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Signal mixing enhances 3-D imaging procedure
By combining parallax information from two vertically displaced cameras into a single video signal, researchers recently successfully produced 3-D presentations of video images and computer-generated graphics that can be scaled accurately in all three dimensions and can be viewed directly without use of special glasses or monitors.
By A.F. McLaurin, E.R. Jones, and LeConte Cathey, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC.

Interlacing eliminates CRT perceptible flicker
Recent experiments by researchers have shown that perceptible flicker in advanced video displays - especially those employing black-on-white images - can be completely eliminated by applying conventional frame interlacing.
By Christopher W. Tyler, Smith-Kettlewell Institute for Visual Sciences, San Francisco, CA.

Network links PCs to wide range of systems, devices
Small to moderate-sized PC clusters can now be economically integrated with minicomputers and mainframes into a comprehensive information network using a newly developed virtual network system.