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Table of Contents

2 Editorial
Lessons from Black Friday

 - Ken Werner

4 The Display Continuum
The Street of Dreams ...

- Aris Silzars

10 Thick Dielectrics Give EL a New Spin

Screen-printable high-k materials enable economical and high-performance electroluminescent structures.

- Don Carkner

14 Small Is Hot

If people thought very small displays could be the long-awaited "leapfrog technology," wouldn't they be excited? They are.

 - Susan S. Eustes

18 Italian Economy Cloudy; SMAU Sunny
The sun shone on Milan, SMAU, and an IT market that was booming despite an unsettled forecast for the Italian economy
as a whole.

- Bryan Norris

24 The Lisbon Seminar

Following EuroDisplay, an intimate LCD seminar with a regional mission attracted an international delegation and well-known invited speakers.

 - Ken Werner

28 In Conjunction with EuroDisplay, EID Does Even Better
A show with many displays that are made elsewhere also celebrates British skill at display customization and systems

- Bryan Norris

34 Data Bank: FPD Manufacturing Program Status

39 Industry News

41 SID '97 Hotel Information

44 Sustaining Members

44 Index to Advertisers