The following papers appear in the September 2011 (Vol. 19/9) issue ofJSID
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Papers Based on Presentations from the 17th International Display Workshops (IDW '10)


Active-Matrix Devices and Circuits

Solution-processed oxide thin-film transistors using aluminum and nitrate precursors for low-temperature annealing

Woong Hee Jeong, Jung Hyeon Bae, Kyung Min Kim, Dong Lim Kim, You Seung Rim, Si Joon Kim, and Hyun Jae Kim, Yonsei University, Korea; Kyung-Bae Park, Jong-Baek Seon, and Myung-Kwan Ryu, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, Korea

Display Manufacturing

Annealing effect of low-temperature (<150°C) Cat-CVD gate dielectric silicon nitride films diluted with atomic hydrogen

Ki-Su Keum, Kyoung-Min Lee, Jae-Dam Hwang, Kil-Sun No, and Wan-Shick Hong, University of Seoul, Korea

Display Metrology

The evaluation of speckle contrast with variable speckle generator

Makio Kurashige, Kazutoshi Ishida, Tomoe Takanokura, Yasuyuki Ohyagi, and Masachika Watanabe, Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd., Japan

Electronic Paper

Electrofluidic displays: Fundamental platforms and unique performance attributes

J. Heikenfeld, University of Cincinnati and Gamma Dynamics Corp., USA; S. Yang, E. Kreit, and M. Hagedon, University of Cincinnati, USA; K. Dean, K. Zhou, S. Smith, and J. Rudolph, Gamma Dynamics Corp., USA

Electrophoretic Displays

Transient-current characteristics of dispersed charges in a non-polar medium

Yoocharn Jeon, Patricia Beck, Zhang-Lin Zhou, and Richard Henze, Hewlett Packard Laboratories, USA; Pavel Kornilovitch and Tim Koch, Hewlett Packard Co., USA

Green Technologies, Materials, Manufacturing, and Devices for Displays

Improving content visibility for high-ambient-illumination viewable display and energy-saving display

Xinyu Xu and Louis Kerofsky, Sharp Laboratories of America, USA

Interactive Displays

In-cell capacitive-type touch sensor using LTPS TFT-LCD technology

Takashi Nakamura, Toshiba Mobile Display Co., Ltd., Japan

Liquid-Crystal Displays (LCDs)

Energy-efficient liquid-crystal displays (e2-LCDs) using a photonic-crystal backlight system
Masayoshi Suzuki, Merck, Ltd., Japan

Liquid-Crystal Technology

Study of polymer-network structure on polymer-stabilized blue phase

Musun Kwak, Jungwoo Park, Jongho Jeon, Kyoungri Kim, Yoonseon Yi, Donsik Choi, Youngseok Choi, and Kyongdeuk Jeong, LG Display Co., Ltd., Korea

Field-induced photo-reactive alignment technology for the vertical-alignment liquid-crystal mode

Masashi Miyakawa, Shunichi Suwa, Tadaaki Isozaki, Masahiko Nakamura, and Tetsuo Urabe, Sony Corp., Japan

Organic Light-Emitting Diodes and Displays (OLEDs)

Improved lifetime of highly flexible OLEDs based on multilayered transparent electrodes with enhanced barrier performance

Soojin Park, Kyungho Jung, Changhun Yun, Hyunsu Cho, Byeong-Soo Bae, and Seunghyup Yoo, KAIST, Korea

Surface-light-emitting transistors based on vertical-type metal-based organic transistors

Ken-ichi Nakayama, Yong-Jin Pu, and Junji Kido, Yamagata University, Japan


Eu2+-doped AlN-SiC solid-solution phosphors: Synthesis and cathodoluminescence properties

Rong-Jun Xie, Hirosaki Naoto, Benjamin Dierre, Takahashi Takeda, and Takahashi Sekiguchi, National Institute for Materials Research, Japan