Optovate Opts In

5/16/2018 3:30 PM 

Startup company Optovate, Ltd., is a microLED maker founded in 2008 in Oxford, UK. Only recently, however, has it started to speak publicly about its technologies: microLED transfer and micro-optic light. The first development involves a microLED transfer technique to enable the extraction of microLEDs from wafers to backplanes for display and lighting applications. According to the company, this approach is scalable to very large substrates and thus provides a cost-effective route for microLED applications.

The second development is a method for producing and integrating a precision micro-catadioptric optical array that combines refraction and reflection of light from each of the microLEDs, providing directional view-angle capability, which the company describes as a significant advantage for display, backlight, and lighting applications.

According to Optovate’s web site, the company is generating publicity now because market conditions have become more favorable, due to manufacturers seeking solutions to microLED manufacturing challenges.

Optovate will publicly present on its technology for the first time ever in a poster session at the Display Week Technical Symposium.

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