Products on Display at SID 2005

Some of the products on display at North America's largest electronic-display exhibition are previewed.

by The Editorial Staff

THE SID 2005 International Symposium, Seminar, and Exhibition will be held at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, Massachusetts, the week of May 22. For 3 days, May 24–26, leading manufacturers will present the latest displays, display components, and display systems. To present a preview of the show, we invited the exhibitors to highlight their offerings. The following is based on their responses.

Gyunggi-do, Korea +82-31-5999-7064
Booth 1206

Chip–on–flexible-PCB Technology

Anam Instruments will feature chip–on–flexible-printed-circuit-board (COF) technology. COF is accomplished by using a wire-bonding technique on a flexible printed circuit board. The merits of this technology are small packaging size, minimum thickness, endurance for high voltage (~90 V), and high reliability. Applications include PDP TVs, mobile phones, notebook PCs, car navigation monitors, and conventional-type displays.


Circle no. 1


Kyunggi-do, Korea +82-31-666-5530
Booth 915

Modular cluster system

ANS, Inc., will feature HELISYS, a modular cluster system that processes full-color OLED devices as well as monochrome and area-color devices for pilot and mass production. The system consists of a multicluster tool and is automatically processed for deposition and encapsulation. HELISYS enables excellent film thickness uniformity and mask alignment that leads to the creation of a precise dot matrix. Substrate sizes range from 200 x 200 mm to 370 x 470 mm, film thickness uniformity is less than ± 5%, and alignment accuracy is less than ± 5 μm.


Circle no. 2


Taiwan, R.O.C +866-7-813-0666
Booth 521

Transmissive color STN-LCDs

Arima Display will feature the MC57T01E, a 320 x 240 transmissive color STN-LCD that measures 167 x 109 x 8.5 mm, displays 65k colors, and has a contrast ratio as high as 40:1. Modules are available in 2.8-, 3.9-, 5.7-, and 6.5-in. sizes, offering 640 x 240 dots, and 7.5 in., offering 640 x 480 dots. Touch-screen capability is available as an option.


Circle no. 3


Burbank, CA 818/848-7722
Booth 3104

HDMI protocol analyzer

Astro Systems will demonstrate their new VA-1809 HDMI Protocol Analyzer, designed for inspecting and measuring data contents in audio-visual equipment such as DVD players and set-top boxes supporting the HDMI interface. The protocol analyzer offers maximum flexibility and efficiency in areas within development and measurement.


Circle no. 4


Karlsruhe, Germany +49-721-9626-445
Booth 1513

Display-measurement instrumentation and software

autronic-Melchers will feature their latest DMS models for large-display applications such as LCD TVs up to 80 in. on the diagonal. Also, their latest versions of operations software and new display simulation software will be demonstrated.


Circle no. 5


Huntsville, AL 256/704-3332
Booth 327

Polarization measurement solutions

The AxoScan polarimeter measures all of the polarization properties of any sample in a fraction of a second. AxoScan can make spectral measurements from 400 to 800 nm and can be configured for other wavelengths of interest. The out-of-plane measurement fixture rotates and tilts a sample to quickly and automatically measure in-plane and out-of-plane retardance characteristics of field-of-view enhancing films for LC technologies. This sample fixture can also be used to characterize c-plates and to identify the pre-tilt angle of transmission LC cells.


Circle no. 6


Wilmington, MA 978/657-7270
Booth 608

Panel printers

The Model 5200 PanelPrinter System provides advanced photolithography for large-area-substrate applications that require 0.8–4.0-m resolution. Fully integrated subsystems provide manufacturers with maximum performance and flexibility. They include a high-fidelity projection lens and illumination system, a precision X-Y stage, an automated substrate alignment system, an automated reticle handling and storage system, and a sophisticated suite of metrology sensors. The system features a variety of lenses to meet the needs of active-matrix LCDs, FEDs, OLEDs, and polysilicon applications; real-time magnification adjustment for more accurate layer-to-layer registration; and real-time auto-focus measurement and compensation for increased utilization and throughput.

Circle no. 7


Cambridge, U.K. +44-1223-723-586
Booth 819

P-OLED demonstrator

Cambridge Display Technology will present the latest P-OLED technology and new developments. A selection of ink-jet-printed and spin-coated P-OLED demonstrators, produced by CDT and their licensees and partners, and a selection of finished products incorporating P-OLED displays, will be on display.


Circle no. 8


Sebastopol, CA 707/824-2493
Booth 1412

RGBW products

Clairvoyante will feature PenTile RGBW products. Capable of doubling the brightness or reducing the power consumption by 50%, this patent-pending design combines advanced subpixel-rendering technology with a RGB plus white subpixel structure that offers significant improvement over conventional RGB-stripe LCDs. The use of PenTile RGBW technology increases the color saturation and contrast, improves white brightness, and reduces power consumption, resulting in mobile displays with VGA-perceived resolution. This technology improves the white luminosity, dynamic range, and contrast while enabling a wider color gamut, resulting in brighter more highly saturated displays. Production does not require difficult changes to existing manufacturing processes.


Circle no. 9


Corning, NY 607/974-8183
Booth 2201

Gen 7 glass

Corning and Samsung Corning Precision Glass Co., Ltd., jointly owned by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., and Corning, are leading suppliers of glass substrates for the liquid-crystal-display (LCD) industry and were the first to supply thin-film-transistor (TFT) grade Gen 5, 6, and 7 glass for commercial use. High-generation substrates enable dramatic economies of scale for LCD manufacturers by allowing them to produce larger panels and more panels per sheet. Corning's Gen 7 glass will be on display.


Circle no. 10


Rockaway, NJ 973/442-6000
Booth 3109

Acrylic rear-projection screen

New from CYRO Industries is the ACRYLITE7 RP rear-projection acrylic screen. This innovative rear-projection screen for salesrooms, exhibitions, trade shows, and home theaters uses microlens technology for optimum viewing. It provides outstanding brightness and sharp contrast over a wide range of viewing angles. With no color distortion or disturbing hot spots, this glare-free screen provides an excellent image. It is available in three colors and is easy to install and hang.

Circle no. 11


Morgan Hill, CA 408/782-7773
Booth 918

Controller board

Digital View will demonstrate its new SVH-1920 high-resolution controller board. The SVH-1920 drives LCDs and plasma panels from 640 x 480 (VGA) to 1920 x 1200 (WUXGA). It supports most HDTV formats and is available with an HD-SDI add-on board, making this new controller the ideal companion for today's expanding array of high-resolution wide-aspect-ratio panels available to system integrators and VARs.


Circle no. 12


Woodbury, MN 651/730-4090
Booth 922

Flat-panel inspection system

Dr. Schenk of America's flat-panel inspection system, Chess, is a high-resolution modular optical system designed for the inspection of sheet-to-sheet displays, including glass substrates, coated glass, color filters, PolyLEDs, PDP glass, array structures,and rear-projection screens. Chess is used worldwide in a wide range of applications for information display, and also in the medical and architectural industries. A variety of resolution ranges is available in order to respond to customer-specific manufacturing and inspection requirements. Chess inspection systems can be used either in-line, fully integrated into automated production lines, or off-line as stand-alone systems with integrated handling. Chess systems are highly reliable and maintenance-free with accurate and repeatable defect detection, real-time data processing, and fast cycle time.


Circle no. 13


Endicott, NY 607/754-9187
Booth 2022

Vacuum-encapsulated inverters

Endicott Research Group will demonstrate its unique vacuum-encapsulated DC-AC inverters which provide resistance to shock, vibration, and humidity by actually submerging its E200II and SE2 Series inverters underwater while successfully powering a cold-cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL). Also on display will be ERG's new DMF6 six-lamp high-power (to 60-W output) low-profile (< 9 mm) open-frame DC-AC inverter, along with the company's new 10m Series of open-frame inverters with up to 10 W of output power for single- or dual-tube CCFL backlights.


Circle no. 14


Oftringen, Switzerland +41-62-788-77-98
Booth 919

Transparent glass covers

EuropTec will feature transparent glass covers for displays that provide mechanical protection (e.g., laminated and hardened glass) as well as performing shielding functions (anti-static, anti-reflective, electromagnetic shielding EMC, color corrections, etc.). Typical applications include displays and public-information terminals, POS terminals, ATM machines, etc.


Circle no. 15


Dresden, Germany +49-351-8823-238
Booth 1014

Laser projection module

The Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems will exhibit a demonstrator of a laser projection device with a 2-D micro scanning mirror. Projection devices based on laser scanning are a very interesting alternative to matrix displays. The demonstrator uses a miniaturized projection module consisting of a laser diode, collimator optics, and a 2-D micro scanning mirror operated at deflection frequencies of 20 and 0.6 kHz. The control circuit was developed with an FPGA and provides a resolution of 640 x 480 monochromatic pixels (VGA resolution) at a frame rate of 50 fps. Applications for the projection device include displays, laser marking, and laser exposure. The size of the projection unit is as small as two sugar cubes and can be used in mobile phones or any other portable device.


Circle no. 16


Shelton, CT 203/925-8581
Booth 412

High-transparency touch panels

Fujitsu Components America will introduce a line of new high-transparency touch panels for transmissive LCDs. As additions to Fujitsu's four- and seven-wire resistive offerings, the new touch panels enhance image contrast and clarity in high-ambient-lighting applications. The panels feature a transmis-sivity of 86% and are targeted to a variety of portable and stationary applications, ranging from tablet PCs, kiosks, navigation systems, industrial instruments, and test instrumentation. The new panels, additions to Fujitsu's standard seven-wire line, include 12.1 and 15-in. products. In addition, new 3.9-, 10.4-, and 5.7-in. high-transparency panels join existing 6.4- and 8.4-in. high-transparency sizes in the standard four-wire lines. The 3.9-in. four-wire panel is compatible with Toshiba's LTM04C380K LCD.


Circle no. 17


Taiwan, R.O.C. +886-37-611-611
Booth No. 1119

DMSTN displays

Giantplus Technology Co. will feature DMSTN displays that utilize UTF technology. Information on the display can now be clearly read regardless of whether the backlight is ON or OFF. As a result, the power consumption is significantly reduced and the display can be read in bright sunlight. When the backlight is ON, the display will be in color mode; when backlight is OFF, the display will switch to black-and-white mode.


Circle no. 18


Brecksville, OH 440/922-4584
Booth 1310

Microlens LCD backlighting

Global Lighting Technologies (GLT) will be demonstrating their new advances in LED backlighting for LCD TVs that combine outstanding brightness and uniformity while reducing the overall LED count (and cost) required by other designs. GLT's new molded light guides for LCD-TV backlighting employ the company's patented MicroLens technology to get the most out of today's super-bright high-output LEDs, providing longer life and more robust contrast than CCFL backlights.


Circle no. 19


Alpharetta, GA 770/886-3960 x 23
Booth 1522

Square AMLCDs

IDC has announced the world's first high-performance 2.4 x 2.4-in. 480 x 480 resolution square AMLCD. Applications include avionics, hand-held devices, control panels, and consumer electronics.


Circle no. 20


Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 613/729-0614
Booth 505

Megapixel imaging colorimeter

Instrument Systems announces the first commercially available 11-Mpixel imaging colorimeter for display measurements. By using four filters, the LC4000 delivers luminance and chromaticity results pixel by pixel; a powerful tool for evaluating display uniformity and contrast. Oversampling small display features is necessary for accurate characterization. The added resolution of the LC4000 (3990 x 2660 pixels) permits this over-sampling to take place over a much larger area. User-friendly software facilitates pseudo-color mapping of uniformity and profiles of chromaticity, luminance, or even color difference. Intelligent electronic bracketing combined with autoranging ensures that the brightest and the darkest areas of an image are determined with excellent signal-to-noise; necessary for making accurate high-dynamic-range contrast-ratio measurements.


Circle no. 21


Osaka, Japan +81-6-6659-1575
Booth 620

Microlens arrays

Isuzu Glass Co. is developing microlens arrays (made by a molding method), multifunction colored lenses (made by using color filters), and advanced optical waveguides (made by ion exchange method). Products are all custom made to meet the customer's design and specifications. These products are used for video projectors, medical and defense applications, optical sensing, CCD cameras, communications, as well as other research applications.


Circle no. 22


Hauppauge, NY 631/273-5500
Booth 2319

Display retrofits and upgrades for gaming systems

The advantages of LCD technology over CRTs have been widely accepted across many industries. With years of experience in developing and integrating LCD systems, Jaco can help design the display subassembly for new systems; retrofit CRT units in the field; or significantly improve the optical characteristics of displays, including power conservation, substantial heat reduction, and space efficiency.


Circle no. 23


Irvine, CA 1-800-JAE-PART
Booth 813

Connectors and cable assemblies

JAE Electronics will feature the FI-E Series of connectors and cable assemblies for digital-TV internal wiring. This new series is specifically designed with the electrical and mechanical features necessary to best support transmission of low-voltage differential signaling (LVDS) within digital devices. The FI-E is a robust series that uses a blind mating guide and locking mechanism to ensure complete and secure mating. Its low profile and fine pitch keep the size to a minimum and works with twisted-pair and fine-coax cables. This series is ideal for LCD, plasma, and projection digital TVs, as well as other products utilizing LVDS.


Circle no. 24


Santa Rosa, CA 707/525-7526
Booth 1719

Birefringent contrast enhancer

JDS Uniphase continues its tradition of providing innovative optical components to the display industry with the introduction of the BCE (birefringent contrast enhancer) product. Based on proprietary birefringent film technology, the BCE enables 5–10x contrast improvement with unprecedented uniformity and reliability in LCoS-based projection displays. Tailored to the properties of the LCoS panel, the BCE compensates for subtle polarization artifacts, resulting in optimized system performance and superior picture quality.


Circle no. 25


Pacoima, CA 818/896-0019
Booth 1006

HighNit CCFL assemblies

JKL Components Corp. has introduced new HighNit multi-lamp rails to increase brightness 1.5– 4 times the standard output required for daylight readability. Made as an upgrade backlight for displays used in commercial and industrial applications (e.g., cash registers, kiosks, and merchandise displays), HighNit rails drop in place with no screen modification required. This particular unit (BF22258-25B/Assy/18) upgrades Samsung LTM121SI displays and contains two BF22258-25B CCFLs mounted within a standard formed brass rail with diffuse reflective coating for optimum output. The lamps have diameters of 2.2 mm, lengths of 258 mm, and operate at 535 Vrms. They use a 97,000K RGB phosphor.


Circle no. 26


Kyunggi-do, Korea +82-31-670-5717
Booth 1208 (Korean Pavillion)

Glass caps

KoMiCo will feature Glass Caps used in the encapsulation process of OLED manufacturing. The Glass Caps are made by sand blasting and a wet-etch method. The cavities on the glass are made with high accuracy and reinforce the strength of the caps. Its function is to protect the OLED device from moisture, oxygen, and mechanical shock.


Circle no. 27


Littleton, MA 978/486-0766
Booth 3101

3-D modeling software for backlights

Lambda Research will feature TracePro Expert, a 3-D modeling software that provides a powerful design and analysis capability with algorithms such as RepTile, polarization modeling, thermal variation, and birefringence to analyze both computer LCD monitors and backlight displays. The latest release, TracePro 3.3, features the upgraded RepTile, which can model millions of surface features including those that vary along rows and columns. It is ideal for analyzing and designing the millions of scattering dots or the prismatic brightness-enhancement films used in LCD backlights.


Circle no. 28


Tokyo, Japan +81-3-3370-3666
Booth 1315

VUV-CVD system

LAN Technical Service Co. will feature its Vacuum Ultraviolet Chemical Vapor Deposition System. This photo-chemical vapor-deposition method using vacuum ultraviolet light uses only photon energy to deposit a film by efficiently decomposing a material gas. The VUV-CVD, with low temperature and low damage, is optimum for flat film in the over-coating deposition step of the organic EL manufacturing process.


Circle no. 29


Rehovot, Israel +972-54-633-3513
Booth 1317

Personal displays

Lumus is a provider of ultra-compact see-through personal displays that deliver full color, a wide viewing angle, SVGA resolution, daylight brightness, and a wide eye motion box. The company's Augmented Reality (AR) series displays feature high-brightness full-see-through capabilities in a top-illumination configuration which is particularly suitable for mounting on professional head-gear. Current applications include AR displays for pilots and AR displays for computer-aided mobile maintenance and service. Lumus's patented technology facilitates sophisticated wearable computing gear that delivers the ultimate high-end high-performance viewing for both personal and professional use.

Circle no. 30


Suwon, Korea; +82-31-206-8008
Booth 1109 (Korean Pavillon)

OLED test solutions

McScience provides various OLED test solutions for R&D and industrial production. Polarionix® OLED Test Systems perform OLED lifetime testing, I–V–L measurements, electrical aging of OLED panel or module, leakage current testing, impedance measurement, visual inspection and analysis, pattern generation, OLEDoscope, as well as custom design of various fixtures and test stations.


Circle 31


Holtsville, NY 1-800-739-9063
Booth 307

Ruggedized display shield

Extreme conditions, sudden pounding, vibrations, harsh lighting, and dramatic temperature changes are common in a military ground vehicle. Add to it the more than 1000 lbs. of force of an active soldier's boot pressing, pushing, and repeatedly kicking in the close confines of this hostile environment. The Metavac Ruggedized Display Shield can withstand repeated "Boot Kicks," protecting sensitive flat-panel displays and electronics critical to operations, navigation, and targeting, all while affording the platform the optimum EMI/RFI shielding, transmission in excess of 95%, and reflectance less than 0.5% at up to a 60% viewing angle. This product concept has also been integrated into many other military and commercial platforms requiring the highest optical performance and protection of the sensitive displays and electronics critical to mission success.


Circle no. 32


Auburn, CA 530/888-8344
Booth 400

Display measurement systems

Microvision will demonstrate its latest innovation in automated display testing systems, the SS300X series. Emphasized will be the new Response Time software featuring automatic gray-scale transition-time measurements, improved filtering, and Microvision's exclusive automatic "Playback" filter sequencing. In addition, Microvision will introduce its newest line of automated ISO 13406-2 and TCO '03 test suites. The AISO-2 hardware/software package tests in full accordance to all ISO 13406-2 specifications. New features include shorter test-duration time, additional automation, automatic pass/fail calculations for all criteria, and improved reflectance hardware.

Circle no. 33


Kyunggi-do, Korea; +82-31-273-6892
Booth 1204 (Korean Pavillon)

CCFL backlight unit

New Power Plasma Co. will display its Hg-free single-inverter driving CCFL backlight unit that is 30% less expensive than existing CCFL BLUs. It features a single power supply and inverter, and automatic current-balancing technology. The units meet RoHS regulations. Applications include TFT-LCD TVs (32, 40, an 42 in.).

Circle no. 34


Dresden, Germany +49-351-49776-12
Booth 1010

OLED devices

Novaled will feature a new generation of OLEDs with unsurpassed power efficiency, suitable for video displays and a multitude of lighting applications. The OLED market is expected to unfold over the next years to multibillion-dollar opportunities with flat-panel and lighting applications. Novaled provides technology for making the most power-efficient and easy-to-manufacture OLED devices to display and lighting manufacturers. Its unique doping approach leads to the lowest operating voltage combined with high current efficiencies and great flexibility in OLED design. Novaled set the world record in power efficiency by demonstrating 110 lm/W at 1000 nits for a green-emitting OLED.


Circle no. 35


Thame, Oxon, U.K. +44-(0)-1844-260-377
Booth 3106

Display-enhancement filters

Optical Filters will feature display-enhancement filters that provide solutions for sunlight readability, EMI shielding, ruggedization, control of viewing angle, and thermal management. The ThermoClare range offers a clear transparent heater circuit with a proprietary rugged busbar termination which can be a stand-alone feature or can be incorporated with other display-enhancement features such as EmiClare EMI shielding and sunlight readability. Transparent heaters have a broad range of uses covering commercial and military applications.


Circle no. 36


Plymouth, MI 734/416-8500
Booth 2103

Natural color matrix

Optrex America is offering a series of SVGA and XGA industrial TFT-LCD modules with its unique Natural Color Matrix (NCM) technology for truly accurate color representation, optimum color balance, and superior image quality. NCM provides true color fidelity, allowing users to see the colors as they were truly meant to be seen by the creators of the original image. The customer does not need to do anything to benefit from NCM technology – it is embedded in an ASIC within the display module and works automatically. Optrex is offering industrial TFT-LCD modules with NCM in sizes from 8.4 to 15 in. on the diagonal, with no price increase for this new performance enhancement.


Circle no. 37


Orlando, FL 407/422-3171
Booth 814

Display measurement system

Optronic Laboratories' OL 770-DMS, comprised of the OL 770 High-Speed Test and Measurement System and the new OL 610 CCD Imaging Telescope, offers a complete solution for display-measurement requirements. The OL 770 is available in UV-VIS-NIR wavelength ranges, capable of more than 25 spectral scans per second with an USB interface, and equipped with Windows7-based software, yet is portable and lightweight. The OL 610 has a wavelength range from 360 to 1100 nm. With the OL 770-DMS, accurate color, luminance, and spectral information are rendered instantly at the click of a button. On-screen real-time video shows exactly what is being measured, and an image of the measurement scene can be captured and stored with each spectral scan.


Circle no. 38


Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong +852-2666-2727

Booth 2009

2-D/3-D wide-VGA mobile displays

As users demand more content in mobile devices, advancements in 3-D technology is an exciting development path. Philips's leading-edge 3-D display capabilities creates a big impact by adding an extra dimension that offers consumers a natural 3-D image for photo, video, or games – without compromising contrast or brightness. Philips's 3-D display offers a unique patented slanted lenticular-lens technology that can toggle between 2-D and 3-D on any type of flat-display module. Its auto-stereoscopic display technology can be enjoyed by multiple viewers without restrictions on viewing position or the need for glasses with special lenses to experience the natural 3-D effects.


Circle no. 39


Chatsworth, CA 818/341-5151
Booth 500

Hand-held photometers

Photo Research will have on display its PR-524 photometer that takes hand-held photometer technology to the next level by featuring a touch-screen display, USB interface, BlueTooth® connectivity, and multimedia measurement storage. The standard instrument measures illuminance (fC or lux) and can be equipped with the optional SpotMate attachment which features true Pritchard optics, enabling the PR-524 to make luminance measurements. The sister instrument to the PR-524, the PR-525, makes color and illuminance measurements of incident light. It features four filtered detectors, so color measurements are made in near-real time. Both the PR-524 and PR-525 can be used as a common platform to connect up to 15 remote sensor heads to make direct illuminance and or color uniformity measurements of projected light quick and easy.


Circle no. 40


Tualatin, OR 503/885-8444
Booth 1519

Polarizer lamination and delamination equipment

Pixel Interconnect has introduced larger polarizer lamination and delamination equipment and TAB/ COG/COF/Flex bonders sized for LCDs up to 65 in. and PDPs up to 80 in. on the diagonal. Also added were 45- and 65-in. polarizer/film lamination/ delaminating equipment to the 24- and 36-in. product family. The photograph depicts a 45-in. delaminator removing polarizer film from an LCD. A new family of bonding equipment that can bond any driver to any flat-panel display was also introduced. Available in 25/45/65/80-in. sizes, it is easily expandable in the field.


Circle no. 41


Cambridge, U.K. +44-1223-706000
Booth 309

Flexible plastic backplanes

Plastic Logic is developing licensable manufacturing solutions for printing flexible active-matrix displays. When combined with an electronic-paper imaging film, Plastic Logic's backplane technology enables highly portable, readable, and power-efficient displays. The initial application focus is e-readers (e.g., e-books, e-maps, e-newspapers, etc). This is the first step towards flexible and plastic backplanes for a range of applications and frontplane technologies including LCDs and OLEDs.


Circle no. 42


Cleveland, OH 440/835-8700
Booth 528

Light stability testing for display screens

Natural sunlight, sunlight through glass, and bright indoor light may do damage to screen displays. These changes to the physical properties and appearance cost companies millions of dollars each year. The Q-Sun Xenon Test Chamber is an economical, fast, and easy way to test the light stability of vendor materials, product prototypes, new formulations, and components. The Q-Sun is available in table-top and free-standing sizes, both accommodate three-dimensional parts with ease. A variety of optical filters are available to reproduce daylight, window-glass, and other spectra.


Circle no. 43


Kyunggi-do, Korea; + 82-31-379-7411
Booth 1107 (Korean Pavillion)

In-line FPC autobonding system

SFA Engineering Co. will feature an in-line FPC autobonding system that bonds TCP and FPC film, automatically aligned with a CCD camera, on AC PDP panels with constant pressure and temperature.


Circle no. 44


Millville, NJ 856/825-8900
Booth 311

Anti-reflective display filters

Silver Cloud Manufacturing Co. will feature DURALAN II anti-reflective filters for flat-panel displays used in high-ambient-light environments. These filters are designed to improve the light transmission and enhance contrast of laptop computers and portable hand-held devices used in environments where sunlight or ambient light create a glare. The filters can be designed to include EMI/RFI shielding and ESD protection, making them a good choice for mobile medical systems and other sensitive analytical devices. Filters from the smallest to the largest commercial displays are available in thicknesses from 0.20 to 0.25 in. and sizes up to 22 x 44 in.


Circle no. 45


Fremont, CA 510/743-2888
Booth 713

Electronic paper

SiPix Imaging has created extraordinarily high-performance paper-like electrophoretic displays (EPDs). SiPix electronic paper is thin, light weight, easy to read, durable, and flexible, made possible by its proprietary Microcup® structure which is compatible with all display types and scalable to any size, shape, or color. It is manufactured by the world's first true roll-to-roll process. SiPix's unique product has wide-range applications, including electronic shelf labels (ESLs), smart cards, digital watches/clocks, toys, POP/eSigns, message boards, eReaders (eBooks, eNewspapers), PDAs, mobile phones, consumer devices, etc.

Circle no. 46


Pak Shek Kok, New Territories, Hong Kong +852-2207-1560
Booth 1106

Driver and controller units

Sitronix Technology Corp. will feature the ST7530 series of driver and controller units for STN color displays, which features a shared pixel-rendering display (SPRD) technology for superior display resolution. Compared to conventional STN color panels, products using the ST7530 series can achieve a 2.5 times improvement in display resolution. The LCM in the figure supports 128 x 128 pixels in a 1-in. panel, rather than a 1.5-in. panel using the conventional stripe pattern, so the display quality of the ST7530 series is more sophisticated. The ST7530 series works in main/sub-display of mobile phones, cordless phones, wristwatches, and photo printers.


Circle no. 47


Pak Shek Kok, New Territories, Hong Kong+852-2207-111
Booth 1001

Graphic controller chip

Solomon Systech has developed the SSD1502/ SSD1503, a highly integrated controller solution for Kopin Corp.'s CyberDisplay922k VGA microdisplay, along with the analog driver. It includes the timing control, NTSC/PAL de-interlacing, image processing, buffer control, data transaction units, flexible horizontal and vertical scaling, and three 8-bit DACs. It uses a single 3.3-V power supply that provides a low-power timing-control signal for the analog chip and employs a gated-clock ASIC design that achieves low power. Stereo video, programmable gamma correction, digital BT656, BT601, and interlace or progressive video-input formats are supported. It also includes an I2C (SSD1502) or SPI (SSD1503) interface. Both TQFP and BGA packages are available.


Circle no. 48


Palo Alto, CA 650/962-9111
Booth 614

Anti-reflective film

Southwall Technologies announces a new addition to their anti-reflective product line-up: ARC-GP. This anti-reflective film combines the features of high-quality optically clear PET-based sputter coating known as ARC (Anti-Reflective Clear) with the versatile new gel-polymer adhesive. The gel-polymer adhesive system provides bubble-free self-adhesion and strong bonding while avoiding the complications of laminated solutions. ARC-GP is re-positionable during installation, durable, and highly transparent. ARC-GP film protects the surface of electronic displays as well as enhancing the display performance by improving brightness and reducing reflectance and glare.


Circle no. 49


Santa Clara, CA 408/565-0670
Booth 2307

Piezoelectric micro pumps

Spectra, Inc., provides advanced piezoelectric fluid- dispensing micro pumps that precisely deposit a wide range of fluids in demanding imaging and micro-dispensing applications. Spectra's Materials Deposition Division will exhibit its Apollo II Printhead Support Kit (PSK) and new SX3 piezoelectric micro pump. The Apollo II PSK is a complete self-contained evaluation system to help customers understand the full potential of the product. The SX3, the latest micro pump, is designed specifically for reliable high-precision dispensing of aggressive fluids used in flat-panel-display and other electronic applications.


Circle no. 50


Sunnyvale, CA 408/222-4810
Booth 711

PWM controller IC

The Supertex HV9930 is a variable-frequency PWM controller IC designed to control an LED lamp driver using a low-noise boost-buck topology, which automatically steps up and down the input voltage. The HV9930 uses hysteretic-current mode control to regulate both the input and output currents, enabling fast transient response (required for PWM dimming of the LED current) without the necessity for complex loop compensation. Input current control enables current-limiting during startup and output overload conditions. Capacitive isolation of the boost-buck topology protects the LED Lamp from failure of the switching MOSFET. The HV9930-based LED driver is ideal for LED-lighting or RGB-backlight applications with DC inputs of 8–200 V. The HV9930-based LED Lamp drivers can achieve efficiency in excess of 85%.


Circle no. 51


Phoenix, AZ 602/866-8208 x201
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Mechanical glass singulation tools

TLC's innovative high-accuracy glass-cutting-equipment line has been expanded with the addition of the Summit Gen-5® for larger (40 x 55 in./1000 x 1400 mm) substrate singulation of rectilinear, circular, and curvilinear parts. Building on the success of the Gen-3 TLC Phoenix-600® High-Accuracy Glass Cutter, the space-saving Summit Gen-5® (68 x 94-in./1727 x 2388-mm footprint) has an unobstructed surface for easy integration in fully automated production lines. Sharing similar flexibility, quality, and accuracy as that of the Gen-3 TLC Phoenix-600®, this tool promises to quickly replace bulky, complex, old-technology glass-cutting equipment and provide multifunctionality never before possible in technical glass singulation. The unique TLC rotating cutting head incorporates a CCD camera to provide exact on-stage measurement/inspection and a quick, repeatable targeting system for precise alignment of single sheet or laminate parts. TLC's scribe process is quick, clean, and dry (no contaminating oil or water), and produces clean afterbreak edge quality.


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TAB bonding equipment

Toddco General, manufacturer of TAB bonding equipment, now supports all major brands for flat-panel-display bonding equipment by offering support, training, or upgrades. Revitalize existing equipment to handle today's demands for large panels (up to 65 in.), COG, and improved system reliability with all new control systems, vision, and improved temperature controllers at a fraction of the cost of a new bonder. Toddco also supplies ceramic or metal hotbars with a 1-week delivery time.


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Flat-panel-repair stations

Unitek Eapro's will feature their new Emerald Series flat-panel-display (FPD) repair stations for LCD/PDP repair, designed to handle both TAB and COG applications and can accommodate displays measuring from 3 to 80 in. wide. Available with either pulsed-heat or constant-heat reflow power supplies, systems can be specified to handle either LCDs, PDPs, or both.


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Optical profiler for printed electronics

Veeco Instruments will introduce the NT4800 Optical Profiler for Printed Electronics. The new high-performance optical profiler addresses metrology challenges in the rapidly growing printed-electronics industry, including organic LED (OLED) displays, radio-frequency identification tags (RFID), biosensors, and other flexible-circuit devices. The NT4800 combines high-speed high-resolution optical profiling with large-format staging and is ideal for critical R&D and production metrology applications, such as surface shape and texture measurement. The combination of repeatability, resolution, and range moves new products quickly from development to full-scale production using a single metrology platform. The NT4800 includes Vision software for advanced 2-D and 3-D data analysis and visualization with 200 analysis tools, as well as automated measurement sequences and data logging for real-time process feedback and statistical process control.

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Slanted tailored micro-diffuser

Wavefront Technology (WFT) mass produces roll-to-roll tailored micro-diffusers (TMD) using proprietary low-cost replication methods. In addition to offering the standard circular and elliptical TMDs, WFT introduced the slanted tailored micro-diffuser (STMD). The STMD performs by utilizing input light on-axis and outputs the light at a predetermined off-axis angle. The STMD is available as a custom product to meet the ever-changing requirements of customers. WFT also offers roll to roll or large-flat-panel replication of micro-structured optical films containing prismatic, diffractive, microlens, or moth-eye features.


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Wintek Electro-Optics will introduce its newly developed RIASLD 2.2-in. QVGA 262k-color a-Si TFT-LCD. The company has made an a-Si TFT-LCD panel with a Reliable Integrated a-Si Select Line Driver (RIASLD) using a standard five-mask process. For a RIASLD-on-glass substrate, it would be simple to extend the resolution limit of the integrated select line driver to a much higher dpi if both sides of the display were used. These products are ideal for PDA and Gen 3 mobile-phone moving-image applications.

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Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. +886-2-29-188512
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Piezo inverter

Zippy Technology will feature its Piezo inverter and green power (>85% efficiency and <1 W stand-by) solution for LCD TV and high-brightness applications.


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Projected capacitive technology

Zytronics will be globally launching ZYPOS7 at SID 2005, its latest projected capacitive technology (PCT) product. Developed specifically for POS, gaming, and in-vehicle systems, ZYPOS is competitively priced, easy to integrate, and offers users a highly durable, reliable non-surface active touch-screen solution and, ultimately, will bring PCT to the mass markets.


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