The following papers appear in the October 2010 (Vol. 18/10) issue ofJSID
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Glass barrier ribs for a transparent AC plasma display (pages 717–720)
Sung-Min Lee, et al., KAIS, Korea; Seung Hun Kim, Samsung Mobile Display, Korea

A new threshold-voltage compensation technique of poly-Si TFTs for AMOLED display pixel circuits (pages 721–731)
Ilias Pappas, et al., Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Solution-processed oxide semiconductors for low-cost and high-performance thin-film transistors and fabrication of organic light-emitting-diode displays (pages 734–744)
Myung-Kwan Ryu, et al., Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, Korea

Laser-irradiated zinc oxide thin-film transistors fabricated by solution processing (pages 745–748)
Ya-Hui Yang, et al., National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan

Transfer-curve assessment of oxide thin-film transistors (pages 749–752)
John F. Wager, Oregon State University, USA

Passivation of ZnO TFTs (pages 753–761)
Devin A. Mourey, et al., Penn State University, USA; Mitchell S. Burberry, et al., Eastman Kodak Co., USA

Low-temperature sputtered mixtures of high-κ and high-bandgap dielectrics for GIZO TFTs (pages 762–772)
Pedro Barquinha, et al., Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal; Danjela Kuscer, et al., Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia; Anna Vilà, et al., University of Barcelona, Spain; Juan Raman Morante, Catalonian Institute of Energy Research, Spain

Uniformity and bias-temperature instability of bottom-gate zinc oxide thin-film transistors (ZnO TFTs) (pages 773–778)
Mamoru Furuta, et al., Kochi University, Japan; Mutsumi Kimura, et al., Ryukoku University, Japan

Device reliability under electrical stress and photo response of oxide TFTs (pages 779–788)
Sang-Hee Ko Park, et al., ETRI, Korea; Jae-Hong Jeon, Korea Aerospace University, Korea

Interface and bulk effects for bias-light-illumination instability in amorphous-In-Ga-Zn-O thin-film transistors (pages 789–795)
Kenji Nomura, et al., Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

Influence of channel-deposition conditions and gate insulators on performance and stability of top-gate IGZO transparent thin-film transistors (pages 796–801)
Hsing-Hung Hsieh, et al., National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Effects of gate-bias stress on ZnO thin-film transistors (pages 802-806)
Liang-Yu Su, et al., National Taiwan University, Taiwan; Yung-Hui Yeh, et al., ITRI, Taiwan

A directly addressed monolithic LED array as a projection source (pages 808-812)
Vincent W. Lee, et al., Columbia University, USA

Solid-state lasers for projection (pages 813-820)
Ulrich Weichmann, et al., Philips Research, Germany

OLED-based pico-projection system (pages 821-826)
Constanze Großmann, et al., Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering, Germany; Andreas Tünnermann, Friedrich Schiller University of Jena, Institute of Applied Physics, Germany

Study on the light delivery to a transmissive-LCD spatial light modulator used in an LED projector(pages 827-835)
Samuel Lin, et al., National Formosa University, Taiwan

An affordable surround-screen virtual reality display (pages 836-843)
Carolina Cruz-Neira, et al., University of Lafayette, USA

Projection-based head-tracking 3-D displays (pages 844-854)
Rajwinder Singh Brar, et al., De Monfort University, UK

Novel analog pulse-width-modulated 15-μm SiGe micromirrors (pages 855-861)
Roel Beernaert, et al., Ghent University, Belgium

Enhanced-image-quality raster-scanning chipset using feedback control actuation (pages 862-867)
Sharon Hornstein, et al., Maradin Technologies, Israel

An embedded reset driver for digital micromirror devices (DMDs) (pages 868-872)
Jianbai Wang, et al., Texas Instruments, USA