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Mining the Vast Wealth of Display Week
By Stephen P. Atwood

Industry News
By Jenny Donelan

President's Corner
Serving the Society in an Ever-Changing Landscape
By Yong-Seog Kim

Show Review: Best-in-Show Winners
The Society for Information Display honored five exhibiting companies at Display Week 2016 in San Francisco last May. These companies were LG Display, Asahi Glass Co., E Ink Corp., DigiLens, and MY Polymers.
By Jenny Donelan

Show Review: nVerpix Takes Best Prototype Honors in the I-Zone
Display Weekís Innovation Zone continues to provide an inside look at up-and-coming display technology.
By Steve Sechrist

Show Review: Enter the Feature-Driven Market
Faced with a consumer market that is reasonably content with current-sized panels and accustomed to ever-lowering prices, TV manufacturers are looking toward specialized features to drive sales ñ and profits ñ upward.
By Steve Sechrist

Show Review: Four Materials Stories from Display Week 2016
The show in San Francisco highlighted intriguing advances in the areas of electrophoretic displays, OLED materials and processing, quantum dots, and glass.
By Ken Werner

Show Review: Better Form, Lower Power
Display Week 2016 offered an inside look at the state of the art for mobile and wearable displays.
By Jyrki Kimmel

Show Review: Advances in Augmented- and Virtual-Reality Technologies and Applications
The first wave of AR and VR devices has reached the marketplace, but much work needs to be done in order to provide immersive and life-like experiences to mainstream users.
ByAchin Bhowmik

Display Marketplace: Flexible Displays Require Flexible Electronics
Display Week 2016 provided numerous examples of advancements in flexible-display technologies. But even though flexible displays are now in production, they are used in fixed formats encased in rigid packaging, so users have not experienced the actual physical flexibility. In order for truly flexible displays to emerge, flexibility of the electronics is required, beyond the backplane and display driver electronics. Clues to such developments could be found in many presentations at the annual event.
By Paul Semenza

Frontline Technology: Bulk-Accumulation Oxide-TFT Backplane Technology for Flexible and Rollable AMOLED Displays: Part II
In the second of a two-part series on a new backplane technology for flexible and rollable AMOLED displays, the author describes a system built on a bulk-accumulation (BA) amorphous indium-gallium-zinc-oxide (a-IGZO) TFT.
By Jin Jang

SID News: SID Honors and Awards Nominations Procedure