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Generations of Innovation
By Stephen P. Atwood

Industry News
By Jenny Donelan

Guest Editorial
The Race for Dominance: OLED or LCOS Microdisplays in Augmented and Virtual Reality
By Seth Coe-Sullivan

2018 Honors and Awards: SID Salutes Display Industry Standouts
This year's winners of the Society for Information Displayís Honors and Awards include Hidefumi Yoshida, who will receive the Karl Ferdinand Braun Prize; Pochi Yeh, who has earned the Jan Rajchman Prize; Sang Wan Lee, who will receive the inaugural David Sarnoff Industrial Achievement Prize; Vladimir Chigrinov, who has earned the Slottow-Owaki Prize; and Seth Coe-Sullivan, who will receive the Peter Brody Prize.
By Jenny Donelan

Display Marketplace: LCOS and AR/VR
Companies are delivering different renditions of augmented-reality and virtual-reality (AR and VR) products to the market. All these products have different specifications and applications. This article will discuss the differences between AR and VR, and how liquid-crystal-on-silicon (LCOS) microdisplays can play an important role in making these applications more viable.
By Po King Li

AR/VR Outlook: OLED Displays and the Immersive Experience
After generating much initial excitement over the past several years, AR/VR technology has hit some recent roadblocks. New applications, facilitated by OLEDs, could jump-start this technology yet again.
By Barry Young

Symposium Preview: Looking Forward to the 2018 Display Week Technical Program
This year's technical program shines a spotlight on AR/VR, microLEDs, and wearables ñ the hottest topics in the display industry right now. But there is so much more to discover ñ amazingly efficient OLEDs, state-of-the-art automotive displays, ultra-high resolutions. Read this handy preview to find out which papers belong to that absolutely can't-miss category.
By Jenny Donelan

Show Review: Five Short Display Stories from CES 2018
OLEDs, car cockpits, quantum dots, and really big TVs were all part of the narrative at this yearís Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
By Ken Werner

Business of Displays: Q&A with Jasper Display

SID News: 50th Anniversary of the LCD