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Table of Contents

2 Editorial
Radical Thoughts

- Ken Werner

4 The Display Continuum 

The End of an Era ... 

- Aris Silzars

14 Inteifacing High-Resolution LCDs

The growing use of high-resolution LCDs is adding urgency to the search for better interfacing solutions and standards.

 - Mark Waring

20 Lithography for FED Production
Photolithography is often cited as the cause of high FED manufacturing costs, but "simpler" lithographic techniques require some genuine breakthroughs.

- Mark Lucas

26 Big Screens at Display Works 97
The show at Display Works was larger this year and leaned more toward manufacturing, but many of the displays that did appear on the

floor were BIG.

- Alan Sobel

32 Dramatic Industry Growth Predicted at Display Works 97
Houses were sliding down northern California~ muddy hills as a 6-year drought ended with a vengeance, but in the San Jose Convention Center all predicted movements were up.

- Ken Werner

40 Phosphors for Next-Generation Displays
FEDs, PDPs, CRTs, and EL all depend on phosphors- and the ones we have now are often not good enough.

- William K. Bohannon

51 SID '97 Exhibitors

52 Products on Display
Some of the products on display at SID's largest exhibition ever are previewed. 

85 Letter

90 calendar 

90 SID News

90 calendar 

90 sid news

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