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CRT displays full-color 3-D images
A single CRT display generates true stereoscopic images in full color that can be viewed in 3-D using only a pair of simple polarized eyeglasses.
By Tektronix, Beaverton, OR.

Shadow-mask CRTs meet military color-display needs
A military display system employing a Precision-In-Line (PIL) gun, shadow-mask CRT with permanent self-convergence alignment provides a wide range of colors, 2-to-1 high-voltage range, and rapid switching speeds required for high resolution graphic displays.
By Stanley W. Roth. Sr. Research Engineer, Hartman Systems, Huntington Station, NY.

Software emulates avionic displays and environment
A 10-module software tool, used with an Apple II microcomputer, enables avionic display designers to visually inspect alternative displays under simulated conditions, thus allowing the optimum design to be selected prior to prototype production.
By John Laycock. Royal Aircraft Establishment.
Farnborough. Hants. UK.

Requirements for electronic scanning of drawings
Although setting the scanning pixel size to twice the minimum line width found in engineering drawings will yield good image resolution for a fixed threshold binarization, equivalent results have been obtained by scanning drawings at lower resolution (larger pixel size) and using an adaptive threshold binarization that operates on local areas.
By Thomas J. Bilotta and John J. Lumia, EIKONIX Corp., Bedford, MA.

Proposed Bylaws Amendments
In accordance with Article 13--AMENDMENTS. Society for Information Display Bylaws (as of 1 June 1983, SID Directory 1984/85), the SID Secretary hereby submits the proposed amendments, together with the review committee recommendations for approval by majority vote of all members in good standing, concurrent with the next ballot.



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