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Graphics imager allows check of designs-in-progress
Combining a laser-writing device with a liquid crystal cell, a California company has developed a graphic imaging system that enables designers to call up computer-generated images directly from their workstations, check the design-in-progress, and resume their work without interrupting the design process.
By Greyhawk Systems Inc., Milpitas, CA.

Determining CRT resolution-(Continued from ID, June 1986)
System resolution performance in today's medical imaging and display equipment is not a simple thing to determine since the sum of the component performances must be considered: the display, the video camera, and the video processing.
By John Harshbarger, President, Visual Information Institute Inc., Xenia, OH.

Continuous ink-jet produces true color halftone images
Controlling the number of ink drops deposited in each pixel has enabled a group of researchers at Lund Institute of Technology to plot with an ink jet plotter true color halftone images having a variation of color density approaching high quality offset prints.
By Prof C. Hellmuth Hertz, Dept. of Electrical Measurements, Lund Institute of Technology, Lund, Sweden.

P-shaped polymer forms ink-jet nozzles in ceramic
In an effort to cut costs of constructing multi-nozzle ink-jet heads and to lower drive voltages, while at the same time producing precision ink passages and ejection nozzles, Japanese researchers used pre-shaped space-forming polymer sheets to create nozzle openings directly in piezoelectric ceramic sandwiches.
By Michihisa Suga and others, NEC Corp., Kawasaki, Japan.

Advances in printer technology cited in creating new award
Outstanding contributions to the advancement of printer technology will be honored annually by SID through presentation of The Johann Gutenberg Prize - the newest in a number of prestigious awards that the Society bestows upon distinguished professionals in the display community.