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Reach Out to the Global Display Community 
By Stephen P. Atwood

Industry News
Samsung Confirms It Is Out of the Plasma TV Business
By Jenny Donelan

President's Corner
Looking Forward to Serving SID
By Amal Ghosh

The Best of Display Week: I-Zone and Best-in-Show Winners
The Society for Information Display honored six exhibiting companies at Display Week 2014 in San Diego last June. These companies were Ostendo Technologies for best prototype in the Innovation Zone and AUO, BOE, GroGlass, LG Display, and Nanosys for Best-in-Show winners on the main exhibit floor.
By Jenny Donelan

OLEDs are no longer on the way; theyíre here. At Display Week 2014, not only did we get to see how they have become established in some markets, we also saw how the technology is advancing rapidly in ways that can only expand their appeal in the future.
By Alfred Poor

TVs, 3-D, and Holograms
Advanced technologies at this yearís show included very large curved TVs, light-field displays, and more.
By Steve Sechrist

Developments in materials and materials processing are the foundation on which flashier advances in downstream technologies are built. That has certainly been true over the entire history of display development, and it continued at Display Week 2014.
By Ken Werner

Flexible Technology and e-Paper
The increasing reality of flexible technology was clear at Display Week 2014, where it appeared on the show floor, in the technical sessions, and as the subject of its own Market Focus Conference. e-Paper also appeared in its largest format yet.
By Jenny Donelan

Opinion: Gazing at the Future of Monitors
A strange contradiction exists in the display business. While there have been major improvements in many of the displays in our lives, including mobile devices and TVs, few of these improvements have reached the displays many of us spend the most time with – desktop monitors.
By Bob Raikes

Frontline Technology: Practical Computer Vision Enables Digital Signage with Audience Perception
Signs that see and understand the actions and characteristics of individuals in front of them can deliver numerous benefits to advertisers and viewers alike. Such capabilities were once only practical in research labs and niche applications. But semiconductor price, performance, and power-consumption trends are now making audience analytics, gesture interfaces, augmented reality, and other features feasible for high-volume mainstream deployments.
By Brian Dipert, Rabindra Guha, Tom Wilson, and Robert Green

SID News: International Display Workshops Take Place in Niigata, Japan