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Table Of Contents

2 Editorial
Manufacturing for Design

- Ken Werner 

4 The Display Continuum 

Let's Suppose ...

- Aris Silzar

12 Noritake's New Equipment for Manufacturing Large PDPs

A new generation of manufacturing equipment has fabricated SXGA panels with 0.11-mm pixel pitch and rib widths of 0.03 111111.

 - Masayuki Hiroshima, Susumu Sakamoto, and Kazuo Kato

16 Small Necks, Big Guns, and Snap-On Yokes
Neck-down CRTs combine the benefits of large electron guns and small tube necks, but customers wanted a yoke they could apply to these tubes themselves, rather than send tubes off-site.

 - Bradley A. Stump and Norman A. Lewis

20 Inspection and Test Techniques for FPD Manufacturing
Testing techniques are becoming highly accurate, and some are fast enough to be incorporated in high-volume production lines.

 - Tim Knuth andJeffHawthorne

26 Viewing-Angle Improvements for LCDs
Several techniques have dramatically increased the viewing angles of LCDs, but there's more to come - and soon.

 - Philip J. Bas and Ken Werner 

32 Backlighting for Direct-View LCDs

There's a lot to think about when selecting an LCD backlight, but many solutions are available

 - Ian Lewin 

48 Sustaining Members

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