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A Drink in Shanghai
By Kenneth Werner

A View from the Hilltop
Trends in Time Management ...
By Aris Silzars

The Challenge of Testing LCoS Devices
Optimizing test parameters for each application is critical to the accurate identification of pixel defects and the adoption of LCoS technology for display-system applications.
By Peter A. Smith and Q. Jason Yang

High-Efficiency AMOLEDs
Phosphorescent OLEDs are much more effective than their fluorescent predecessors. Combined with flexible substrates and advanced active-matrix arrays, they provide a compelling vision of the "display of the future."
By Mike Hack and Julie J. Brown

Marching to a Different Drum
A transmissive rotating drum provides a more efficient and more easily realized LCoS projection engine than other color-sequential approaches.
By Matthew S. Brennesholtz

OLED Encapsulation
Protecting active OLED layers from a hostile world is critical for display lifetime; achieving it in a slim, reliable package is crucial for maximizing some of OLED's inherent advantages.
By Kimberly Allen

Looking Beyond the Dashboard
As "telematics " finally moves to the center of the automotive-technology stage, a review of the specifications, developments, and measurement issues of vehicular displays will describe how and why it got there.
By Robert L. Donofrio

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Whither the LCD?
By David Liebennan