mode.

Gdansk, Poland  +48-58-7703-116
Booth 1441

TFT-LCD Modules

Riverdi has widened its offer in the range of TFT-LCD modules with specially designed projected-capacitive touch for the uxTouch series.  This series is available in a variety of sizes, but the newest is 5 in. with a resolution of 800 × 480, distinguishing a brightness of 510 cd/m2, 20-pin ZIF with a 0.5-mm raster and SPI/QSPI interface.  The Riverdi 5-in. uxTouch is one of the first display modules with such a diagonal that has a built-in EVE (embedded video engine), enabling quick implementation of applications.

Stamberg, Germany  +49-(0)8151-776-0
Booth 1112

Laser Micro Material Processing

The StarFemto is a versatile tool providing excellent results in industrial laser applications such as high-precision cutting, surface structuring, drilling, and marking of almost all materials without thermal damage.  This reduces the number of process steps, increases yields, and facilitates new features and applications in industries such as electronics, semiconductor, micro technology, and medical device manufacturing.  ROFIN makes the difference with the Hybrid MOPA architecture – its robust design as well as with easy system integration and maintenance.

Hamburg, Germany  +49-40-4162256-80
Booth 1017

3D Autostereoscopic UHD Monitor

SeeFront’s 24-in. autostereoscopic 3D monitor delivers a cutting-edge 3D experience at the utmost freedom of movement for a single user.  SeeFront 3D® Technology combined with an UHD display panel with 3840 × 2160 pixels offer color fidelity, high brightness, and true 3D depth at the highest possible resolution.  The SeeFront SF3D-240CQ will work with all 3D-enabled applications supporting 1080p side-by-side (half) and 720p frame packing according to HDMI standard.

Victor, NY, USA  +1-585-738-3500
Booth 1343

Digital Manufacturing Platform

The Starlight Digital Manufacturing Platform delivers industrial ink-jet deposition technology for rapid patterning of functional materials on plastics, transparent conductive films, glass, and metal.  Starlight has two 7-head print bars for multi-material multi-pass operation providing up to 1200 × 4800 dpi. Starlight’s Xerox M-Series piezo head has a stainless-steel jet stack with 880 individually addressable jets operating up to 43 kHz and an adjustable drop size from 15 to 30 pL.  Starlight prints 60-µm features up to 26 × 24 in. in area, and wider configurations are available. A heated vacuum platen operates at up to 81 fpm for a single-print-pass mode.

Camas, WA, USA  +1-360-834-2500
Booth 729

High-Contrast FHD LCD

Sharp’s new 15.6-in. (diagonal) TFT-LCDs stunning full-HD (FHD) visual performance is complemented by extremely crisp definition via a 1500:1 contrast ratio (typical).  The combination makes it perfect for viewing high detail in nearly any ambient-lighting situation.  Its excellent viewability is enhanced by a wide 170°(H) / 170°(V) viewing angle.  The module features a built-in LED driver, simplifying the design process.

Shatin, Hong Kong  +852-2207-1111
Booth 1234

Bistable Display Driver IC

Solomon Systech’s bi-stable display driver IC with the SSD1627 controller can drive up to 132 segments and enable color as well as black and white display.  It is designed with a programmable display waveform and built-in DC/DC converter for a wide voltage range.  SSD1627’s newly designed 15-V cap-lite charge pump reduces the external capacitor number.  It also has new features enabling flexible panel routing, partial display update, and fast content update to avoid refresh-induced blink.  The low-power-consumption feature makes SSD1627 an ideal solution for handheld smart devices.  SSD1627 also supports both SPI and I2C interfaces and allows cascading with additional ICs to increase segment number.

Scottsdale, AZ, USA  +1-480-922-5344
Booth 1214

Flexible Lamination Manufacturing

Sun-Tec will feature the TMS-22TS, a laminator that offers users complete manufacturing flexibility by performing flex-to-flex, flex-to-rigid, and rigid-to-rigid substrate lamination work.  It is ideal for displays, touch sensors, and other flexible hybrid electronics (FHE) applications in a production or an R&D environment.  By using the Sun-Tec proprietary “tail-stopper” mechanism to enable out gassing during a rigid-to-rigid substrates lamination, trapped air between the substrates is significantly reduced.  Additional features of the TMS-22TS include PLC storage for 100 production recipes, programmable digitally controlled lamination speed and pressure settings, min/max substrate processing of 10/22-in. on the diagonal, and a placement accuracy of +/- 0.2 mm.

Fremont, CA  +1-510-6511329
Booth 214

New Blue-Ray Plus LED DLP Projector

Sun Innovations’ newest high-power Blue-Ray Plus (405 nm) LED DLP projector offers compact body design for easy integration, high optical efficiency, low power consumption, long LED lifetime, bright emissive display with unlimited viewing angles, standard HD video interface with HDMI and serial port to support PC control and custom development. Features include a water-clear emissive screen that adheres to any windshield or glass; scalable display size with unlimited viewing angles; bright blue, white, or red information display viewable in daylight; fully absorbed projection light; a DLP LightCrafter E4500MKII with a 0.45 WXGA chipset; and compatiblity with HD-video or image, HDMI, and USB interfaces.

Norderstedt, Germany  +49-4088-8990
Booth 415

Display Solutions

Tesa’s solutions for displays include Optically Clear Adhesives for the bonding of displays and barrier adhesive tapes for OLED encapsulation, suitable for flexible-panel production. Among the barrier tapes available, a product range consisting of an UV-curable barrier adhesive is offered. In an uncured state, the tape shows very good conformability and wetting performance. Low polarity and a getter function activated by UV-curing make this adhesive a highly effective barrier against oxygen and water-vapor while the tape still remains flexible and highly transparent. The barrier tapes are perfectly applicable for rigid and flexible devices and can be used in roll-to-roll processes.

Anaheim, CA, USA  +1-714-630-7127
Booth 1205

Large-Area Flex PET PEN Heater

TFD, Inc., has developed a large-area flex PET PEN Heater on roll-to-roll (1 × 20 m), which can be applied on large windows, LCDs, as well as automotive and other applications.  These heaters can take 5-230 V and1-25 A.

Tianjin, China  +86-22-8643-5936
Booth 306

Quantum-Dot Luminescent Micro-Sphere

The Quantum-Dot Luminescent Micro-Sphere (QLMS), developed by ZH-QTech Co., Ltd., is a new type of highly robust quantum-dot (QD) composite featuring high efficiency, narrow full width at half-maximum (FWHM), and excellent long-term operation stability.  QLMS is fully compatible with current LED packaging process and can be used as phosphors for direct on-chip applications, i.e., a tube or film is no longer required. QLMS will make it more convenient and cost efficient for manufacturers to adopt QDs in flat-panel displays with wide color gamut and LED lighting with high color rendering.

Chino, CA, USA  +1-909-590-5833
Booth 905

High-ppi Tablet Display

Tianma will introduce the highest-ppi tablet display in the World at Display Week.  This new 10.4-in. LCD product has achieved a groundbreaking pixel-pitch performance of 847 ppi, with a real pixel resolution of 4320 × 7680 (or 8K × 4K).  This product brings never-before-seen performance and clarity to popular tablet display size and other high-end applications.  Based on LTPS and negative liquid-crystal technologies, this product reached a new level of ultra-high resolution and sharper picture quality.

Ewing, NJ, USA  +1-609-671-0980
Booth 604

PHOLED Color Board

At Display Week 2016, UDC is showcasing its phosphorescent OLED (PHOLED) Color Board.  The Color Board demonstrates a selection of its high-performing energy-efficient red, green, blue, and yellow UniversalPHOLED® phosphorescent emitters.  With Universal Display’s proprietary Universal-PHOLED technology, OLEDs can be up to four times more efficient than conventional fluorescent technology.  In an increasingly energy-conscious and environmentally minded world, PHOLED technology and materials are critical for meeting the OLED design requirements of the world’s consumer and lighting needs.

Saint Charles, MO, USA  +1-636-300-5115
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Mobile Display test System

Westar Display Technologies will demonstrate QuickTest II+™, an upgrade to Westar’s industry standard QuickTest II automated test system.  The QuickTest II+ characterizes mobile displays up to 9 in. and includes a camera, spectrometer, and a Westar TRD-100A that provides measurements of uniformity, color, contrast, luminance, cross-talk, response time, flicker, and more.  The system includes the Westar T-Drive SD-100 video test pattern generator and a computer with our QuickTest software which allows the user to easily create custom test scripts.  QuickTest II+ can be extended with several options including reflection measurement, custom display fixtures, and more.

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12-Mpixel Resolution Imager

Wesatboro Photonics will feature the WP6120, a resolution imager with scientific-grade thermoelectrically cooled interline CCD sensors having 12 Mpixels and optimized for low-light applications requiring the highest sensitivity.  By using electronic image bracketing technology, the colorimeters can measure a dynamic range of over 100,000:1 within a scene.  This 12 megapixel resolution imager features 16-bit A/D conversion and temperature regulation to ± – 0.1°C, enabling precise and accurate measurements of even the finest details. Backlit keyboards, keypads, or automotive/avionic panel graphics and control elements can be quickly and reliably measured with sufficient resolution for even the smallest characters.  The lightweight compact format allows the WP6120 to be easily integrated into most measurement scenarios.  The accompanying Photometrica® software provides extensive analysis capabilities with automation and scripting tools embedded directly in the software.  A selection of calibrated lens options is also available to accommodate a diverse suite of applications.

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The Xaar 1003 AM range of printheads offers a robust solution for fluid deposition on an industrial scale.  The printheads enable the precise fluid control essential for advanced manufacturing processes, with drop volumes ranging from 1 to 160 pL, depending on the printhead variant. Xaar’s patented TF Technology® (fluid recirculation) ensures continuous fluid flow directly past the back of the nozzle during drop ejection, keeping particles evenly distributed in suspension and the nozzles primed, radically improving reliability even in the most challenging of industrial applications.  •