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Table of Contents

2 Guest Editorial

The Emperor and His Flat-Panel Displays

- Tom Holzel

4 The Display Continuum
An Encounter in the Audio Twilight Zone ...

- Aris Silzars

10 Advanced Information Displays for the 21st-Century Warrior
Most display integrators don't have to worry about how their systems
will perform while someone is trying to destroy them, or how users
can quickly obtain information from a display while under extreme
psychological stress. The U.S. Army does.

- Hem y J. Girolamo, Clarence E. Rash, and Thomas D. Gilroy

18 Optical Engineering for Display Systems
Adding an optical engineer to the design team can reduce the cost
and improve the performance of a display-dependent product - and
differentiate the product from its competitors.

 - Kevin Garcia

22 FED Phosphors: Low or High Voltage?
Viewability depends on display brightness, and low-voltage phosphors
simply don't have the luminous efficiency to be bright enough

- Ronald 0. Petersen

26 Participants at CIC 4 Share Achievements and Disappointments
Halfway into their journey of a thousand miles, color engineers find
that they have succeeded brilliantly ... but that the ultimate goal
keeps receding.

  - Ken Werner

34 SID Symposium Returns to Boston for '97
The 1997 edition of the world's leading display conference and show
celebrates the 1OOth anniversary of the CRT, the 25th anniversary of
the AMLCD, and the latest innovations in display technology.

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39 SID ' 97 Exhibition Preview

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