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It's Not Just Science Fiction
By Stephen P. Atwood

Industry News
Product News from Display Week
By Jenny Donelan

Guest Editorial
The Next Frontiers for Touch Technology
By Bob Senior

Frontline Technology: Technologies and Requirements for Digital Pens
N-trig, a maker of digital pens and an innovator of touch technology, describes what to look for and what to expect when selecting a digital pen for mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and subnotebooks.
By On Haran

Frontline Technology: Tablets Are Trending Better, Bigger, and Brighter
Tablet displays are challenging to produce because of their large screens, which are 3–4 times the size of smartphone screens. The major factors affecting tablet performance and popularity, as well as what improvements we are likely to see in the near future, will be discussed.
By Raymond M. Soneira

Frontline Technology: Printed Touch Sensors Using Carbon NanoBud Material
A new carbon nanomaterial is enabling touch sensors with high contrast for outdoor readability and flexibility that allows folding and sharp-angle 3-D formability.
By Anton S. Anisimov, David P. Brown, Bjørn F. Mikladal, Liam Ó Súilleabháin, Kunjal Parikh, Erkki Soininen, Martti Sonninen, Dewei Tian, Ilkka Varjos, and Risto Vuohelainen

Display Marketplace: New Trends in Touch
With touch panels becoming ubiquitous, the touch industry is undergoing rapid change. Touch Display Research, Inc., reports on its most recent survey of the leading manufacturers in the touch-screen, ITO-replacement, and touchless-control industries.
By Jennifer Colegrove

Frontline Technology: Rendering of Detail in Televisions
One of the creators of the IDMS (Information Display Measurements Standard) takes the measure of the very latest curved OLED TVs compared to LCD TVs. In this third article in a series, he looks at how well these displays render detail and at their resolution performance.
By Edward F. Kelley

Regional Business Review: Small Island, Big Business
Taiwan enjoys a strong economy and a substantial presence in the semiconductor and display industries. Current challenges to Taiwan’s position in the world marketplace include a shift in consumer-device preferences, uneasy relations with nearby mainland China, and a global perception that its industry executes somewhat better than it innovates.
By Jenny Donelan

SID News: International DIsplay Workshops Take Place in Niigata, Japan