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Stretchable Displays, Summer Days 
By Stephen P. Atwood

Industry News
By Jenny Donelan

Guest Editorial
Stretch of Imagination
By Ruiqing (Ray) Ma

Frontline Technology: Stretchable Displays: From Concept Toward Reality
Stretchable displays are now being developed using strategies involving intrinsically stretchable devices, wrinkled ultra-thin devices, and hybrid-type devices.
By Yongtaek Hong, Byeongmoon Lee, Eunho Oh, and Junghwan Byun

Frontline Technology: Stretchable Oxide TFT for Wearable Electronics
Oxide thin-film transistors (TFTs) in a neutral plane are shown to be robust under mechanical bending and thus can also be suitable for TFT backplanes for stretchable electronics.
By Xiuling Li and Jin Jang

Frontline Technology: Developing Liquid-Crystal Functionalized Fabrics for Wearable Sensors
Looking to the future, we can envision how liquid-crystal fabrics can be designed to respond to chemical and biological stimuli, signaling the presence of bacteria and viruses, and opening the potential for wearable medical sensors.
By Junren Wang, Antal Jákli, Yu Guan, Shaohai Fu, and John West

Making Displays Work for You: New Polymer Materials Enable a Variety of Flexible Substrates
The Pylux family of polysulfide thermosetting polymers (PSTs) has been developed to enhance manufacturing options for a wide range of flexible displays and electronics.
By Tolis Voutsas, Radu Reit, Adrian Avendano, David Arreaga, and John Dupree

Show Highlights: Display Week 2017 Daily Reports
Foveal rendering, high-resolution automobile lamps, flat-panel speakers -- and friends -- were only a few of the highlights that Information Display's experts reported on from Display Week 2017 in Los Angeles.
By Information Display Staff

Market Insights: Q&A with Pixel Scientific
By Dick McCartney and Jenny Donelan

SID News: Honors and Awards Nominations
Compiled by the editorial staff