Products on Display at Display Week 2015

Products on Display at Display Week 2015

Some of the products on display at North America’s largest electronic-display exhibition are previewed.

by The Editorial Staff

THE SID 2015 International Symposium, Seminar, and  Exhibition (Display Week 2015) will be held at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, CA, the week of May 31.  For 3 days, June 2–4, leading manufacturers will present the latest displays, display components, and display systems.  To present a preview of the show, we invited the exhibitors to highlight their offerings.  The following is based on their responses.

Alsdorf, Germany  +49-2404-552300
Booth 1523

Touchless Precision Cutting Process for Glass Materials

German laser system integrator 4JET Technologies GmbH will feature PearlCut, a new process solution for precision cutting of glass.  The process uses ultrafast laser pulses and a unique beam-shaping solution for a controlled crack propagation in brittle materials.  Applications include free-shape cutting of thin glass parts for mobile electronics and display substrates and cover glasses, yet the process is also suitable to separate thicker glasses for other applications.  Processable glass types include soda-lime and chemically strengthened glass with any ion-exchange depth.  Additional brittle transparent materials such as sapphire can also be processed.

Santa Paula, CA, USA  1-877-622-7472
Booth 841

Large-Format Screen-Printed Glass

Abrisa Technologies can screen print on 80-in.-diagonal soda-lime or low-iron float glass in thicknesses of from 2 to 6 mm for a wide variety of applications including digital signage, ruggedized outdoor displays, and monitors.  The screen print process is performed on anti-reflective cover glass that is optically bonded or laminated to the face of an LCD or to anti-glare treated glass.  Typically, a white or black border, printed on the back side of the glass, with custom logo, text, or design additions as desired.  Epoxy/polyester, frit, and metallic inks available in either matte or gloss with PMS matching.

Tokyo, Japan  +81-3-3218-5090
Booth 333

Glass-Resin Integrated Component Technology

AGC’s Glass-Resin Integrated Component technology “SURFIC” provides new value in display cover glass that has never been realized in conventional post-joined products and edge-coated products.  It offers a gapless and waterproof surface, design selection (corner R and open part), accurate positioning (resin absorbs glass tolerance), maximized space for glazing due to a strong adhesion between the glass and the resin, and a minimized assembly process (cost reduction).  SURFIC will make design dreams possible – wide touching area in the display edge, variable design frames, waterproof narrow design frames, and many other possibilities.

Alpharetta, GA, USA  1-800-433-2873
Booth 945

Waterborne UV Co-Resin Flexibilizer for Waterborne UV Super Hardcoat

Formulations based on UCECOAT 7210 and UCECOAT 7200 provide a solvent-free low-viscosity UV hardcoat with high solid content of approximately 65% and excellent stability.  Compared with solvent-borne systems, this hardcoat demonstrates equivalent mechanical and chemical resistance.  It also allows brand owners to meet sustainability requirements.  UCECOAT 7210 is recommended as a co-resin with UCECOAT 7200 for hardcoat on curved substrates where flexibility of the coating is required, such as consumer electronic casings, automotive interiors, films, and rigid plastics.

New Taipei City, Taiwan  +886-22-696-7269
Booth 1739

LCD Modules for Industrial Applications

Ampire will be featuring small- and medium-sized LCD modules for industrial applications.  These modules have a resolution of 800 × 480 with a 262K white LED brightness from 500 to 1000 nits, low-voltage differential signaling (LVDS), and an RGB interface.  A touch panel is available with different value-added options including a cover lens with optical bonding, sunlight readability, wide viewing angle, and automotive-grade features.

Hersham, Surrey, UK  +44-2-0894-11101
Booth 1515

Laser-Engineering Technology

Applied Laser Engineering’s Maestro Green is available as a short-pulsed system option for the micro-machining of hard substrates, ceramics, and various metals or as a CW option for high-resolution lacquer and resist processing.  ALE’s Maestro technology was first released in 2009 as a 1-µm laser wavelength technology.  Working closely with the ever-faster evolving laser industry, ALE is pleased to offer its Maestro Green engraving technology which benefits from a shift in wavelength to 532 nm.  For applications where a 1-µm-wavelength laser-focus spot size is just too big, the Maestro Green technology can deliver that finer spot for smaller feature creation.  Maestro Green short-pulsed systems produce clean, dry engravings with reduced burr and engraved surface roughness.

Phoenix, AZ, USA  1-480-643-2000
Booth 1446

Advanced Interactive Collaboration Displays

The Avnet Executive Touch series of advanced interactive collaboration displays allow for unparalleled performance when compared to any other interactive technology.  Available in 48, 55, 65, and 84 in., the displays features include:

• Superior palm rejection algorithm to accurately detect shape and size of touch objects and create a user experience that is unrivaled in the marketplace.
• Experience enhanced unified communications with multi-party platforms such as Microsoft Lync and Skype.
• Works perfectly in high and low ambient light, even direct sunlight.
• Seamlessly integrated with all Microsoft Office One-Note, PowerPoint, Journal, and other software packages out of the box, with no drivers.

Shenzhen, China
Booth 118

110-in. 8K × 4K LCD

BOE will be featuring their 100-in. ultra-high-resolution (8K × 4K) LCD.  The development was accomplished by breaking through the challenges of high-resolution panel design, such as panel-related materials and process and system development for high-resolution panels.  This product has been adopted by Samsung and debuted at CES 2015.

Innovative key technologies used include:

• Development of ultra-large-sized LCDs, including large-sized-panel TFT arrays and a color-filter stitching exposure technique
• Mechanical design with high strength, heat radiating, and low cost
• Direct LED BLU with local dimming
• Driving solution for ultra-large-sized 8K × 4K display

Engineering capabilities for such high-end products are expected to be carried out in a Gen 8.5 fab of BOE Technology Group, thus enhancing the competitiveness of display products.

Corning, NY, USA  1-607-368-6488
Booth 733

Iris Glass

Corning Iris Glass is a glass light-guide plate for large-sized edge-lit LCDs.  Due to its intrinsic rigidity and dimensional stability, it allows TV manufacturers to reduce set thickness significantly and design TVs with slimmer bezels.  Compared to alternative flat-glass light-guide plates, Iris Glass features outstanding transmission and low color shift, delivering bright displays with accurate colors.

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada  1-250-361-4300
Booth 1919

Cu-Alloy Sputtering Targets for Metal-Mesh Material

Cu mesh is one of the promising alternatives to ITO for large-format capacitive touch displays for its low resistivity and low cost.  However, some issues of adhesion, corrosion, and reflectance still exist.  Daido Steel has developed new Cu alloys that satisfy these critical requirements and opened the possibilities for applications such as mobile PC, electronic blackboards, as well as next-generation flexible displays and circuits.

Sudbury, MA, USA  1-978-254-5275
Booth 341

Adhesives for Display Bonding

DELO has developed an optically clear, light-curing liquid adhesive that combines strong adhesion and durability with high transparency.  They enable a fast and flexible bond for touch panels or cover glasses directly bonded onto LCDs or for mobile- phone repair.  DELO’s optically clear adhesives drastically reduce internal reflections and improve shock and vibration performance.  Furthermore, fogging, condensation, and other contaminations are avoided.  The curing is carried out with the DELOLUX 20 LED lamp, which is characterized by its consistent irradiation over large areas.  With LED technology, the lamp can typically achieve a lifetime of 20,000 hours.

San Jose, CA, USA  1-408-564-6862
Booth 1134

Particle Arrayed Film

Dexerials will feature its newly developed Particle Arrayed Anisotropic Conductive Film for chip-on-glass interconnect, which connects the glass substrate of flat-panel displays with driver ICs of next-generation smartphones and tablet PCs.  Using Particle Arrayed ACF, the risk of short circuits is reduced when the driver IC has a lower bump height.  This new technology allows fine-pitch interconnect with 10-µm minimum space between IC bumps.  Particle arrayed ACF can control numbers of captured conductive particles in a bump and ensure stable interconnect reliability.

Morgan Hill, CA, USA  1-408-782-7773
Booth 1016

LCD Controllers

Digital View will be introducing more than half a dozen new LCD controller and related products at Display Week 2015 with the focus on the SVX-3840 LCD controller for 4K UHD support with 3840 × 1920 resolution LCD panels. With 10-bit color, 60 and 120 Hz, 8- and 16-rail V-By-One panel connection support, the SVX-3840 supports most of the current and upcoming large 4K panels.

Hauppauge, NY, USA  1-631-406-1922
Booth 544

High-Performance High-Brightness LCDs

Display Logic will feature their xTremeLCD family of high-performance high-brightness LCDs that are purposely designed to meet visual, reliability, longevity, and support  expectations for outdoor-display-based applications.  Each display from 7 to 15 in. offers 1500 nits of minimum brightness, 100 khours of backlight life, amazingly low power consumption at less than 1 W/diagonal in., a wide operating temperature range up to 80°C, is available for 3 years, and comes with a 2-year warranty.  Display Logic’s xTremeLCDs are in stock.  High-efficiency backlight solutions for LCDs from 3.5 to 80 in. are also available.

Doylestown, PA, USA  1-215-348-5010
Booth 426

Precision Glass Optical Filters

Utilizing the latest in glass fabrication and thin-film vacuum-deposition technology, Dontech’s VCG-Series glass filters provide exceptional optical transparency and environmental durability.  These precision glass optical filters are utilized in demanding military, medical, industrial, and avionic applications.  For high-end display programs, VCG-Series filters optimize display clarity and high-ambient light contrast (e.g., sunlight readability).  VCG-Series filters can be assembled into frames or bezels or optically bonded to LCDs or touch screens by using Dontech’s proprietary IMO-bond optical bonding process to improve impact resistance and display contrast.  Available filter sizes range from less than 1 in. to greater than 42 in. on the  diagonal and can be sold as a stand-alone display cover-glass product or integrated into a higher-level assembly.  VCG-Series filters can be fabricated from a variety of glass substrates, such as chemically strengthened (soda lime, Corning® Gorilla®, or Asahi Dragontrail) borosilicate, fused silica, or optical glasses (e.g., Schott nBk-7).

Herouville, Saint Clair, France  +33-2-31-94-76-00
Booth 1034

Fourier Optics Measurement System

Based on its experience in Fourier optics measurement systems, ELDIM now proposes the VCProbe series. The VCProbe includes a viewing-angle sensor mounted on a robotic arm.  The viewing-angle measurements are performed with high accuracy and high speed.

• Viewing-angle measurement up to ± 80° with a 12MPix sensor.
• Flat, curved, or flexible display up to 150°; no more need for Huge XYZ Stages
• Innovative Multi-OS software development platform (useable with Android, IOS, Linux, Windows, etc.)

Germantown, WI, USA  1-800-888-0698
Booth 1245

Design Flexibility with New HotMelt Adhesive

The adhesion strength of Dow Corning EA-4600 is consistent among a wide variety of substrates.  The adhesion is largely unaffected by immersion in most liquids that commonly come in contact with electronic devices.  Dow Corning EA-4600 offers easy removal and reapplication within 24 hours, instant initial adhesion without primer, and long open time and pot life.  The ability to create precise micro-beads offers greater design flexibility.

Billerica, MA, USA  1-978-667-3805
Booth 1120

Epoxy-Based UV-Curing Product

Epoxy Technology (EPO-TEK®), a recognized global leader in advanced adhesives, has many specialized products for display applications.  One of our most popular and versatile adhesives for displays is an epoxy-based UV curing product, OG116-31, which is thixotropic and designed for perimeter and plug sealing of LCDs.  This robust UV epoxy is compatible with several liquid crystals, has low WVTR, and can be thermally post-cured for added enhanced properties.

Clarksburg, WV, USA  1-304-624-7461
Booth 934

Anti-Glare Anti-Reflective Glass

EuropTec USA will feature EagleEtch Plus, the best performing anti-glare anti-reflective (AR/AG) glass.  Our chemical etched glass along with an anti-reflective coating is ideal for high-resolution sunlight-readable applications in adverse conditions which require the best in anti-glare properties, low sparkle, low haze, and lowest possible reflection. EagleEtch Plus is already in over 3 million automobile displays which demand the highest quality cover-glass solution.  New this year, the glass can also be offered with an oleophobic coating making it easier to clean and durable enough for touchscreen applications.

Chicago, IL, USA  1-773-295-0305
Booth 1146

Front Light Panel

The FLEx Front Light Panel provides illumination for small/medium-sized reflective displays using the world’s thinnest film-based light guide.  FLEx’s front light incorporates only a single LED coupled to an optically engineered film.  This provides the most elegant and most efficient front light on the market and also significantly enhances the new line of color reflective displays.  The FLEx Front Light Panel can be bonded directly to reflective LCDs, transflective LCDs, and reflective e-Paper displays.

Dresden, Germany  +49-351-2586-0
Booth 222

Background Lighting for Holographic Display

Fraunhofer FEP’s SeeReal Demonstrator is an interesting example of optical anti-reflective coatings: A background lighting for a holographic display!  When thinking of “tomorrow’s display,” most people think one step further than just 3D.  A lot of them think of “holography”!  For the background lighting of a holographic display, a special anti-reflective coating is needed that avoids reflections nearly completely for the three relevant laser wavelengths.  A bundled laser light, which is required for holographic displays, will be fed in via a compact deflection system at a very steep angle (85°) into the coated glass.  Due to the coating, the light can radiate through the glass, in contrast to uncoated glass, where almost all of the light would be reflected.  This steep angle expands the laser beam in such a way that the entire display can be illuminated.


Gyeonggi-do, South Korea  +82-31-903-6812
Booth 1820

4K × 2K and Broadcasting AD Board Solution

FSN’s will feature the FSB-800UHD, a professional 4K × 2K AD board solution that provides high-quality images from HDMI, DP, and DVI inputs supporting up to 3840 × 2160 at 60 Hz and a various range of LCD panel interfaces, not only LVDS and eDP but also V-by-One having a compact size of 190 × 115 mm.  Also, FSN’s newest board, FSB-600BCM, is the best solution for broadcasting displays such as broadcasting monitors in studios, reference (video) monitors, and field monitors on site, supporting up to WUXGA at a size of 190 × 210 mm.

San Jose, CA, USA  1-408-745-4900
Booth 1625

Projected-Capacitive Touch Panels

Fujitsu Components America, Inc., will exhibit the FID-154, its first series of projected-capacitive touch panels.  Volume production is expected to start in June.  The FID-154 expands beyond Fujitsu’s current analog-resistive touch panel offering to provide OEMs with additional touch-input options for increasing applications in industrial and medical applications.  Specifications include 90% (typical) transparency, 10 simultaneous inputs, and an operating life of 10-million taps.  A Chip-on-Film (COF) controller IC requires minimal mounting space and provides USB or I2C output.  Custom bezel and logo printing are included, and technical support, such as system tuning, is also available.

Schaumburg, IL, USA  1-847-884-1444
Booth 1140

Capacitive Touch Panels

Futaba’s capacitive touch-panel products were developed using the thin-film formation technologies perfected in our electronic-component manufacturing processes.  With their outstanding sensitivity and resistance to harsh environmental conditions, they are finding an increasing number of applications; in general, household products and in-vehicle equipment that requires a high level of reliability.

San Diego, CA, USA  1-858-279-8034
Booth 129

Automated Reflectance Measurement Systems

Gamma Scientific provides a unique high-performance option for reflectance and transmission testing. These systems capture complete spectral and colorimetric properties of thin-film coatings with scan times typically less than one second.  When measuring reflectance, Gamma Scientific’s unique technology allows manufacturers to perform single-sided non-destructive testing on the first surface while excluding the second surface.  These systems are ideal for manufacturers who need to obtain fast and accurate measurements of flat-panel-display glass, anti-reflection coating inspection, photovoltaic (solar cell) coatings, optical filters, lens coatings, paint samples, diffuse plastics, and more.

Rocky Hill, CT, USA  1-860-571-5266
Booth 534

Temporary Bonding Adhesive

Henkel is a total solution provider for adhesives, sealants, and functional coatings.  Through close customer partnership, industry know-how, and engineering support, we enable innovative design.  Henkel Advanced Research is always seeking new solutions to meet market demand.  Henkel’s High Temperature Debondable Adhesive is designed for applications where sheets of flexible substrates on a carrier need to hold during the deposition process or temporarily bond precut glasses to a carrier in a piece-type deposition process.  Benefits include adaptability to flexible substrates, high-temperature resistance, easy to cure (UV), low outgassing, withstands harsh chemicals, and easy to debond.


Ann Arbor, MI, USA  1-734-930-2560
Booth 1524

Femtosecond Fiber Laser Sources

IMRA America provides complete concept to manufacturing solutions with Femtosecond Fiber Laser Sources.  Such lasers offer the benefit of high precision material processing without thermal effects and are capable of producing high precision at high-throughput results.  Some application areas include thin-film removal, via-hole drilling, surface and sub-surface material processing, texturing, wave-guide writing, and much more.  With femtosecond sources, softest to hardest materials (from polymers to single crystal diamond) can be processed with the same laser.  IMRA manufactures its own femtosecond fiber laser sources and has a applications solutions laboratory.

Munich, Germany  +49-89-454953-0
Booth 818

Imaging Photometer and Colorimeter

Instrument System’s new LumiCam 1300 Advanced, an imaging photometer and colorimeter designed for the highest accuracy when analyzing the characteristics of displays and electronic panel graphics. The innovative camera concept is based on six filters.  The patent-pending procedure allows very accurate adjustment to the eye-sensitivity functions using the data recorded from the six channels. The LumiCam 1300 Advanced provides excellent accuracy for the color coordinates particularly when taking LED color measurements.  Therefore, it offers a good alternative to spectroradiometric instruments with significantly shorter measurement times.  The software provides a comprehensive range of tools for evaluating the test results.

Austin, TX, USA  1-512-339-4739
Booth 142

Shielded Display Connector

The I-PEX Cabline®-CA-II improves  the 0.4-mm pitch display connector by covering the solder tails with a shield.  The added shielding eliminates EMI emissions from the high-speed graphics signals as they pass through the solder tails into the circuit boards.  The Cabline-CA receptacle was already designed with additional shell grounding contacts under the connector to squelch any common mode energy.  The CA-II design completes the shielding of the entire microcoaxial wire interconnection eliminating any interference with WiFi antennas.  Additionally, the contact design has been enhanced to accept the AWG34 diameter center conductor delivering more power for display backlights.

Tokyo, Japan  +81-3-5405-5797
Booth 1240

Silicon Optically Clear Adhesives

Iwatani Corp. provides specialized high-performance film and industrial tape products for electronic devices.  The ISR-SOC series, a product of Iwatani’s silicon optically clear adhesive (OCA) technology, has high durability, heat resistance, and flexibility suitable for specialized displays such as reflective, flexible, and OLED displays.  Its low refractive index improves the visual quality of the display.  With its innovative technologies and superb performance, the ISR-SOC series allows customers to freely develop custom design concepts.  Iwatani also provides various types of industrial tape products.

Buffalo Grove, IL, USA  1-847-484-7096
Booth 1124

UHD TFT-LCD Module with Integrated Touch

Japan Display Inc. (JDI) will feature advanced
displays for mobile, automotive, and industrial applications, including an ultra-high-resolution (550 ppi) 8.0-in. 4K × 2K (3840 × 2160 pixels) TFT module with fine integrated touch, designed for mobile use.  The ultra-high-resolution display allows users to enjoy clear high-definition images and features low-power-consumption thin module design and narrow borders.  The integrated touch function enables smooth input with a fine stylus or brush only 1 mm in width.  The display also features a wide color reproduction range of 95% NTSC.

Ramsey, NJ, USA  1-888-473-2656
Booth 816

2D Color Analyzer

Konica Minolta will feature its CA-2500 2D Color Analyzer used for high-resolution two-dimensional measurements of luminance distribution and chromaticity distribution, ideal for evaluation, inspection, and quality control of color for LCDs, PDPs, OLEDs, rear projectors, and a variety of display technologies.  This instrument uses XYZ filters that closely match the CIE 1931 color-matching functions to provide luminance and chromaticity measurements that have high correlation with the spectral response of the human eye.  The compact and lightweight design of the CA-2500 allows it to be used in a wide variety of fields, such as display, illumination, automotive, and aviation.

Westborough, MA, USA  1-508-870-5959
Booth 1116

Compact Display Module

Kopin Corp. will feature White Pearl, a compact display module aimed for emerging wearable computing/communication devices.  Integrating a transmissive LCD (428 × 240 resolution, 0.20 in. on the diagonal), efficient backlight, and curved prism optics with nano-structures, White Pearl provides a bright full-color image with less than 0.5% distortion in a 14.5° field of view and comfortably large eye box (8 × 5 mm) and eye relief (22.5 mm). White Pearl and Kopin’s A230 display-driver ASIC together consume less than 100 mW at a display brightness of 1000 nits, sufficient for outdoor usage. A frame buffer memory residing in the ASIC offers further power savings.

Plymouth, MN, USA  1-734-416-8500
Booth 1040

On-Cell Touch

Kyocera Display Division will introduce its new 7.0-in. WVGA (800 × 480) and 12.1-in. WXGA (1280 × 800) TFT-LCD featuring on-cell touch (OCT) technology.  With the projected-capacitive (PCAP) touch-sensor layer integrated inside the LCD structure, it achieves superior optical performance in a compact and lightweight structure.  The touch controller mounted inside the LCD module improves EMI performance dramatically.  Both products feature Advanced Wide Viewing (AWV) Technology achieving 170° viewing angle in both vertical and horizontal directions.  Cover-glass versions are also available for various industrial applications.

Menlo Park, CA, USA  1-650-847-1872
Booth 1924

Holographic Display Module

LEIA will feature its holographic display module  The company plans to make these modules available for sale before the end of 2015 as part of a mobile holography development kit.

Fremont, CA, USA  1-510-509-7506
Booth 245

Resized Sunlight-Readable LED Backlit LCDs

Litemax USA will be featuring the SSF/SSH2735-A, an innovative resized sunlight-readable LED-backlit LCD.  The 27.3-in. resized panel demonstrates a brightness of 1000 nits with a 945 × 1080 square-screen aspect ratio of 8:9.  The panel is durable with specific aspect ratios for digital signage, public transportation, exhibition halls, department stores, vending machines, and industrial applications.  Bundled with an AD control board and backlight design, it can display high-quality high-clarity video and is energy efficient.

Torrance, CA, USA  1-310-320-1066
Booth 1424

Round-Tip Display Film

Luminit’s Round-Tip Display (RTD) film increases the brightness of a display by recycling wasted light and directing more light to the viewer.  Typically, applied within a display stack, RTD film uses reflected and refracted light to increase gain between 30% and 40%.  More rugged than sharp-tip prisms that can break and contaminate the display, the round-tip pattern is embossed on a polycarbonate substrate that has higher-temperature durability than polyester films.  RTD film is available with or without an integrated diffuser but can reduce the number of films in the display stack when combined with a diffuser.

San Jose, CA, USA  1-408-325-8710
Booth 1740

Drive Recorder

Macnica Americas will demonstrate their Drive Recorder consisting of high-quality cameras and 5-m-long cable featured by THine Electronics V-by-One® HS solution.

Milpitas, CA, USA  1-408-240-6745
Booth 1045

65-in. Quantum-Dot LCD TV

Quantum dots were one of the hottest disruptive TV technologies at CES 2015 in Las Vegas.  Stop by the Nanosys booth to see why with Nanosys’ latest breakthrough display – a stunning 65-in. television that covers over 90% of the rec.2020 color gamut using QDEF® quantum-dot technology and standard color filters.


Osaka, Japan  +81-6-6399-2711
Booth 1634

Ultra-Thin Glass

G-Leaf is NEG’s ultra-thin glass with a thickness of 0.2 mm or less, developed by overflow forming technology.  G-Leaf is extremely light, smooth, and excellent in flexibility that makes the glass bendable while keeping the conventional characteristics of glass.  G-Leaf is a new material expected to contribute to the advancement of technologies and products in a wider range of fields.  Coating with various functions (ITO, anti-reflection, anti-glare, and anti-fingerprint) can be added to the glass.

Vancouver, WA, USA  1-360-566-4460
Booth 548

Laser Scanning Module

Enabled by nLIGHT’s proprietary picosecond fiber laser technology, beam-shaping optics, and software suite, nTouch delivers lowest cost per patterned layer, highest throughput, and optical quality to enable equipment makers to accelerate their time to market for precision thin-film patterning.  nTouch is optimized for the high-growth touch-sensor market that includes touch-sensor modules, displays, flexible electronics, photovoltaics, wearable electronics, medical, and automotive.

Meadville, PA, USA  1-814-333-2222
Booth 915

EMI/RFI Shielding Solutions

Optical Filters will feature its EmiClare MicroMesh 2.  As displays continue to evolve in size and definition, the new-generation MicroMesh 2 offers the combination of high light transmission and shielding effectiveness that is not achievable with ITO coatings.  EmiClare MicroMesh 2 combines a fine-line conductive printing process with the display-optimized pattern that has made EmiClare MicroMesh the leading solution for shielded displays and touch screens.  Like other filters and display components, MicroMesh 2 can be combined with our unique display bonding process, Viz-Bond, to create a cost-effective scalable display enhancement stack.  Viz-Bond activates at 390–500 nm and can therefore cure through polarizer and materials containing UV inhibitors.

(dba Gooch & Housego, Orlando)

Orlando, FL, USA  1-407-422-3171 x206
Booth 1421

NIST-Traceable White-LED-Based Integrating-Sphere Calibration Standard

The OL 458-4F is a NIST-traceable white-LED-based integrating-sphere calibration standard, designed for accurately calibrating micro- and telephotometers, image intensifiers, and imaging photometers.  A proprietary design allows for true continuous spectrum across the visible range.  Precision source temperature control delivers extremely stable output over long periods of usage.  The design and output are customizable upon request.

Carlsbad, CA, USA  1-760-710-3000
Booth 1319

Quantum Photonic Imager

Ostendo has created the next innovation in light technology, the Quantum Photonic Imager (QPI) integrated light processor, combining the power of solid-state light with a microprocessor.  For the first time ever, a commercial process utilizing nanotechnology fabrication has been developed to bond a CMOS processor with an LED.  QPI has the miniature size, efficient power consumption, and the intense brightness to allow it to not only empower many of the existing light products, such as projectors and displays, but also be the basis for a wave of new applications, such as glass-free holographic 3D displays, wearable displays, and more.

Toledo, OH, USA  1-800-221-0444
Booth 445

Ultra-Fine Cover Glass

Pilkington North America will feature NSG Glanova, an ultra-fine cover glass specifically produced for the digital-display market.  Available at a competitive price point, this new product is extremely durable, high quality, and ideally suited for chemical strengthening.  NSG Glanova has 91% optical transmittance and is suitable for a variety of applications such as smartphones, tablets, touch panels, PCs, and automotive displays, and it can even be mounted on industrial equipment.

Englishtown, NJ, USA  1-732-792-1234
Booth 541

Interface Solutions

Quadrangle Products provides interface solutions between LCD panels, backlights, drivers, motherboards, touch screens, and other related devices.  Of particular interest are the turnkey solutions in the Micro Coaxial Cable arena.  Quagrangle supports a range of offerings: Twisted Pair Micro Coax (LVDS Transmission), complete custom Micro Coax Cable assemblies, standard hookup wire (28AWG) transition boards (LVDS), Micro Coax to 28AWG flying leads (via transition board — LVDS), and value-added services (such as EMI shielding).  Popular connector manufacturers such as I-PEX, ACES, UJU, JAE, and others are supported.  Quadrangle will help guide customers through the various design and construction challenges associated with micro coax cables and micro-coax-based transitions.

Redmond, WA, USA  +1-425-844-0152
Booth 834

Imaging Colorimeter

Radiant Vision Systems will feature the ProMetric® I29, the newest I Series Imaging Colorimeter.  The 29-Mpixel I29 joins the existing I2, I8, and I16 to deliver a full range of fast high-resolution colori-meters for production applications.  ProMetric® I is ideal for inspecting large high-resolution displays, as well as multiple panel testing in a single shot for smaller tablets and phones to increase throughput.  ProMetric® I offers high-dynamic-range mode, optional integrated spectrometer, USB/Ethernet communication, Smart Touch on-camera operation, Smart Control electronically controlled lenses, and Smart Calibration automatic flat-field correction.  TrueTest Automated Visual Inspection Software provides versatile test control and data analysis.

Exton, PA, USA  1-610-594-7360
Booth 916

Urethane Acrylate Oligomer Resin

Sartomer Americas will feature CN9070, a urethane acrylate oligomer resin offering moisture barrier and low-k dielectric properties.  This oligomer has high hydrophobicity but good compatibility with hydrophilic materials.  CN9070 also features high clarity and superior chemical resistance.

Hamburg, Germany  +49-40-4162264-80
Booth 419

Autostereoscopic 3D Monitor

SeeFront will highlight the SF3D-240CP, 24-in. autostereoscopic 3D monitor that delivers a cutting-edge 3D experience at the utmost freedom of movement for a single user.  SeeFront 3D® Technology combined with an ultra-high-definition (UHD) display panel with 3840 × 2160 pixels offer color fidelity, high brightness, and true 3D depth at the highest possible resolution.  3D photos, animations and videos, 3D movies, and 3D live video streams all appear on the SeeFront SF3D-240CP the way they are meant to be seen.  The SeeFront SF3D-240CP will work with all 3D-enabled applications supporting 1080p side-by-side (half) and 720p frame packing according to HDMI standards.

Victor, NY, USA  1-585-738-3500
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Touch Sensors

Sensor Films is changing the way touch sensors are made and will introduce a high-volume low-cost manufacturing process that enables touch interfaces to be utilized everywhere.  SFI offers a family of production-equipment solutions that patterns flexible, transparent conductive films with a variety of functional materials.  SFI has introduced the Starlight Digital Printer that provides a scalable production path to make low-cost resistive and projected-capacitive touch sensors.  Imagine all the new product applications in appliances, automotive, medical, wearable devices, consumer devices, interactive toys, and books that will drive exciting new products needing flexible low-cost touch.


Barcelona, Spain  +34-9382-80333
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Anti-Glare Cover Glass

SEVASA manufactures high-quality acid-etched anti-glare cover glass for the touch and/or display industry.  The product line of HapticGlas includes HPT-TEC and custom productions.  Available at the market’s largest size (up to 154 in. on. the diagonal) and large volumes.

Camas, WA, USA  1-360-834-2500
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Always-On Color Memory LCD

Sharp’s 1.33-in. (diagonal) Color Memory LCD (LS013B7DH06) graphics display provides “always-on” color with ultra-low power consumption for wearable technology and other small-screen applications.  Its high-resolution 8-color stripe display delivers smooth graphics and the flexibility to showcase rich custom content.  Transmissivity allows the addition of a backlight for visibility in virtually any ambient lighting condition.  Its octagonal footprint makes it ideal for wrist-top applications.

Santa Clara, CA, USA  1-408-567-1000
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TFT-Specific Simulation Software

Silvaco provides a complete well-integrated simulation software for all aspects of TFT technology.  The TFT-specific software includes technology simulation, SPICE model extraction, interconnect parasitic analysis, SPICE circuit simulation, and traditional CAD.  The TCAD Driven CAD approach provides the most accurate models to both device engineers and circuit designers.  Silvaco enables device-technology engineers to simulate the electrical, optical, and thermal behavior of semiconductor devices.  Atlas device simulator provides a physics-based easy-to-use, modular, and extensible platform to analyze DC, AC, and time-domain responses for all semiconductor-based technologies in two and three dimensions.

Kahl am Main, Germany  +49-(0)-61-88-4-40-156
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Electromagnetic Shielding for Mobile Applications

Mobile applications demand a very high functional density for Electromagnetic Shielding Interference.  Cover shields do not provide the shielding quality required for the next generation of products. Singulus Technologies offers a modular vacuum sputtering system providing the best solution to produce high-quality metal layers in a cost effective and economical way.  The Singulus Technologies inline sputter deposition system is designed for cleanroom production with loading and unloading of the substrates from one side and processing in a cleanroom environment and a minimized footprint.  In the different process modules, plasma treatment, RF sputtering, and DC sputtering can be implemented as well as cooling and heating modules. The cooling systems maintain a low temperature without compromising on throughput.  Essential is the exact temperature control which is required processing plastic substrates.

Orange, MA, USA  1-978-544-2171
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Ruggedized Tethered Stylus

SLENCIL will feature the SL1100-KRH8,  a ruggedized tethered stylus for resistive touch screens with a 4-in. (10-cm) unbreakable elasto-meric tether with a Kevlar® filament comfortably extending 40 in. (100 cm).  The cushion stylus tip (0.040 D) may be adjusted at the factory for preferred deflection pressure.  An adhesive-back H8 stylus cup-holder securely anchors the unit in preferred locations.  Optional ring-terminal allows for connection using screw-down fasteners.  High security braided-steel straight cable available.  SLENCIL manufactures tethered SAW, IR, and P-CAP units for today’s high-performance touch-screen platforms.  Stylus may be imprinted with corporate logo or brand.

Shatin, Hong Kong  +852-2207-1111
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Full In-Cell Touch IC

While Hybrid In-Cell and Apple In-Cell are still the key in-cell solutions available on the marketplace, Solomon Systech has introduced the game-changing innovation of SSD6600, a Full In-Cell Touch IC.  SSD6600 is a touch master controller, a sensor hub, as well as a general microcontroller.  Embedded with a customized display driver IC, SSD6600 plays as a standalone MCU to collect all touch-related data and to perform signal processing.  It also supports LCM solutions of different resolutions, including FWVGA, HD, FHD, etc.  With cutting-edge design technology, the SSD6600 features extra-low consumption during sleep mode, making it a perfect solution for low-power wakeup gesture application.

Scottsdale, AZ, USA  1-480-922-5344
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Compact Sheet-to-Sheet Laminator

Sun-Tec’s TMS-S3 is the smallest and most compact of the Sun-Tec sheet-to-sheet laminators.  This bench-top model is ideal for low-volume production or R&D work that involves a flex-on-flex or flex-on-rigid substrate lamination for sizes from 1 to 8 in. on the diagonal.  The placement accuracy of the TMS-S3 is ±0.2 mm using manual loading and X/Y edge-alignment guides.  Adjustments can be made for lamination speed, pressure, and substrate thickness.

Santa Clara, CA, USA  1-408-500-2971
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Advanced Silicone Optical Bonding Material

Taica North America’s OPT Alpha-GEL delivers high optical transparency, excellent durability, and shock absorptivity.  It is designed for a wide range of optical-bonding applications for flat-panel displays and touch screens.  Key features:

• Improves visibility by decreasing light reflection.
• Shock resistance and stress release: Softness of OPT Alpha-GEL improves shock resistance and stress release of display panels.
• Parallax decrease: Improves touch-screen appearance and reduces optical distortion.
• Non-yellowing: Does not yellow over time like other OCA/OCR materials.
• Reworkable in-situ: Cleanly and easily reworkable, especially compared to other OCA/OCR materials.

Anaheim, CA, USA  1-714-630-7127
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Mass Production on Thin Glass

TFD has developed unique tooling and processing for mass production on thin glass with BBAR and IMITO (as low as 1.0 Ω/sq.), patterned with MEMS devices, black chrome and color filters, and Pcap or resistive touch panels. Other coatings and patterns are available upon request.  Thin glass can be manufactured as individual 24 × 36-in. area or roll to roll up to 20 in. × 100 ft. long.

San Jose, CA, USA  1-408-638-7091
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UV-Curing Sheet Adhesive

ThreeBond’s UV-curing sheet adhesive is a solid sheet at room temperature, which can be fluidized by the application of pressure or heat, then cured completely within seconds after UV irradiation. Since the adhesive is a solid sheet at room temperature, it offers highly uniform thickness and easy handling, much like double-sided adhesive tape.  In addition, its fluid properties under pressure or heat allows it to conform, like liquid adhesives, to the surface geometry of the adherent.  The end result is a unique adhesive that combines the advantages of double-sided adhesive tape and liquid adhesive.

Chino, CA, USA  1-909-590-5833
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Automotive Cluster LCD

TIANMA will highlight their new 12.3-in. automotive cluster LCD for high-end cars in 2015.  This product features 1920 × 720 pixels, a 1000-nits LED backlight, –30 to +85°C operating temperature, and wide 88° viewing all around using SFT technology.  The trend for car makers is to integrate advance display technology into today’s cars to enhance the driving experience, safety, and information available to its drivers.


Santa Clara, CA  1-408-816-7029
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Quad Extended Graphics Array LCD

Tianma NLT America will be featuring the new 21.3-in.-diagonal QXGA (Quad Extended Graphics Array) LCD that features quantum-dot technology with NLT Technologies’ proprietary new SFT2 (Super Fine TFT2) technology.  SFT2 significantly improves the aperture ratio compared to conventional TFTs, resulting in high transmissivity and better image quality with deeper color saturation.  The display achieves high luminance (700 nits) with low power consumption (45 W), high density, and 100% Adobe RGB coverage.  The combination of SFT2 and quantum dots results in superior deep-red color reproduction – ideal for medical diagnostic applications.

Ewing, NJ, USA  1-609-671-0980 x321
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Transparent OLED Panels

Universal Display Corporation will feature Triangle Light Object or Transparent Light Origami (TLO) made from 16 triangular, transparent, glass OLED panels. When turned off, the panels are clear; when on, they glow red, blue, or green but remain transparent.  Each panel is connected to the next via a friction hinge, which allows the structure to be folded and bent into an endless variety of shapes.  The design was inspired by the observation that colors emitted by overlapping transparent OLED panels combine in an additive way.

Saint Charles, MO  1-636-300-5110
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Reflective/Emissive Display Measurement System

Westar Display Technologies’ FPM-505R is perfectly suited for automated reflective measurement and optical performance assessment of reflective, emissive, and transmissive displays under a variety of lighting conditions.  The FPM-505R includes options for diffuse hemispherical lighting and directed illumination to allow automated characterization of reflective displays or ambient contrast and sunlight-readability characterization of standard LC and OLED displays.  The FPM-505R is housed in a light-safe enclosure and provides full 5-axis motion for viewing angle and uniformity characterization.  The FPM-505R now provides a thermal chamber option to allow for characterization of display performance over temperatures ranging from –40ºC to +85ºC.  •