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Sign of the Times
By Stephen P. Atwood

Industry News
By Jenny Donelan

Guest Editorial
Amorphous? Again??
By John F. Wager

Frontline Technology: Elemental Evolution of Digital-Signage Components
The strong market growth of digital signage over the past 10 years will be outshone by the expanded performance and applications made possible through recent display and system advances.
By Gary Feather

Frontline Technology: New Directions for Digital Signage and Public Displays
Part one of our two-part series on the market dynamics of digital-signage applications for commercial (or public) displays looks at the growth of the industry and the technologies that are helping shape that growth into the future.
By Todd Fender

Frontline Technology: Oxide TFTs: A Progress Report
For flat-panel-display backplane applications, oxide-TFT technology is the new kid on the block ñ recently conceived and in its early stages of commercialization. How is it going for oxide-TFT technology as it attempts to match up with a-Si:H and LTPS technology?
By John F. Wager

Frontline Technology: Amorphous-Metal Thin Films Enable Ultra-High-Definition Display Backplanes
Amorphous-metal thin films can enable a new generation of TFT-free display backplanes for UHD LCD TVs. This technology builds upon previous efforts to commercialize dual-select thin-film-diode backplanes and addresses issues faced by TFTs in UHD-TV applications through use of the amorphous-metal non-linear resistor. Demonstrating the reliability of amorphous-metal-based tunneling electronics and the scalability of these materials to panel-size processing tools are now the key challenges for this technology.
By Sean Muir, Jim Meyer, and John Brewer

Business of Displays: China Continues to Expand Operations
The countryís recent economic setbacks have done little to slow the progress of new fabs in China.
By Jenny Donelan

Making Displays Work for You: True Color: The Road to Better Front-of-Screen Performance
The authors have created an architecture that optimizes image processing across a complex display ecosystem, including smartphones, tablets, and desktop panels.
By Stefan Peana and Jim Sullivan

SID News
Upcoming SID-Sponsored Events
By Jenny Donelan