Display Week 2014 Symposium to Feature OLED TV, Wearable Displays, 3D, and Lighting

Display Week 2014 Symposium to Feature OLED TV, Wearable Displays, 3D, and Lighting

The Society for Information Display has issued a call for papers to be presented at the 2014 Display Week Symposium.  SID’s annual Display Week is the premier event for the global display industry.  This year’s symposium will feature presentations on every aspect of display technology, but submissions on the following special topics are particularly encouraged:  OLED TV, Wearable Displays, 3D, and Lighting.  This year’s event takes place June 1–6, 2014, in San Diego.

For the OLED-TV special topic, submissions on all advanced OLED-TV technologies are encouraged, including novel device structures, backplane technologies, manufacturing processes, deposition techniques, mask fabrication, encapsulation, driving methods, and next-generation applications.

The special topic on Wearable Displays will cover the emerging development of wearable display products, applications, and technologies.  This is one of the fastest growing areas in both consumer products and technological development. Paper topics include wearable applications, near-to-eye systems, textile displays, and more.

The 3D symposium sessions will encompass display technologies for enabling depth perception in viewers, applications for 3D displays, 3D content generation, measurement and characterization of 3D systems, and human factors.

Last but not least, the special topic on Lighting will focus on advances in the LED and OLED industries.  Submissions on all aspects of solid-state lighting are encouraged, including novel lighting systems, lighting measurement, backlighting, optical systems, and more.

Work in the new fields listed above may also relate to the following general symposium topics:  Active-Matrix Displays, Applied Vision/Human Factors, Display Applications, Display Electronics, Display Manufacturing, Display Measurements, Display Systems, Emissive Displays, e-Paper and Flexible Displays, Liquid-Crystal and Other Non-Emissive Displays, OLEDs, Projection, and Touch and Interactivity.

The Society for Information Display encourages the submission of original papers on all aspects of the research, engineering, application, evaluation, and utilization of displays. Paper submissions are welcomed for any of the general symposium or specific topical sessions.

For information about submitting an abstract (due Dec 2, 2013), see “First Call for Papers” on www.sid.org.

Jenny Donelan