Welcome to the World of High Definition
By Stephen P. Atwood

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It's a High-Definition World

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It's a High-Definition World
By Bernard J. Lechner

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Understanding the Scope of Patents and Identifying Potential Infringement Issues
By Clark A. Jablon, Esq.

Television Transmission and Interface Issues

The world of television has become vastly more complex with technological and service options multiplying the choices. The demand for displays and the number of modes of utilization are huge. This article explores part of the complexity of this exciting situation.
By Walter S. Ciciora

Rear-Projection TVs Go on a Diet - Is Thin the Answer?

Rear-projection TVs will continue to dominate TV sales above 50 in. on the diagonal, but their market share will dwindle if action is not taken to produce thin RPTVs - a task that is now both technically feasible and cost effective.
By Arthur L. Berman and Matthew S. Brennesholtz

Video Processing in HDTV Receivers for Recovery of Missing Picture Information: De-Interlacing, Frame-Rate Conversion, and Super-Resolution

The native display format of all high-definition-television receivers must accommodate a number of different transmitted video formats. This article explores three of the video signal-processing functions that makes this possible: de-interlacing, frame-rate conversion, and super-resolution.
By Yunwei Jia, Quang Dam Le, Larry Pearlstein, and Philip Swan

The Transition to HDTV Broadcasting in Europe

Europe is finally making the leap into HDTV broadcasting, which could have a large impact on the flat-panel-display industry. Here is a look at the current state of the rollout and the steps it took to get here.
By Dietrich Westerkamp

Journal of the SID Preview

Papers appearing in the November 2007 issue of the Journal of the SID are previewed.
By Aris Silzars

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