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Two Russian Display Companies
By Kenneth I. Werner

My Turn
I Was There
By Bernie Lechner

100 Years of Commercial Liquid-Crystal Materials
The very existence of liquid crystals was hotly debated until, just 100 years ago, Merck supplied very pure samples that ended the debate - and eventually started a technological revolution.
By Werner Becker and Hans-Juergen Lemp

Third-Generation Feedforward Driving
Motion-Adaptive CODEC Feedforward Driving (macFFD) retains the improvement in switching speed accomplished by previous generations of FFD, improves peak signal-to-noise ratio, and permits the use of low-cost frame stores that will reduce the cost of high-definition LCD TVs.
By Jun Someya

Big-Screen-TV Competition Heats Up
In 2007, the industry could easily sell 40 million TV sets with screen diagonals over 30 in. and 18 million sets with diagonals over 40 in. But will they turn a profit?
By Chris Chinnock and Chuck McLaughlin

SMAU 2003: A Virtual World?
More end users, fewer exhibitors, and LCD-panel shortages that delayed the introduction of many LCD-monitor products made for a very different SMAU in 2003.
By Michelle Barnes and Bryan Norris

The 2003 IDRC and OLED Business Conference
Significant display innovations and a lively Business Conference debate provided as much September sizzle as Phoenix's lOOo + temperatures.
By Ken Werner

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Responses Keep Ringing
By David Lieberman