HDTV Education for Consumers Should Be As Clear As the Pictures They Offer
Stephen P. Atwood

Guest Editorial

Excitement Builds As AMOLEDs Continue to Mature
Julie J. Brown

Industry News

Sony Unveils 11- and 27-in. OLED-TV Prototypes; Commercialization Appears to Be At Least 2 years Away
Michael Morgenthal

The Business of Displays

The Digital-Video-Interface Standards Disaster
Bob O'Donnell

Challenges for Small- and Medium-Sized AMOLED Displays

Many issues stand in the way of the mass production of AMOLED displays, which includes front-of-screen (FOS) performance, infrastructure cost, and production-yield control. Here, solutions to several of these problems are proposed, including methods for realizing higher performance with excellent FOS performance, how to reduce fabrication cost, and how to increase yield.
Du-Zen PengHsiang-Lun HsuRyuji Nishikawa

Carbon-Nanotube Transparent Electrodes for Flexible Displays

The search for the ideal transparent electrode for flexible displays in lieu of the brittle and expensive indium tin oxide (ITO) electrode continues. Single-wall carbon-nanotube (SWNT) coatings, especially on plastic films, are a viable alternative to ITO for flexible-display applications, offering superior durability and flexibility, ease of processing (wet coating and patterning), low reflectance, and neutral color.
Jorma PeltolaC. WeeksI. A. LevitskyD. A. BritzP. GlatkowskiM. TrottierT. Huang

Phosphorescent White OLEDs: Lighting the Way

As the sizes of flat-panel TVs continue to increase, the amount of power required to light them also increases. However, white organic light-emitting-device (WOLED TM) technology holds the promise of a low-power lighting source for flat-panel TVs, along with other solid-state-lighting applications.
Brian D'AndradeJ-Y. TsaiChun LinPeter B. MackenzieMichael S. Weaver

Journal of the SID Preview

The papers appearing in the February 2007 issue of the Journal of the SID are previewed.
Aris Silzars

SID News

Big Displays 2007 Business Conference to Explore the Commercial Future of Large Electronic Displays and Digital-Signage Networks
Tony Lowe