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Table of Contents

2 Editorial

The Great Tide

 - Ken Werner 

4 The Display Continuum

A Million Santas, One Really Rich Kid, and a Few Others ...

 - Aris Silzars

10 Third Annual Display of the Year Awards
This year, the display industry's leading international awards honor

four different technologies from Japan and the United States

- Ken Werner

14 Photo-Alignment and Patterning of Liquid-Crystal Displays
New alignment techniques promise not only economical multi-domain LCDs but also novel and exciting uses of cholesteric films.

 - Martin Schadt

20 LC-Modulated Photoluminescent Displays
Putting the visible light source on the viewer's side of an LCD instead of behind it looks more complicated - but it pays off

 - William A. Crossland, Ian D. Springle, and Anthony B. Davey

26 The Perils of Plasmaco
As in the old-time movie serial "The Perils of Pauline," Plasmaco has had many brushes with  disaster on its way to success.

 - Jane D. Birk 

30 Making a Projector Lighter

Giving road warriors a smaller, lighter multimedia projector without sacrificing brightness  and image quality is an engineering challenge

 - Chris Demers 

36 Data Bank

42 Letters to the Edito

44 Calendar

46 New Products

48 Sustaining Member

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