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Hunting for Displays at PC Expo
By Kenneth I. Werner

The Display Continuum
Choices Are Good ...
By Aris Silzars

OLEDs, OLEDs, Everywhere . . .
It was impossible to ignore the profusion of OLED prototypes at SID 2002, but they were not the only technology providing the heat that kept the show on the boil.
By Ken Werner

LCDs: The 800-pound Gorilla
Except for television, LCDs now represent the world's dominant display technology, and they are produced in many variations designed to satisfy an astounding array of applications.
By Alfred Poor

Emissives Shine at SID 2002
A stroll across the SID 2002 exhibit floor showed PDPs getting bigger, OLEDs getting ready for prime time, and a few novel display technologies nibbling around the edges.
By David Lieberman

Microdisplays at SID 2002: Cautious Optimism
Momentum seems to have shifted from LCoS to DMD microdisplays, but interesting LCoS initiatives were on exhibit at SID 2002 - and everybody is waiting for the high definition revolution to hit the U.S. TV market.
By Stephen P. Atwood

The Stuff of Which Displays Are Made
Components, equipment, and materials were all over the show floor at SID 2002, reflecting- and perhaps predicting - the changes in display technologies and products.
By Pat Dunn

Display Electronics Front and Center
At SID 2002, manufacturers introduced major new display-oriented chips, boards, development platforms, and software - and one promised major shifts in display-system partitioning.
By Ken Werner

Expert Opinion ï Growing Up Too Fast?
A casual stroll around the SID exhibition floor is becoming a thing of the past: There is too much to see that is new and interesting, and I am only referring to OLED displays.
By Stewart Hough

Expert Opinion ï LCDs: Consolidation and Expansion
LCD technology is expanding in all directions, from the smallest displays to largescreen direct- view TVs, and is experiencing a size upgrade every year as it prepares for a major territorial break.
By Jun Hyung Souk

SID 2002 Honors and Awards
Robert W. G. Hunt was awarded the Gutenberg Prize for work on color image-reproduction techniques, and Alan Sobel received the Lewis and Beatrice Winner Award for longtime service to the Society.
By Stephen P. Atwood

OLEDs vs. AMLCDs: Do OLEDs Have a Chance?
There was general agreement at the Tuesday Evening Panel that OLEDs will find niches to dominate, but will they displace AMLCDs in laptops, monitors, and television?
By Joe Hallet

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Back from the Candy Store
By David Liebennan

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