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Beginning to See the Light (Field) 
By Stephen P. Atwood

Industry News
By Jenny Donelan

Guest Editorial
Solving the Rendering Puzzle
By Nikhil Balram

Frontline Technology: Light-Field Displays and Extreme Multiview Rendering
Light-field displays have moved beyond the realm of science fiction, with prototypes now existing in the real world. Light-field computation, however, is the barrier to deployment. The sheer number of pixels required to produce high-fidelity light-field content at a reasonable cost represents a daunting though not unsolvable problem.
By Thomas Burnett

Frontline Technology: Foveated Pipeline for AR/VR Head-Mounted Displays
In order to deliver a great visual experience with standalone augmented-reality or virtual-reality head-mounted displays (HMDs), the traditional display rendering pipeline needs to be re-thought to best leverage the unique attributes of human visual perception and the features available in a rendering ecosystem. The foveation pipeline introduced in this article considers a full integration of techniques, including content creation, processing, transmission, and reconstruction on the display.
By Behnam Bastani, Eric Turner, Carlin Vieri, Haomiao Jiang, Brian Funt, and Nikhil Balram

Show Review: Recent Developments in Virtual-Reality and Augmented-Reality Technologies
Along with many advances in VR/AR technology, many challenges remain. This is therefore an exciting time for the display industry and its engineers. In this article, we present a summary of the select new developments reported at Display Week.
By Achintya K. Bhowmik

Business of Displays: Q&A with Edward Tang, Co-Founder and CTO of Avegant
By Jenny Donelan

Display Marketplace: Stretchable and Conformable Electronics: Heading Toward Market Reality
Stretchable and conformal electronics are more than just novelties. This article describes how many of the simpler and less glamorous aspects of stretchable and conformable devices have already been commercialized or are very close to being commercialized.
By Khasha Ghaffarzadeh and James Hayward

SID News: Best Student Paper