Products on Display at Display Week 2018 Products on Display at Display Week 2018

Products on Display at Display Week 2018

Those products on display at North America’s largest electronic-display exhibition that were offered for preview are described here.

by The Editorial Staff

THE SID 2018 International Symposium, Seminar, and Exhibition (Display Week 2018) will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, California, the week of May 20. For three days, May 22–24, leading manufacturers will present the latest displays, display components, and display systems. To present a preview of the show, we invited the exhibitors to highlight their offerings. The following is based on their responses.

Chemnitz, Germany 49-3714004326
Booth 631

Laser Lift-Off System

Laser processing is a key enabling technology for display device fabrication. Especially for the manufacturing of ultrathin and flexible display components, laser lift-off processes are essential. 3D-Micromac will be showcasing its new microLIFT product family for laser lift-off for large areas as well as selective debonding of LED,OLED/AMOLED, and microLED devices. The microLIFT systems deliver the highest flexibility in tool design with multiple laser sources and process head configurations. The systems have been optimized for processing with high throughput in mass production and offer some of the best duty cycles in the market.

Santa Paula, CA 805-312-5873
Booth 1135

Ultra-Thin Damage-Resistant Glass for Touch Displays and Sensors

Abrisa Technologies now offers ultra-thin yet strong SCHOTT AS 87 aluminosilicate glass solutions of 0.1- to 0.25-mm thickness, complete with fabrication, optical coatings and in-house high ion-exchange strengthening process. AS 87 is made to withstand the high levels of mechanical impact, bending, and scratching expected with mobile, touch, and portable devices. AS 87 thin-glass solutions are ideal for touch sensors where increased sensitivity is desired. It is a lightweight protective glass for wearables, portable or mobile devices, and a low-profile damage-resistant solution for slim displays. Abrisa Technologies also offers products with wide-angle anti-reflective and specialty coatings.

Ottawa, Canada 800-463-2353
Booth 1235

Multiplexed Projected Capacitive (MPC) Technology

A D Metro presents the first production prototype of its next-generation projected capacitive (MPC) technology. Some of the key benefits are that one controller works with any size of sensor; there is no more controller programming to handle specific sensor channels and orientation and no need for a large ribbon cable – only three wires are required. Additionally, the system is much more tolerant of radio interference. Cost and production methods are identical to those of conventional PCAP.

Tokyo, Japan 81-50-9014-3589
Booth 717

Windowless Room Technology

AGC glass solutions help create transformations in modern living. For global design communities spanning smart mobility to virtual and digital homes, glass has become the material of choice. Experience the convergence of digital, art, and nature at the AGC exhibit, where AGC is showcasing developmental and pre-launch platforms that provide visitors with virtual and augmented living space.

New Taipei City, Taiwan 886-2-2696-7269
Booth 335

Industrial Open-Frame LCD and HDMI AD Board

Ampire provides an open-frame LCD for easy integration with an AD or ARM board and the option of resistive touch screen and capacitive touch screen, which provides an excellent and easy integration for applications like kiosk, POS, or control panel. Ampire also offers a new display control board with HDMI interface, resolution support up to 1,920 × 1,080, single-power supply operation, and single/dual channel LVDS output. With Ampire’s wide range of displays, its HDMI control board provides an easier and friendlier option for customers’ designs.

Suwon, South Korea +82-10-2763-9856
Booth 650


The CM-H600 colorimeter delivers key capabilities to measure flat-panel displays. ANI Co. has been continuously improving product performance since launching its first colorimeter developed with its own technology in 2013. Features include: tristimulus values sensor photodiode adopted; color chromaticity, luminance, and flicker contrast/JEITA measurement mode; high-speed measurement suitable for in-line tester (30 counts @≥10 cd/m2); no controller, light weight of 300 g (10 oz) and easy-to-use button with built-in display-enabled portable use; ability to measure low luminance levels @ 0.02 cd/m2 with accuracy of ±0.003 (chromaticity).

Dongtan, Korea 82-10-5295-0579
Booth 1149

Atmospheric Plasma

APP Co., a professional research business focusing on atmospheric plasma, offers general solutions (cleaning, activation), nanoprocessing solutions (etching), and functional solutions (reduction, sterilization). APP leads in the areas of atmospheric plasma technology and applications.

Shenzhen, China 86-755-88860696
Booth 204

Video Driver Board Packages

AVD’s total solution includes video driver board, serial port/HMI, ARM M3/M4/A9 and other product platforms, supporting RTOS/Android/Linux and other operating systems, which are widely used in industrial control displays, home appliances, and smart homes. Intelligent applications such as human-computer interaction products integrate TFT/CTP/control boards and other resources to provide various cooperation modes such as complete machine manufacturing/JDM/ODM/OEM/SKD.

Taoyuan, Taiwan 886-3748800
Booth 1057

OLED-Like Materials

BenQ Materials Corp. (BMC), a BenQ Group company with some of the world’s top-functioning film technology, is going to demonstrate an “OLED-like” product during Display Week. Through its own coating and ultra-precision machining technology, BMC’s OLED-like product is able to deliver a true black and vivid viewing performance for high resolution (especially 8K) LCDs. Benefits of this product are more noticeable on larger displays. BMC will also demonstrate solutions of high durability and flexiblility.

Fort Wayne, IN 260-434-3505
Booth 718

Glass Processing Equipment

BENTELER glass processing equipment enables solutions for architectural, automotive, and technical glass. With more than 3,000 successfully delivered machines; BENTELER is one of the largest leading suppliers for the glass industry.

Beijing, China 86-18610920719
Booth 705

6.18-in. AMOLED Panel with Fingerprint Identification

BOE’s 6.18 FUD is an AMOLED panel with fingerprint identification under the display, which is designed according to the principle of pinhole imaging. The total thickness is thinner in the case of Mapis integrated in BP. The resolution is as high as 800 dpi, which makes it possible to identify pores as well as lines as fine as 31.75 µm, and meets the requirement of three-level fingerprint identification. FPS thickness is less than 570 µm and response time is less than 300 ms.

Shenzhen, China 86-137-1368-9582
Booth 214

7-in. Panel with PCAP

Shenzhen CDTech’s S070SWV94HG-DC16 is a 7-in. TFT panel with PCAP and a resolution of 800 × 480. The LCD interface is 24-bit RGB and luminance (with PCAP) is 450 nits. Operating temperatures are –20 ~ +70 C. Potential applications include POS machines, handheld devices, portable devices, medical devices, GPS, industrial devices, and more.

Irvine, CA 949-421-0355
Booth 614

8K Display Testing Solutions

The Chroma 8K Video Pattern Generator model 2238 is an industry-leading and extremely competitive display testing unit that meets the highest standards for customer display testing needs at the lab or on the production floor. From USB Type-C, HDMI 2.0a, and DisplayPort 1.4 to traditional analog signals, Chroma 2238 can incorporate up to four modules and output both timing and pattern signals from all four modules simultaneously. Its modular design allows easy upgrades to the latest industry signal standards without replacing the whole unit. Ethernet remote control allows easy integrations to custom-built automatic testing system.

Fremont, CA 925-487-7259
Booth 208

Ultra-Low-Power Reflective Displays

CLEARink e-paper displays are ultra-low power, thin as paper, feather light, sunlight readable, and color and video capable. CLEARink is a leader in reflective display technology for e-schoolbooks, wearables, IoT, electronic shelf labels (ESLs), outdoor signage, and automotive applications.

Santa Clarita, CA 661-296-2790
Booth 1345

Portable Photometer

The CR-120 is a portable, high-end photometer with the performance of a laboratory-grade instrument. Specifically designed to measure black levels on OLED displays and room darkness in a few seconds, it can measure 0.001 cd/m2 in 1 second with only +/– 2 percent error and measure down to 0.0001 cd/m2 in 8 seconds.

Tokyo, Japan
Booth 236

Mura Correction for OLED Displays

Cybernet Systems offers a Mura correction system for use in OLED display production lines. The system performs high-precision, high-speed Mura correction in consideration of the impact of “gray-scale dependent for Mura (sub-pixel unevenness, IR drop),” which are characteristic problems for OLEDs. Automation is achieved for all processes, from measurement to Mura correction and Mura compensation data writing via customization based on applicable panels and production lines.

San Jose, CA 408-564-5744
Booth 1339

Anti-Reflection Film

Dexerials’ sputtering process controls thin-film thicknesses at the nano level to form films with an anti-reflection layer consisting of multiple layers with different refractive indices. This structure uses interference of light to reduce reflection. In addition to excellent optical properties, the film has an “easy to clean” function.  Applications include, but are not limited to: center information displays, instrument clusters, and mirror displays.

Morgan Hill, CA 408-500-3509
Booth 514

LCD Video Controller

The SP-4096 4K version from Digital View is the latest generation LCD controller for video signals up to 4,096 × 2,160 and LCD panel resolutions up to 4,096 × 2,160 with V-by-One connectivity. The SP-4096 meets the needs of many applications but is likely to appeal most to the digital signage market, given the built-in H.264 fail-over media player, and the legacy industrial market for its composite video input. The SP-4096 is supported by a wide selection of panel-connection cables and other accessories, together with system development documentation including 3D drawings.

Foshan, China 86-757-2290-8381
Booth 210

PCAP Touch Products

Dignity’s newest line of PCAP touch products consists of a range of small- to medium-sized touch panels and touch display modules (from 3.5 in. to 10 in.) specifically designed for use in appliance, instrumentation and medical applications. The panels are suited for use in extremely adverse conditions, with exceptional EMI, water and fingerprint resistance, and support for cover lens thicknesses of up to 7 mm. A range of customization options are available for cover lens and touch performance. This product line is designed for exceptional reliability and ease of integration and is highly suited for companies upgrading product controls from analog to digital.

Veldhoven, The Netherlands 31-040-401-1980
Booth 1519

Simulated Reality Display

The ultimate simulated reality (SR) is a great experience that you can’t distinguish from reality. Dimenco proudly presents an SR Level 1 experience at Display Week. The company strongly believes that the way we interact today with our displays will radically change. In the past we had to learn to interact with our display by using a mouse. Nowadays we use touch and gestures. We now have the technology to build an SR display with which you interact with objects as you would in real life.

Shenzhen, China 86(0)18929371045
Booth 221

AMOLED Display

DLC Display Co. has created a 1.3-in. round AMOLED display with 360 (RGB) × 360 resolution.

Midland, MI
Booth 1439

Silicone Technologies for PCB and Systems Assembly

The DOWSIL product brand name represents the combined power of Dow and Dow Corning and emphasizes longstanding global expertise in silicone technologies across dozens of industries, including printed circuit board (PCB) and systems assembly.

Bohemia, NY 631-860-1127
Booth 415

LCD Harsh-Environment Quick Kit

The EDQKN116FH2DHE301 is one of Edge Electronics’ most popular kits. Its base is an 11.6-in. industrial FHD LCD panel. This is an ultra-wide embedded DisplayPort (eDP) panel featuring super-fine TFT, high contrast, wide color gamut and temperature range, LED backlight with built-in LED driver, and an eDP interface. The unassembled kit includes the LCD panel, harsh-environment controller board, OSD board, OSD cable, eDP cable, and power cable. Other custom LCD kit solutions include SBCs, LCD controllers, LED drivers, touch screen integrations, and custom cables.

Taipei, Taiwan 886-2-87515191
Booth 1145

PCAP Touch Controller for Harsh Environment

eGalax’s touchscreen solution offers superb dual-touch performance in the harshest environments. Tested for ruggedization and approved by worldwide top-tier marine navigation system companies and high-standard industrial display manufacturers, this controller family features robust performance and supports water rejection, gloved hands, palm rejection, EETI active stylus pen, and vandal-proof thick cover glass.

Billerica, MA 617-499-6030
Booth 521

Reflective Electronic Displays

E Ink, a leading innovator of electronic paper display technology, partnered with Ueberall International and the San Diego International Airport to introduce DAZZLE, the world’s largest public artwork installation of reflective electronic displays. Located at the San Diego International Airport’s Rental Car Center, DAZZLE enhances visitors’ experience through over 2,000 individual flexible E Ink Prism tiles that display dynamic animations across the 1,600-foot-long exterior façade of the building. This visual experience is viewed daily by hundreds of thousands of airport visitors, motorists, and public transit users.

Hérouville Saint-Clair, France 33-2-31-947-600
Booth 1121

Optical Measurement Systems

ELDIM’s VCProbe system allows an extremely fast viewing-angle measuring solution for flat, curved, and flexible displays. VCProbe’s optics and sensors concentrate many innovations. The system requires only one measurement and all the angles are measured at the same time. Display characteristics are measured in less than 2 s with a viewing-angle aperture up to +/– 80°. Mounted on a robotic arm, it can take several measurements on different areas, making it an extremely fast mapping tool to use on production lines and for quality control.

Ottobrunn, Germany 49-1623313235
Booth 655

86-in. Interactive Blackboard

An interactive blackboard is an ideal addition to a classroom. Faytech’s 86-in. optically bonded multitouch capacitive touchscreen allows easy demonstration and interaction with any media. Blackboard additions to the sides of the screen and a special cover glass allow writing with chalk on the surface to enhance the educational process. Main features include: display resolution of 3,840 × 2,160; viewing angle of 178°/178°; full dimensions of 4,200 mm × 1,350 mm × 70 mm; display area of 1,895 mm × 1,066 mm; aspect ratio of 16:9; and luminance of 320 cd/m2.

Thessaloniki, Greece 302310947484
Booth 1529

Simulation Software for Touch Sensor Design

Fieldscale SENSE is the first simulation software dedicated to touch sensor design. It can be used by any engineer, beginner or expert, to make informed design decisions, starting from day one. SENSE’s fully automated simulation features include automated 3D touch sensor modeling, compatibility check between any touch sensor and any controller, simulation of metal-mesh patterns, and simulation accuracy within 3 percent against measured values of actual touch-sensor manufacturers. With SENSE, IC and touch sensor manufacturers can experience unprecedented simulation speed and massive cost savings by scaling their customer support and improving their product development cycles.

Hong Kong 852-51269091
Booth 1051

Transparent Conducting Films

Flectrode Technology’s standard transparent conducting film comes in substrate sizes of < 500 × 500 mm and thicknesses of 100 to 200 µm. Mesh linewidth is 2-5 µm and mesh linewidth tolerance is ± 0.5 µm. Transmittance is ~90% and sheet resistance is ~0.8 ohm/sq. Also available are touch-panel films in substrate sizes of 73 × 138 mm and film thicknesses of 100–200 µm.

Cambridge, UK 44-1223706000
Booth 1338

Organic LCD

FlexEnable’s glass-free organic LCD (OLCD) delivers high-luminance, long-lifetime, flexible displays that are low cost and scalable to large areas, while also being conformable and shapeable. The use of plastic substrates and organic materials makes OLCD at least four times thinner and ten times lighter than glass-based LCD. With the technology currently being transferred into mass production in China, OLCD will transform how and where displays are used in products. It enables new product paradigms and use cases for a range of applications across consumer electronics, smart home appliances, automotive, digital signage, and beyond.

Dresden, Germany 49-351-8823-238
Booth 613

OLED Microdisplay for VR Headsets

Within the EU-funded project LOMID, a new microdisplay with WUXGA resolution (1,920 × 1,200 pixels) has been developed. The new OLED microdisplays have a 1-in. diagonal and a pixel density of 2,300 ppi. They benefit from the very high frame rate possible with new 120-Hz chips. This helps to minimize “motion sickness” effects that can arise with VR systems. The project has designed the microdisplays in conjunction with novel optics using the ThinEyes technology patented by Limbak. The new optics enable very high-resolution VR by using four WUXGA displays in a particularly compact design.

Würzburg, Germany 49-931-4100-515
Booth 629

Outcoupling Layer Based on Micro-Optical Elements

Below is an outcoupling layer based on an arrangement of 10,000 microprisms forming the logo of the Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research. It was fabricated by femtosecond laser-based additive manufacturing (two-photon polymerization). The individual prisms redirect by total internal reflection. The geometry of a single prism is as follows: height = 30 μm; size = 60 μm. The lateral pitch of the individual prisms is 75 μm. Arrangements like this can be fabricated with arbitrarily shaped micro-optical elements in different sizes and on a variety of substrates. Mass production can be enabled by replication technologies.

San Jose, CA 800-380-0059
Booth 1305

PCAP Touch Panels

The PCAP-S series projected-capacitive touch panels feature a film-film sensor with cover glass in sizes from 7 in. to 21 in. Basic features are 85 percent transmissivity with 1 percent haze, 2-finger gesture operation (10-finger detection), and an operating life of 10 million touches. A chip-on-film (COF) controller IC with USB interface is standard, with a 1-mm-pitch FFC connection. The panels are suitable for a wide variety of applications including industrial, instrumentation, and medical products. The cover glass is often required to be customized to meet product design requirements, so Fujitsu offers cover-glass customization, as well as full custom-sizing design services.

Plymouth, MI 734-459-1177
Booth 1036

Capacitive Touch Panels

Futaba’s capacitive-touch panel products were developed using thin-film formation technologies perfected in its electronic component manufacturing processes. With their outstanding sensitivity and resistance to harsh environmental conditions, they are finding an increasing number of applications in consumer products and automotive in-vehicle equipment that requires a high level of reliability.

San Diego, CA 858-279-8034
Booth 405

Near-to-Eye Measurement

The GS-1290 NED is one of the world’s first precision instruments for characterizing the qualified viewing space of near-to-eye displays, delivering high-spatial-resolution color and contrast measurements for virtual and augmented reality and head-up displays (HUDs) as viewed by the human eye. The NED employs an integrated autocollimator camera viewing system and high accuracy spot spectroradiometer, providing information such as luminance, color, contrast, uniformity, spectral transmittance, response time, MTF, and parallax error. The system is ideally suited for manufacturers of near-to-eye displays in entertainment, medical, avionics, and industrial applications, conforming to standards being developed by the IDCM committee of the SID & IEC.

Orlando, FL 407-422-3171
Booth 1314


The new Aries Spectroradiometer is a total top-to-bottom, next-generation design, utilizing state-of-the-art, high-speed signal processing and a new, powerful software suite for anything from research to high-speed production applications. Processor-level calculations offer the highest production-capable throughput to acquire measurement results in the fastest times possible. The Aries comes standard with an internal automated ND filter wheel, providing increased dynamic range for flexible low to high light-level measurements. Aries is offered in wavelength ranges covering 200 nm to 1100 nm and has built-in wavelength check and reference lamp sources.

Riga, Latvia 371-6750-2910
Booth 652

Anti-Reflective Coatings

Groglass is a high-quality coating manufacturer offering its customers from over 50 countries a wide variety of specialized value-added coatings on glass, polycarbonate, and acrylic for indoor and outdoor applications across multiple industries like high-end electronic displays, cold-storage displays, commercial showcases, architecture, and lighting. In addition to its anti-reflective high-reflective UV blocking and low-e + anti-reflective coating, this year Groglass is adding several new products to its portfolio, including a combination of near-infrared blocking coating + anti-reflective coating as well as three new base materials for customers to choose from: acrylic, polycarbonate, and etched glass.

Schaumburg, IL 847-273-4330
Booth 341

Photonic Curing System

The Hitachi High-Tech Group has formed strategic partnerships with various companies who have developed leading-edge thin-film technologies and who have unique products covering multiple applications. During Display Week Hitachi is showing a few of these unique technologies and products related to the display industry, including the NovaCentrix PulseForge Photonic Curing System. The PulseForge tools continue to revolutionize the printed electronics industry through photonic curing, enabling product innovators and manufacturers the option of flexible substrates not possible with conventional ovens and lasers.

White Plains, NY 914-422-0888
Booth 610

Materials for OLED Development

Hodogaya Chemical Group has developed hole-transport materials (HTMs), electro-transport materials (ETMs), electro-blocking layers (EBLs), and emitting materials for OLED applications. In particular, one of its group companies, SFC, supplies blue dopant and host materials, and red host materials, to meet customers’ needs. The company is also developing new materials for thermally activated delayed fluorescence (TADF) and soluble OLED applications. Its unique materials will help extend life, decrease voltage, and increase efficiency for OLED devices.


HOLOEYE Photonics AG
Berlin, Germany 49-3040369380
Booth 606

Phase-Only Spatial Light Modulators

The GAEA-2 phase modulator models are based on reflective LCOS microdisplays with a maximum resolution of 4,160 × 2,464 pixels and small (3.74-µm) pixel pitch. The display size is 0.7 inches (15.32 × 9.22 mm). Other specs include a 90 percent fill factor; 8-bit addressing; 133.5 lp/mm maximum spatial resolution; and the following input frame rates: 60Hz (3,840 × 2,160), 60Hz (4,000 × 2,160), and 58Hz (4,160 × 2,464). Currently the GAEA-2 series includes a version for the visible (420–650 nm), for the NIR (650 to 1,100 nm), and for 1400 to 1700 nm (e.g., C-Band 1,550 nm).

Guangzhou, China 86-18922422707
Booth 215

Multipoint MD Series

Based on a brand-new 1-GHz A8 processor, Huaxin’s MD series achieves excellent performance with multipoint 3-mm nib simultaneous writing. A smoother experience in touch and writing makes it a more effective tool. Fingers, smart stylus, pencils, and even toothpicks can all be used as writing tools. And due to object-size recognition, different color writing can be achieved even with a passive stylus.

Munich, Germany 49-89-4549430
Booth 1329

Light Measurement Equipment

At Display Week 2018, Instrument Systems will be presenting its latest light-measurement solutions certified by the company’s test laboratories which recently were accredited to ISO 11664 for the measurement of colorimetric quantities. The key product for related applications is the innovative stray-light corrected array spectrometer CAS 140D that ensures a uniquely high level of accuracy. The traceable measurement uncertainties are only ±0.0015 on the standard chromaticity coordinates of white LEDs and are reliably estimated using state-of-the-art validated Monte Carlo calculations. In interaction with other modules the CAS 140D is ideal, e.g. for highly accurate measurements of CCT or CRI.

Austin, TX 512-339-4739
Booth 510

Micro-Coaxial Cable Connector

The CABLINE-VS II Micro-Coaxial Cable Connector is a new graphics connector from I-PEX for Thunderbolt 3 and higher-data-rate (+20 Gbps) differential signal-transmission cable assemblies. The new I-PEX CABLINE-VS II accepts micro-coaxial wire into the 0.5-mm pitch connector, which includes 360-degree shielding for EMI containment. Thin LED-backlighted display assemblies use the low-profile, high-speed graphics connector with a mated height of 1.3 mm maximum. The graphics connector also delivers backlight and TCON power to the display.

Houston, TX 713-838-5018
Booth 429

Acrylic Foam and Silicone OCA Technology

Iwatani Corp. provides functional film and industrial tape products that are specialized for electronic devices. The ISR-ACF series acrylic foam has high-impact-absorbing performance and is widely used for display breakage prevention. The ISR-SOC series silicone OCA has high durability, heat resistance, and flexibility suitable for specialized displays such as reflective, flexible, and OLED. Furthermore, its low refractive index improves the visual quality of the display. With those innovative technologies, Iwatani’s products provide the possibility of different design concepts so customers can develop freely.

Booth 917

Automotive Cockpit Display

JDI believes displays will be the key human-machine interface in future autonomous driving vehicles. An automotive cockpit, showcasing three 12.3-in. displays tiled into one multicurved, panoramic display; a large-size 16.7-in. curved and shaped “Pixel Eyes” center information display with capacitive touch functionality; and, a 9.5-in. mirror-shaped rear-view display will demonstrate JDI’s concept of the next-generation interior automotive space. Displays for other markets and applications, including mobile, virtual reality (VR), industrial, and electronic shelf label (ESL) will be exhibited as well.

Tokyo, Japan 81-3-6262-8401
Booth 543

Flat-Panel Display Design Environment

Jedat provides an advanced design environment that facilitates the design of circuits, layout, and reticles of flat-panel displays, including both panels and peripheral circuits. It has extensive dedicated design and verification functions specializing in the design of flat-panel displays that are all used to increase design productivity. The flexibility that is inherent in Jedat tools allows tailoring to the specific needs of customers, further shortening the design verification cycle and improving the quality.

Singapore 65-90084831
Booth 1543

USB Industrial Monitors

JMO offers capacitive-touch USB monitors for industrial applications in 7-in. and 10-in. sizes with resolutions of 1,024 × 600 and 1,280 × 800, respectively.

Cedartown, GA 310-522-5911
Booth 508

LC3 Coating Line

Kimoto Tech is a leader in the application of functional coatings and adhesives via roll-to-roll process on a wide range of flexible, web-based materials. The LC3 coater operates in a Class 1000 cleanroom and offers slot die, gravure, and Mayer rod technologies to dispense solvent and water-based coatings cured via UV and thermal drying. The advantages of a roll-to-roll coating process include greater productivity vs non-continuous processes and the ability to apply multiple layers of coating to optimize product performance. This machine has the capability to make high-performance coated films and laminates for functional and protective applications for displays.

Apex, NC 919-303-5874
Booth 235

Colorless Polyimide

The flexible display revolution is now here, with a 1,500-mm-roll colorless polyimide (CPI) film technology from Kolon Industries. This is one of the best alternatives to glass and traditional optical displays available. The film can be folded or rolled, and boasts high transparency, superior mechanical properties, and heat resistance, along with a super-smooth surface. Now available in ultra-wide 1,500-mm rolls, CPI can easily be applied beyond flexible mobile devices to large applications.

Ramsey, NJ 201-818-3574
Booth 1329

Display Color Analysis

Konica Minolta Sensing presents a breakthrough in display color analysis and flicker and luminance measurement with its latest series of display color analyzers, the CA-410, the first in its next generation of light measurement. A primary feature of the CA-410 is flicker measurement. The CA-410 is capable of measuring both JEITA and contrast flicker. A new addition to the CA-410 is that it has an expanded frequency measurement range and adjustable frequency response. It allows accurate characterization of the flicker characteristics of modern/cutting-edge display technology.

Plymouth, MI  734-781-4879
Booth 421

Optical-Bonded TFT LCDs

Kyocera will demonstrate its in-house optical bonding capability at Display Week 2018. Optical bonding integrates the display and a touch panel or cover layer into one unit. This technology eliminates the air gap, dramatically reduces internal reflections, and improves contrast, color saturation, luminance, and sunlight readability. Bonding the display and cover layer into one module also increases ruggedness and impact resistance, eliminating dust and condensation that could be trapped inside with conventional perimeter tape processes. For applications such as military, transportation, marine, medical, and outdoor use, optical bonding is a great way to improve display performance and offer additional protection.

Fukuoka, Japan 81(92)834-9518
Booth 238

TADF Hyperfluorescence

Thermally activated delayed fluorescence (TADF) and hyperfluorescence are the third and fourth generations of OLED emission technologies, respectively. TADF enables 100-percent quantum-efficient emission without using iridium. TADF, however, has a disadvantage in color purity because of its wide color spectrum. Hyperfluorescence combines TADF and fluorescence to provide the ultimate solution for OLED emission. In hyperfluorescence, TADF acts as a highly efficient exciton generator and energy transfer to fluorescence molecules. The result emits light of more than four times higher efficiency than conventional fluorescence. Unlike phosphorescence, it enables full RGB color, 100 percent IQE, and pure narrow-spectrum color.

Fremont, CA 510-509-7506
Booth 513

32-in. TFT LCD with LED Backlight

Litemax USA will be featuring the IPPS-3205-SDM1, a 32-in. industrial-grade sunlight readable and high-color-saturation LCD, with high luminance (800 nits) and high color saturation. The LCD produces sharp images, crisp text, and lifelike colors. The IPPS-3205-SDM1 will include the Intel SDM “Smart Display Module” pluggable and modular architecture to deliver new specifications that expand integrated form factors into additional market areas such as outdoor applications, kiosks, factory automation, military, transportation, and gaming.

Torrance, CA  310-320-1066
Booth 1311

Transparent Holographic Component Development Kit

With Luminit’s Transparent Holographic Component Development Kit, users can experiment with a variety of optical designs using Luminit transparent holographic optics. The combined THC Grating and THC Lens pair (also sold separately) essentially mimic the function of a conventional lens. These components can be combined in other configurations, or have other optics located in-between. This kit allows for basic experimentation with holographic optical elements that can lead to customized customer-specific designs.

Shenzhen, China 8675523099151
Booth 1509

1.39-in. Circular AMOLED

The AHEM0139-01 from Lummax is a circular shaped 1.39-in. AMOLED, a super-thin color display that is only 0.20 mm thick. The dimensions are 38.6 × 40.5 × 0.67 mm. The resolution is 400 (W) × RGB × 400 (H). Features include: faster response time, unlimited viewing angle, self-luminousness, high luminance, high contrast ratio, wide operating temperature, lower power consumption, and sunlight readability. It can also be equipped with a capacitive touch screen and is very suitable for smart-wear products, especially the smartwatch.

Suwon, South Korea 82-1099951679
Booth 312

Colorimeter for Optical Tests and Measurements

The Qbism HEXA50 is a new product in a series of colorimeters for various optical test and measurement applications. It has special features such as object-adaptive hardware design compatibility with DeJign test jig and other environmental systems, dual-mode functions of color and spectrum measurement, wireless data communication, and powerful interface features for Windows PCs, Android tablets, and ParaMetric test instruments. Optical focusing, alignment, and viewfinder monitoring are basic features of the standard colorimeter’s display measurement. Small and cubic, the colorimeter has good space efficiency in the integration of its display test system.

Booth 412

High Performance Frontal Lightguide for e-Paper and Digital Signage Displays

Nanocomp has developed a film-based lightguide for 13.3-in. e-paper displays. The ultra-thin (0.5-mm) lightguide has excellent luminance uniformity and color properties. It’s designed for digital signage applications such as timetable displays, but also works for handheld devices. Full optical bonding minimizes outside reflections. While the lightguide is an off-the-shelf component, made by roll-to-roll UV-imprinting, it can also be cut to a desired outline. This allows a perfect fit with products in a variety of dimensions, and offers freedom in selecting the amount and locations of LEDs (min. 8 pcs). Available in PMMA and PC.

Milpitas, CA
Booth 73

Quantum-Dot Materials

The future of quantum dots on display: Find out how this super-small light emitter is perfecting displays from LCDs to microLEDs. Featured demonstrations include inkjet-printed, photoemissive, and electroemissive materials.

Gamagori, Japan 81-533-58-3755
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Customizable Anti-Reflective Films

NIDEK’s Acier coating technology controls visible and invisible light to offer anti-reflection and transmittance/reflectance of specific wavelengths. The coating also provides functions like surface protection, conductivity, and anti-smudge. Nidek offers its coating technology to a variety of fields such as automotive, information and communication, electrical appliances, and spectacle lenses. Its thin-film coating technologies such as hard coating, vacuum deposition coating, and transfer tinting enhance the performance of day-to-day advancements in various optical components. The combination of nano-level thin films from NIDEK allows transmission and reflection of specific light wavelengths according to customers’ various needs.

Toledo, OH 419-250-5537
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Glass as Wire

NSG TEC is the original ITO replacement. Due to its excellent conductivity and light transmission, it can be used in many industries and applications. Recently, NSG has produced the coating on 0.7-mm glass, a world-leading innovation in float-glass manufacture. This product will be exhibited along with device applications such as a wire-free LED display and OLED lighting, powered by NSG TEC.

Orange, CA 714-792-0774
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8-in. Medical Tablet

Onyx Healthcare USA, an ASUS Assoc. Co., will showcase its new fanless 8-in. medical tablet, the MPAD-800, with built-in type-A USB port and cellular communication. This medical-grade, safety-rated tablet has shift-ready battery life, is water/drop-proof, and bleach compatible. Applications include telehealth and home health, clinical workflow and patient admission, and medical-device remote control.

Tampere, Finland
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Automated Smart Device Testing

Optofidelity Test Factory is the cutting edge of new-era test solutions for smart devices. Designed for automated, high-volume testing needs, with a highly modular approach, it offers unbeatable benefits, including: flexible test-cell configuration to match different customer needs; cost-effective manufacturing design; fast and scalable deliveries from the OptoFidelity factory; integration with fully automated testing processes; DUT handling without product-specific parts; automatic, fast configuration; and more.

Hong Kong 852-92061706
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4.3-in. Panel

Pacific Goal Optronics is showing a 4.3-in. (480 × 272) panel. The company specializes in R&D and manufacturing of mono-liquid-crystal modules.

Syracuse, NY 818-725-9750
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2D Imaging Colorimeter

The Tru-Image 2D Imaging Colorimeter provides a high-resolution, high-speed, research-grade solution for demanding applications. The Tru-Image shortens testing time, thus lowering cost. Tru-Image software automatically finds shapes, provides 3-point character averaging (MIL-L-7788H), pseudo color mapping, automatic pass/fail testing, customized reports, and 3D luminance analysis.

Scotts Valley, CA 408-659-4630
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Custom-Sized Smart Display Modules

Pixel Scientific announces a series of rugged, custom-sized smart display modules (SDMs) that enable system integrators and solution providers to bring customized display solutions to market fast, with great differentiation as a complete solution. These SDMs offer modular architectures suitable for indoor or outdoor transportation and digital signage applications. Displays are thin with efficient performance and sleek, all-in-one design. The resized LCD 4K display shown here has a 1,000 nit backlight that produces high-color-saturation sunlight viewable for use in digital signage and public transportation applications.

Dongguan, China 86-769-89209611
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Adhesives and Applicative Material Solutions

POLOMO focuses on photoelectronics/display device adhesives and providing applicative material solutions, also extending to semiconductors, microelectronics components, automobiles, e-home applications, and construction fields. The core adhesive products are used for LCDs, touch panels, AMOLEDs, QDEF, 3D displays, printing, flexible displays, e-paper, and other new display technology applications. POLOMO is also a leading maker of UV light-curing adhesives.

Cohoes, NY 1-518-320-6327
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Automated Optical Bonding Equipment

PVA’s Delta Bond Series optical bonding automated equipment is focused on flexibility and efficient use of space.

Englishtown, NJ 732-792-1234
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FFC/FPC Transition to Discrete Wire Cables

Quadrangle Products offers various FFC/FPC transitions to discrete wire cables. The company has many solutions already designed to adapt from one interface to another.  Applications include LVDS, eDp, touchscreen transitions, etc. Quadrangle also custom designs PCB and FPC adapter solutions if a customer’s requirement is unique. The company is a Certified ISO 9001:2015 custom-cable manufacturer with more than 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of custom-cable assemblies. It also offers prototyping and production volumes.

San Diego, CA 858-735-2026
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7-in. 2,500-nit WUXGA LCD

Q-Vio is showcasing a new high-color version of its 2,500-nit 7-in. 1,920 × 1,200 ultra-bright display. Also available with bonded PCAP touch.

Redmond, WA 425-284-0587
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AR/VR Lens

The AR/VR lens is a specially designed optical accessory that mounts directly to Radiant’s ProMetric Imaging Colorimeters and Photometers. The lens enables imaging systems to measure near-eye displays from augmented-reality (AR), virtual-reality (VR), and mixed-reality (MR) headsets. The lens replicates the approximate size, position, and field of view (FOV) of the human pupil within headsets to evaluate display quality as the user experiences it. The lens aperture is located on the front rather than within the lens, positioning the entrance pupil at the same location in the headset as the human eye to capture a FOV to 120° horizontal without occlusion.

Shenzhen, China 86-13823714461
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Android System

Rocktech’s Android system solution supports a wide range of display sizes, as well as LVDS/RGB interfaces, RS232/485, USB 2.0, HDMI/VGA/AV output, and wifi/3G/4G/ethernet/Bluetooth. Current standard-matching TFT and CTP sizes available in 3.5, 4.3, 5.0, 7.0, 10.1 inches, and more.

San Ramon, CA
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AMOLED Display for the Samsung Galaxy S9

The eye-opening AMOLED display for the Samsung Galaxy S9, from Samsung Display, features an 18.5:9 QHD+ design. This “Mobile HDR Premium” display enables video and photographs to be viewed with a high degree of realism, thanks to its wide gamut of DCI P3, infinite contrast range, and an enviable level of brightness (normal 400 nits, HBM 700 nits, peak 1,130 nits). Color accuracy is rated 0.7 JNCD, making any extremely minor color variation undetectable to the eye. The Samsung Display AMOLED panel for the Galaxy S9 offers clearer images from any angle compared to mobile LCDs (example: 2.5X brighter at a 30-degree angle). This technology can be customized for other applications.

Incheon, South Korea 82-32-254-2520
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Simulation Software for Display Panels

SANAYI System Co. developed a series of simulation software programs for display panels. TRCX calculates the capacitance and resistance characteristics of LCDs, touch panels, and OLEDs. Distributed and parallel computing are supported to enable fast and accurate RC extraction for large OLED displays. TSolidX is software specialized for creating CAx files with various mesh formats such as polygon, triangle, and tetrahedron mesh. TVolumeX calculates injection quantities of LCs, as well as optimized design and density of column space in large LCDs. And TechWiz LCD can obtain the electro-optical characteristics and performance of display panels.

Mainz, Germany 49-6131664241
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High-Index Glass Wafers for AR

SCHOTT offers a high-refractive-index wafer for augmented reality (AR) applications. The excellent wafer quality enables the best-in-class device performance of your smart glasses. The SCHOTT wafer leads to a large field of view and has outstanding glass characteristics (e.g. homogeneity), which results in superior image quality. In addition, the SCHOTT wafer may come with a single- or double-side anti-reflective coating with tailored transmission and surface roughness.

Hamburg, Germany 49-40-41622648-0
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32-in. UHD 3D Monitor

The new 32-in. SF3D-320MP autostereoscopic monitor from SeeFront delivers a cutting-edge 3D experience with the utmost freedom of movement for a single user. SeeFront 3D technology combined with an Ultra HD display panel with 3,840 × 2,160 pixels offer color fidelity, high brightness, and true 3D depth at high resolution. SeeFront 3D monitors use an integrated tracking system to give the user freedom of movement in all directions. The monitors display the 3D image content’s original spatial depth, whether the content is from a 3D live video stream,  3D movie,  game,  3D microscope, or 3D endoscope for industrial and medical applications.

Mountain View, CA  650-397-5085
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Pressure Sensor Overlays

The Sensel Morph provides 20,000 pressure sensors, sensing a 5g–5kg range of 32,000 levels per touch. Swap overlays to change among music, writing, gaming, and other applications. USB or Bluetooth connectivity allows the Morph to work anywhere.

Hangzhou, China 86-15306566699
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VR/AR Optical Measurement System

The VDM-1800 VR/AR Optical Measurement
System is a measurement system that is specially designed for measurement of the optical performance, geometric parameters, and image quality of VR/AR devices. This system consists of an imaging lens that simulates human eye geometry, a high-resolution CCD camera, a high-sensitivity spectroradiometer, and H-V spherical coordinate systems. The entrance pupil is matched with the VR eye box and constant field of view (FOV) independent of the image distance. This system can be used to test luminance; chromaticity; uniformity; monocular, binocular, and total FOV; pixel angular resolution; virtual image distance; and more.

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Anti-Glare Cover Glass

HapticGlas HPT-TEC is Sevasa’s anti-glare cover glass for touch applications. Through constant innovation, microfloat and microwhite bases are coming soon, in sizes up to 376 inches (126 × 345 in./3,210 × 9,000 mm), the market’s largest sizes. Products offer exceptional tactile feedback, very low sparkling, wide gloss range, tight gloss control, and HD resolution. Resistant to scratches and stains, the glass shows fewer fingerprints and is bendable, temperable, and perfect for public use and outdoors, even in adverse conditions.

Shenzhen, China 86-755-83752179
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Small- and Medium-Size LCD Modules

Shenzhen Teamworks makes liquid-crystal displays in different sizes and resolutions that offer the following capabilities: wide temperature range, high luminance, full viewing angle, transflective mode, and special thicknesses. The company provides total display solutions, with touch and convertor boards/driving boards.

Jena, Germany 49-3641-6345905
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Privacy Shield for LCDs

siOPTICA is a leading provider of innovative switchable privacy solutions for LCD panels. With its optical expertise and new, innovative materials, siOPTICA technology offers a high level of security for all LCDs. The sioSHIED solution is mainly used in the payment and automotive industries, as well as for laptops and other mobile devices.

Orange, MA 978-544-2171
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Tethered Stylus for Capacitive TouchScreens

Slencil’s SC-411 is a popular commercial-duty tethered stylus with snap-in stylus holder and adhesive mount, for capacitive touch screens. A 4-in. tether comfortably extends to 40 inches (100 cm). Made-in-USA products can be imprinted with company logo or brand.


London, UK 44 (0) 20-3192-2301
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Series in Display Science and Technology

The Springer Series in Display Science and Technology provides a forum for research monographs and professional titles in the area of displays, covering topics ranging from vision and color science, through display materials and processing, established and emerging display technologies, 3D displays, flexible displays, mobile displays, AR/VR, HCI, touchscreens, display metrology, standards, and characterizations. Springer welcomes new book projects – visit the booth to discuss your ideas.

Fremont, CA 510-651-1329
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Color LED DLP With Water-Clear Film

Sun Innovations’ newest color LED DLP offers compact body design, high optical efficiency, low power consumption, long LED life, bright emissive display, and standard HD video interface. The water-clear emissive screen adheres to any windshield or glass surface. Also featured: scalable image size with unlimited viewing angles; bright teal, white, and red information display; compatibility with HD-video or image, miniHDMI and microUSB interfaces.

Scottsdale, AZ 480-922-5344
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Sheet-to-Sheet Laminator

The TMS-S3 is the smallest and most compact of the Sun-Tec sheet-to-sheet laminators. This bench-top model is ideal for low-volume production or R&D work that involves a flex-to-flex or flex-to-rigid substrate lamination for sizes from 1–8 inches diagonal. The placement accuracy of the TMS-S3 is +/– 0.2 mm using manual loading and X/Y edge-alignment guides. Adjustments can be made for lamination speed, pressure, and substrate thickness. Customizable features are also available.

Santa Clara, CA  408-500-2971
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Optical Bonding Material

AG Coating OPT Alpha-GEL is an ultra-thin LCD protection film incorporating OPT Alpha-GEL, a high-performance optical bonding material developed by Taica. In combination with an advanced AG (anti-glare) layer, AG Coating OPT Alpha-GEL protects the display from external impacts. Protection against damage is enabled by the OPT Alpha-GEL layer, which provides the perfect balance of soft and thin. The AG Coating is effective in reducing glare, which greatly improves the visual performance of the display. Overall, because AG Coating OPT Alpha-GEL is extremely transparent, there are no concessions in terms of luminance or visibility when using this product.

Ilmenau, Germany 49.367746240
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Imaging Luminance and Color-Measuring Devices

Imaging luminance and color-measuring devices (ILMDs/ICMDs), in combination with adapted measuring lenses, provide effective one-shot solutions for evaluating modern near-to-eye displays (NEDs).  NED suppliers ask for TechnoTeam’s LMK brand devices adapted to their specific instrument structures. The wide range of field of view (FOV) and NED resolutions must be considered. On the basis of the company’s experience in creating products, it offers a set of formulas to determine the basic parameters of lenses for different NED concepts.

Taipei, Taiwan 886-958967357
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3D Phone Case

Theia offers a solution to the biggest problem that holds back 3D applications – lack of content. Theia’s first product is a phone case (with a free downloadable app) that allows you to see 3D with the naked eye. The powerful app installs on your smartphone and is capable of directly shooting 3D photos, converting 2D content to 3D, and recording 3D videos.

Anaheim, CA 714-630-7127
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Canopy-Shaped Plastic Film

TFD has successfully applied a thin film for touchscreens, hot mirrors, heaters, and dipole sensors.

Tianjin, China 86-022-87975939
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On-Chip-Packaged Fluorescent QD-LEDs

Tianjin offers full-spectrum quantum-dot light-emitting diodes (QD-LEDs) for lighting applications. These can provide a comfortable light environment with fidelity index (Rf) >90 and gamut index(Rg) >99 throughout the correlated color temperature (CCT) 3,000 K–6,500 K ranges. QD-LED technology for backlighting smartphones, laptops, and tablets can provide a wide color gamut.

Tianjin, China 86-15620936493
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Quantum-Dot Composite

QLuMiS is a new kind of highly Robust QD composite featuring high efficiency, narrow full-width half-maximum (FWHM), and excellent long-term operational stability. QLuMiS is fully compatible with current LED-packaging processes and can be used as phosphors for direct on-chip applications. With adjustable surface functional groups, QLuMiS can be applied to different kinds of QD displays, including on-chip QD LED/microLED, flexible QD tube, and ultra-thin QDEF for small-size screens.

Santa Clara, CA 408-816-7010
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10.1-in. WXGA Ultra-High-Bright Display

Tianma will be featuring the new 10.1-in. WXGA Ultra-High-Bright Display, which, with a luminance of 1000cd/m2, is ideal for industrial and outdoor applications such as construction and marine equipment. The ultra-high luminance provides vivid colors and excellent visibility even in direct sunlight. The module has a wide operating temperature range of –40 to +85°C and is resistant to vibrations up to 7.0 G. The display incorporates Tianma’s proprietary wide viewing angle technology, Super Fine TFT (SFT), which provides ultra-wide viewing angles of 176 degrees horizontally and vertically while reducing color shift that may occur with changes in the viewing angle.

Tokyo, Japan 81-3-3558-2666
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5000H Macro Lens Option

To satisfy demand for color gamut expansion, OLED/μLED will become mainstream. But luminance and chromaticity uniformity and mura are inevitable phenomena. One of the world’s first absolute 2D spectroradiometers, the SR-5000 is the ideal tool for defect-finding and analysis for OLED/μLED.  The SR-5000H is a hybrid model with built-in 2D spectral filter and XYZ filter. This versatile model enables the fulfillment of lower luminance levels up to 0.005 cd/m2 and the minimization of site space in one unit. Moreover, the SR-5000H Macro Lens Option Type is especially designed for sub-pixel mura analysis to the 6µ-pixel level and even 2µm, equipped with c-mount-type microscope.

Tokyo, Japan 81-3-3245-5665
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Analytical Services for Displays and Peripheral Components

Toray Research Center (TRC) is one of the affiliated companies of Toray Industries, Inc., and provides an extensive range of high-quality material analysis services. TRC’s superior ability to meet problem-solving requirements of clients is based on 40 years of experience in analysis and materials characterization. TRC serves the world’s top R&D and manufacturing companies in a variety of industrial fields, including OLEDs, LCDs, TFTs, etci>. Making full use of a variety of analytical techniques developed through actual work, Toray provides customers with high-performance analysis service.

Fremont, CA 510-438-9548
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Liquid Impurity Measurement System

The TOYOTech LT1000 provides a new and innovative method to characterize and measure ion impurity levels in liquid substances. The patent-pending system works with both organic and inorganic materials. It is highly sensitive, providing measurements in the ppt (parts per trillion) range. A complete test cycle can be performed in seconds compared to conventional ion chromatography methods, which can take up to 30 minutes. The results obtained by the LT1000 have broad applications in the display industry, including liquid-material screenings to facilitate process optimization.

Seoul, Korea 82-2-577-4391

OLED Display Market Research

UBI Research’s OLED Display Market Track with quarterly updates includes a wide range of recent and detailed OLED industry and market information. It covers the panel, equipment, materials, and components markets. The contents include the major players’ activities, performance, products, supplies, and investments. The market forecast from UBI Research has received credits for its reliability over the past 15 years. Many companies use UBI Research’s data for their business plans and strategy.

New Taipei City, Taiwan 02-22252018
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Pressure Sensor

Uneo’s microdeformable piezoresistive sensor is a technology developed for force-sensing applications requiring a slim and light form factor. Incorporating various patent-pending microstructure and surface engineering innovations, the device achieves unprecedented versatility and reliability to satisfy performance and cost expectations. It is ultraflexible – 0.1-mm thin – and withstands as low as 3-mm bend radius life testing. A Uneo sensor can accurately resolve the force of a gentle finger touch at 3g as well as heavy-duty weight measurements. Its X-Y spatial touch accuracy is better than 1 mm. It also supports non-conductive stylus input with contact diameter down to 0.5 mm.

Fremont, CA 510-931-9046
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Multitouch Resistive Touchscreen

USCO America has released a new type of touchscreen, multitouch resistive (MTR). It produces smooth multitouch like a smartphone and works easily, like a traditional resistive touchscreen. USCO will be demoing a full line-up, from 5.7 inches to 21.5 inches.

Beijing, China 86-18710121394
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5.99-in. Flexible AMOLED Full-Screen Display

This patent-protected high-quality flexible AMOLED display features a screen aspect ratio of 18:9, a total display thickness of 0.2 mm, a resolution of 1,080 × 2,160, a folding curvature down to 3 mm, and L/R/U/D border widths of 1.0/1.0/1.0/3.7mm. Customized products like this AMOLED display can be produced upon request.

St. Charles, MO 636-300-5115
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Large Display Measurement System

Westar Display Technologies, a supplier of display measurement systems, has introduced the FPM-540-FO test system for large-format displays up to 110 inches diagonal. The FPM-540-FO can be set up to run many standard ICDM, TCO, ISO, SAE, and other display optical measurement tests as well as programmable customized tests. The system includes a three-axis instrument deck for mounting up to three instruments, and a two-axis gimbaled optical probe to perform measurements while the display remains fixed and in an upright position. This design allows for viewing-angle measurements without moving or rotating the large and heavy display modules.

Ottawa, Canada 613-729-0614
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High-Resolution Imaging Colorimeters

The WP6E and WP6ES series imaging colorimeters from Westboro Photonics are optimal solutions for display measurements. With electronically controlled lenses, the systems are ideal for automation. Westboro Photonics’ Photometrica software provides users with the most productive environment for measurement and analysis. The ES model includes an integrated high-performance spot spectroradiometer for automatic color correction of any display measurement. With sensitivity below 0.0001 cd/m², ultra-low light signals can be reliably analyzed. The WP6E and WP6ES are the smallest and lightest on the market.


Okayama, Japan 81-86-287-9030
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Tension-Free Clamshell Test Machine

Yuasa’s clamshell-type test machine can be used to test tiny samples with a tiny banding radius. It can measure bending stress. General clamshell type test machines apply compression force, so Yuasa developed this ideal tester that does not place the tensile stress on the sample. Test results from a general clamshell tester and Yuasa’s clamshell tester are completely different.  •