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A Bright Future Is Coming
By Stephen P. Atwood

Industry News
AMA Report Stirs LED Lighting Controversy
By Jenny Donelan

Guest Editorial
Emissive Displays Rise and Fall ñ and Rise Again
By Qun (Frank) Yan

Frontline Technology: Quantum-Dot and Quantum-Rod Displays — the Next Big Wave
Photoluminescent and electroluminescent quantum dots and quantum rods are the subject of rapidly expanding research efforts. These materials possess performance benefits ñ particularly in the areas of luminescence and color ñ that the authors believe will reshape the display industry as we know it.
By Kai Wang and Xiao Wei Sun

Frontline Technology: Micro-LED Technologies and Applications
LEDs offer extraordinary luminance, efficiency, and color quality, but to date are largely used in displays as backlights or packaged pixel elements in large-area LED billboard displays. Building high-performance emissive displays in a smaller form factor requires a new micro-LED technology separate from what is used for large LED billboards. Several approaches have been proposed to isolate micro-LED elements and integrate these micro-LEDs into active-matrix arrays. Technologies that use micro-LEDs offer the potential for significantly increased luminance and efficiency, unlocking new possibilities in high dynamic range, augmented/mixed reality, projection, and non-display light-engine applications.
By Vincent W. Lee, Nancy Twu, and Ioannis Kymissis

Frontline Technology: Next-Generation Metrology Facilitates Next-Generation Displays
Impressive advances in production technology have created high-density displays operating over wide color gamuts, but what is built must be tested, and improved production requires improved metrology. Color presents a particularly challenging metrology problem because even high-quality color cameras are not traceable to spectral standards. Spectrometers provide accurate color information but without the spatial resolution required to faithfully capture display color quality. As described in this article, the authorís team assembled an instrument that combines the strengths of both spectrometers and high-quality cameras to provide rapid and reliable metrology for color displays.
By Peter Notermans and Nathan Cohen

Market Insights: ID Interviews Andreas Haldi, CMO of CYNORA GmbH
ID magazine recently had the opportunity to talk with Andreas Haldi, the newly appointed Chief Marketing Officer for CYNORA GmbH which develops blue OLED emitters based on thermally activated delayed fluorescent (TADF) technology. Haldi has worked with OLEDs on three continents. A native of Switzerland, he earned his M.S. degree from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Z¸rich, then wrote his Masterís thesis at the Optical Sciences Center at the University of Arizona before going on to earn his Ph.D. in electrical engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Haldi began his professional life with OLED developer Novaled in Dresden, Germany, eventually moving to Seoul to open a Korea-based office for Novaled. Last August, he joined CYNORA to lead promotion and sales activities. CYNORA was founded in 2008 and is based in Bruchsal, Germany.
By Jenny Donelan

SID News
Vehicle Displays Symposium

Product News
Smartphone Displays Get Better and Better