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Hi-res color CRT meets stringent avionic requirements
Display engineers at AEG, using new fabricating methods and new materials, have successfully developed a 5" x 5" high-resolution, full-color CRT display that meets the stringent in-flight requirements for resolution, luminance, and contrast.
By Helmut Seifert, AEG, Professional Tubes Div., Ulm, West Germany.

New-generation color displays scheduled for flight control system
Currently under development, the new Advanced Automation System (AAS) for Air Traffic Control includes a totally new high-resolution, high availability color CRT that can display flight data for all flights within a given sector of airspace.
By Valerio R. Hunt, Federal Aviation Administration, Washington, DC.

LC shutter glasses provide 3-D display for simulated flight
In studies being conducted under a NASA-funded program, researchers at the NASA Langley Research Center (Hampton. VA) are evaluating a liquid crystal shuttered-glasses system to generate a cockpit display containing 3-D pictorial symbology.
By Timothy L. Turner, Research Technology Institute, Research Triangle Park, NC; and Richard F. Hellbaum, NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, VA.

DIALOGUE Spatial misorientation exacerbated by collimated virtual flight display
The problems and potential solutions associated with flight attitude awareness have received much experimental study in flight simulators. A solution to assure correct roll and pitch response, in all circumstances, is proposed in which display symbology is seen as the moving "figure" against the fixed "background" of the external world.
By Stanley N. Roscoe, Professor, Psychology Dept., New Mexico State University.

Miniature, lightweight hi-res CRT display features remote drive
A 1-in. dia. high-resolution CRT display gives 800 TV lines per picture height at the screen center. With a circular active phosphor area of 20 mm diameter, the device displays a complete 4:3 aspect ratio picture having minimum dimensions of 16 mm x 12 mm.
By EEV Inc., Elmsford, NY.