As Easy as L-C-D
By Stephen P. Atwood

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The Power of Nowcasting

The Business of Displays

The Power of Nowcasting
By Alfred Poor

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Obtaining and Enforcing Patents: New Standards for Patentability of Inventions
By Clark A. Jablon, Esq.

Evolution in LTPS AMLCD Manufacturing via Advances in Laser Crystallization Techniques and Systems

Substantial R&D activities are presently under way toward the development of advanced pulsed-laser-based production tools and processes that can enable sophisticated yet effective crystallization of Si films for manufacturing advanced AMLCDs that utilize poly-Si films. Implementation of such techniques in volume production, which has actually already begun, is poised to potentially permit LTPS AMLCD technology to pursue a more aggressive product and manufacturing roadmap.
By James S. Im, A. B. Limanov, P. C. van der Wilt, U. J. Chung, and A. M. Chitu

Fast-Switching Liquid-Crystal Effects for Displays

A fast liquid-crystal response time is needed in order to reduce motion blur, to allow field-sequential color, to improve low-temperature operation, and for use in some stereoscopic displays. A review of the factors that control the response time in nematic LCDs is presented.
By Philip J. Bos

Nanoparticles and LCDs: It's a Surprising World

Doping nanoparticles into LCD host media induces the modification of almost all the physical properties of liquid crystal, causing a reduction of both the operating voltage and the response time. These techniques may be an alternative approach for improving the properties of liquid crystal other than chemical synthesis.
By Shunsuke Kobayashi and Naoki Toshima

Rapid Progress in High-Brightness LEDs for Projection

The increase in the brightness of microdisplay-projection LED light engines has significantly accelerated during the past 3 years, to a level beyond many industry expectations. This acceleration has enabled the emergence of LED projection TVs. Here, we review the progress made with LEDs for projection applications and the products being enabled. Design considerations for LED-based light engines are discussed, and an outlook for further brightness improvements and new products is presented.
By Christian Hoepfner

Journal of the SID Preview

Papers appearing in the September 2007 issue of the Journal of the SID are previewed.
By Aris Silzars

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