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Table of Contents

2 Editorial

Shootout at the SID Corral 

- Ken Werner

4 The Display Continuum 

Illusory 3-D Illusions

- Aris Silzars 

14 Photocathode Displays
Marrying an inexpensive monochrome display to a photocathode image intensifier/color  converter provides all the benefits of an FED without any of the problems.

 - Brad Culkin 

20 Where Do the Different MPEG Standards Fit?

MPEG-2 provides bigger, higher-definition images than MPEG-1, so MPEG-1 is obsolete, right? Wrong.

 - Pier L. Del Frate 

26 Euro-Monitors Are Hot in Hannover

Europeans can't agree on a common currency, but they like to see "Made in Europe" on their monitors - and they are intrigued when those monitors are flat.

 - Bryan Norris 

32 Scanning Laser Projectors

Why do scanning laser projectors look better than the measurements say they should?

 - William K. Bohannon 

43 Industry Directory

ID's eleventh annual directory of the display industry

 - Editorial Staff 

94 SID News

95 Letters to the Editor 

99 Calendar

104 Sustaining Member

104 Index to Advertisers