The following papers appear in the April 2012 (Vol. 20/4) issue of JSID
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A low-cost low-temperature thin-film-transistor backplane based on oxide semiconductor
Linfeng Lan, Nana Xiong, Peng Xiao, Wen Shi, Miao Xu, Wei Xu, Rihui Yao, and Junbiao Peng, South China University of Technology, China

Special Section on Cognitive Engineering and Interactive Displays


Tracking, recognition, and distance detection of hand gestures for a 3-D interactive display
Tzu-Fan Huang, Paul C.-P. Chao, and Yung-Yuan Kao, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan

Luminance effects influencing perception of 3-D TV imagery
Pei-Chia Wang, Sheue-Ling Hwang, and Kuan-Yu Chen, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan; Chin-Sen Chen, ITRI, Taiwan

Cognitive engineering, cognitive augmentation, and information display
Robert Earl Patterson, Air Force Research Laboratory, USA

Contributed Papers

Display Imaging (Color)

Non-metamerism of boundary colors in multi-primary displays
Paul Centore, Croton, CT USA

3-D Displays and Systems

Resolution enhancement of integral-imaging three-dimensional display using directional elemental image projection

Md. Ashraful Alam, Munkh-Uchral Erdenebat, Nam Kim, and Jae-Hyeung Park, Chungbuk National University, Korea; Ganbat Baasantseren, National University of Mongolia, Mongolia

Analysis of longitudinal viewing freedom of reduced-view super multi-view display and increased longitudinal viewing freedom using eye-tracking technique
Junya Nakamura, Taichi Takahashi, Chih-Wei Chen, Yi-Pai Huang, and Yasuhiro Takaki, Tokyo Institute of Agriculture and Technology, Japan