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LEDs impose limits on fiber optic bandwidths
Fiber optics are today replacing coaxial and electronic cables used in computers and display systems. The limitations that LEDs can have on the optical fiber bandwidth are detailed in this article, with possible solutions for the designer to consider.
By Ronald Ohlhaber and Ted U/ijasz, Belden Electronic Wire and Cable. Geneva. IL.

Bubbles, chips, lasers provide increased information storage
Several rapidly evolving technologies in storage/memory devices are currently poised to compete with conventional magnetic disk drivesmagnetic
bubble memories (MBMs), semi-conductor memories (SCMs), and optical storage devices (OSDs). This article provides an overview of these systems and examines the technologies behind three of the most promising alternatives to conventional magnetic disk drives.
Based on a report by Frost & Sullivan, New York, NY.

3-D display system permits viewing without glasses
Realistic 3-D binocular viewing of computer-generated images, standard bandwidth TV broadcasts, or conventional motion pictures-without need for special glasses-is possible using a translating projector and solid state spatial light modulators.
By Robert B. Co/lender, 3-D Vision Co., Glendale, CA.

SID '86 highlights explosive growth in display field
Although small by convention standards, this year's SID International Symposium and Exhibition is by far the largest yet: 107 technical papers in 23 sessions: 16 tutorials in eight seminars: 3 panel sessions: and 70 exhibitors.