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The Potential for Change
By Stephen P. Atwood

Industry News

By Jenny Donelan

Guest Editorial

The Value Proposition of OLEDs
By Julie J. Brown

President's Corner

Korea on My Mind
By Paul Drzaic

Disruptive Factors in the OLED Business Ecosystem

AMOLEDs have several key, potentially disruptive elements in both display and lighting technology.
By Antti Lääperi

OLEDs - Promises, Myths, and TVs

Much work remains before OLEDs can be considered a player in the display and lighting markets. But the trends are positive. OLED performance for TVs is outstanding and power consumption is low. Moreover, OLED lighting offers new opportunities. If the companies practicing the technology follow through with their plans, we should begin to see new competition for TFT- LCDs and LED lighting in the next 3 years.
By Barry Young

Emerging Technologies for the Commercialization of AMOLED TVs

Advances in AMOLED materials, device structures, and manufacturing are paving the way for a new generation of TVs that will be interactive, ultra-light and slim, eco-friendly, and more.
By Hye Dong Kim, Hyun-Joong Chung, Brian H. Berkeley, and Sang Soo Kim

Back to School with Tablets Embedded in Digital Desks

A digital-desk pilot program in Brazil uses a unique display design to provide an interactive interface developed to enhance education and minimize ergonomic concerns.
By Victor Pellegrini Mammana, Cynthia Yukiko Hiraga, Ana Maria Pellegrini, Daniel den Engelsen, Luiz Alberto Castro de Almeida, Alexandre Cândido de Paulo, Gustavo Junior Alves, Miguel Joao Neto, Carlos Ignacio Zamitti Mammana, and Antonio Carlos Camargo do Amaral

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