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Table of Contents

2 Editorial

The Third of July

- Ken Werner 

4 The Display Continuum

Bump... Oh, Excuse Me. Thump... Whoops. Crash!...

 - Aris Silzars 

12 SID '97: Exciting Circus in a Big Tent

Through the lens of SID '97, the shape of the display world was changing once again - and "this kind of growth supports diversity."

 - Ken Werner

16 CRTs, PEDs, and the Pieces Thereof

On the 1OOth anniversary of the CRT, medical monitors push the CRT envelope while Philips flattens it and Motorola prepares to burst out of the FED closet.

 - Joe Hallet

20 Liquid-Crystal Displays
There were so many LCD varieties at SID '97 that it's hard to view them all as part of a single technology.

 - Ken Werner

26 Displays for Network Appliances

Flat-panel promotion resembles that for American cars of the late 1950s- "longer, lower, wider"- but a contrarian movement is pushing smaller and dense 1:

- Charles W McLaughlin

34 FPD Manufacturing Equipment and Materials
 A record number of equipment and materials vendors guessed that SID '97 would be a lively place to display their new wares. They were right.

 - Ross Young 

40 Emissive Displays

Forty-inch PDPs, EL displays, and FEDs proliferated, while the molecular glow of organics could be seen in the wings

 - Ken Werner 

42 Calendar

5O Letters to the Editor

52 New Products

55 SID Honors and Awards 56 Sustaining Members

56 Index to Advertisers