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Welcome to Display Week
By Stephen P. Atwood

Industry News
Panasonic Ships Final Plasma TVs
By Jenny Donelan

President's Corner
Changing Times
By Brian Berkeley

Guest Editorial
What's Up with Wearables?
By Xiao-Yang Huang

2014 SID Display Industry Award Winners
Once again, The Society for Information Displayís Display Industry Awards Committee has selected six award winners that have advanced the state of the art of display products and technology in the categories of Display of the Year, Display Component of the Year, and Display Application of the Year.
By Jenny Donelan

Frontline Technology: Augmented Edge Enhancement on Google Glass for Vision-Impaired Users
Google Glass provides a unique platform that can be easily extended to become a vision-enhancement tool for people with impaired vision. The authors have implemented augmented vision on Glass that places enhanced edge information over a wearer's real-world view.
By Alex D. Hwang and Eli Peli

Enabling Technology: New Shoes? No Problem. Creating Dynamic Fashion with Wearable Displays
A research team used an e-Paper display to create a color and pattern-changing shoe.
By Wallen Mphepˆ, Jiaqi Gao, Miao Li, Justin Wang, Mega Mengmeng, Tian Dan, Hanson Zhao, Guilan Yang, Yirui Liu, and YinLei Liu

Enabling Technology: The Virtues of Quantum Dots
When used in conjunction with LED backlighting, quantum dot technology can make LCD performance meet or exceed that of OLED displays.
By Seth Coe-Sullivan

Venture Capital: From Idea to Enterprise - Technology Transfer Tips for Academics
The earlier articles in this series described the fundamental aspects of building a venture: people, funding, and monetization. While this information is useful for all aspiring entrepreneurial technologists, this fifth and final article in this series is devoted to the specific demographic of university researchers.
By Helge Seetzen and Lorne Whitehead

Display Marketplace: Tablet PC and Smartphone Displays Converge
The range between 5- and 9-in. screen sizes is emerging as the ìsweet spotî for high-volume mobile devices. At the same time, display resolutions will continue to increase rapidly, with the mainstream pixel density for mobile phones moving above 300 ppi (pixels per inch) and above 200 ppi for tablet PCs. These trends provide significant opportunities for makers of small-to-medium high-resolution displays.
By Paul Semenza

Products on Display at Display Week 2014
Some of the products on display at North Americaís largest electronic information-display exhibition are previewed.
By Editorial Staff

SID News: Winning Journal of the SID Outstanding Student Paper Describes Novel Multi-Color Reflective Display
By Ken Werner