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Table of Contents

2 Editorial
The Future Is Now

Ken Werner 

4 The Display Continuum

On the Backslopes of the Technology S-Curve ...

- Aris Silzars 

10 The Business Case for Motorola's Flat-Panel-Display Division

An optimistic Motorola takes a strategic look at the display universe and invests heavily  in FED 's promise.

 - Thomas L. Credelle and Barry J. Moehring 

14 The Phony War
Some say the coming battle between FPDs and CRTs will be the display equivalent of World War III, but there are already signs of fraternization on the battlefield.

- Tei Iki 

18 DTI: Lessons from a Successful Joint Venture

Many believed it couldn't be done, but hard work and a bold approach have made the IBM-Toshiba joint LCD venture a remarkable success.

 - Jim McGroddy 

24 Why Is Black-and-White So Important in Color?
The developers of NTSC television knew that in luminance-chrominance coding they had created something remarkable, but they didn't know why. 

 - Robert W G. Hunt 

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34 Calendar

38 Data Bank

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