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A Plea for Clarity
By Stephen P. Atwood

Industry News

New Color LCD Monitors and 3-D Textures Applications
By Jenny Donelan

Guest Editorial

Next-Wave LCD Technology
By Shin-Tson Wu

President's Corner

California Is at It Again
By Paul Drzaic

Frontline Technology: Blue Phases for LCDs Based on Isotropic-to-Anisotropic Transitions

Novel LCD materials with fast response times and no requirement for alignment by rubbing have recently been developed. The polymer-stabilized blue phases, which exhibit electric-field-induced transitions from an optically isotropic state to an anisotropic one, boost the response speed of electro-optic switching without surface treatment.
By Hirotsugu Kikuchi

Frontline Technology: Emerging LCDs Based on the Kerr Effect

Through refinement of materials and fabrication conditions, a reflective display with reduced flicker and image sticking at low frame rates was produced. The display consumes very little power and works in a wide range of temperatures, making it a potential platform for future mobile devices.
By Linghu Rao, Zhibing Ge, Sebastian Gauza, Shin-Tson Wu, and Seung Hee Lee

Making Displays Work for You: Adaptive Backlight Dimming for LCD Systems

Dimming technology has evolved dramatically over the last several years and is now enabling innovations in many LCD-based products such as TVs and monitors, which must continue to improve in terms of picture quality and energy efficiency while remaining cost effective. Although dimming is valuable for both CCFL and LED backlighting applications, it can be used most effectively with LED light sources. This article also discusses some innovative edge-lighting dimming solutions.
By Pierre de Greef, Hendriek Groot Hulze, and Jurgen Hoppenbrouwers

Display Marketplace: LCD-TV Makers Go Thin and Green to Generate New Growth

LCD manufacturers are looking beyond pricing and volume to gain market share. Those that take the lead will do so by developing and optimizing slimmer, more energy-efficient models.
By Sweta Dash

Enabling Technology: The Surprising Success of Netbooks

With smartphones getting smarter, e-readers on the upswing, and laptops growing ever-more powerful, can the market really support a device bigger than a PDA but smaller and less powerful than a typical notebook? The answer is yes, and display and PC makers alike have been happy to meet the growing demand for netbooks.
By Jenny Donelan

SID News

EuroDisplay 2009 Review
By Jyrki Kimmel

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