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New Year, New Innovations
By Stephen P. Atwood

Industry News
By Jenny Donelan

President's Corner
Innovation and SID
By Brian Berkeley

Guest Editorial
On the Frontlines of Innovation: Inspiration for "Skin-Like" Displays
By Jason Heikenfeld

Enabling Technology: Dynamic Displays in Nature
Squid, cuttlefish, and octopus developed elaborate skin displays millions of years ago, with performance that is still superior in many ways to today’s leading display technologies. Studying the mechanisms by which animals rapidly and efficiently change their coloration and patterning using only ambient light can offer bio-inspired routes to improved display technologies.
By Lydia M. Mäthger and Roger T. Hanlon

Frontline Technology: Intrinsically Elastomeric Polymer Light-Emitting Devices
Imagine an electronic display nearly as transparent as a window, or a curtain that illuminates a room, or a smartphone screen that doubles in size stretching like rubber. A recent demonstration of intrinsically elastomeric light-emitting devices suggests that such examples may soon become viable.
By Jiajie Liang and Qibing Pei

Frontline Technology: Imperceptible Electronic Skin
The authors describe recent progress, bottlenecks, and future applications for extra-light and flexible interfaces such as electronic skin.
By Tsuyoshi Sekitani, Martin Kaltenbrunner, Tomoyuki Yokota, and Takao Someya

Display Marketplace: Fewer U.S. Consumers Interested in Buying New TVs
The worldwide television market has been declining since the end of 2011, with global TV shipments down a projected 9% this year on top of a 6% decrease in 2012. With shipments – and profits – shrinking, manufacturers are betting on new technologies such as smart televisions and ultra-high-definition sets to change the grim market outlook.
By Veronica Thayer

Guest Editorial: Momentum for Materials
By Ion Bita

Frontline Technology: Applying OLEDs in a Manufacturing Process
The organic chemical compounds used in OLED display manufacturing require careful appreciation, characterization, and analysis. When they are paired with the right manufacturing processes, impressive results can be achieved.
By Kai Gilge, Ansgar Werner, and Sven Murano

Frontline Technology: New Electro-Mechanical Polymer Actuator Technology for Better Interactivity
Smart material actuators for haptics may help usher in a “New-Sensory Age.”
By Christophe Ramstein and Ausra Liaukeviciute

Venture Capital: Part IV: Exiting with Grace - and Profit
There are many ways to move on from the start-up phase. Some deliver a better return than others, as is explained in our fourth article in our venture capital series.
By Helge Seetzen

SID News
Third Annual I-Zone Call for Papers
By Jenny Donelan