SID to Introduce New "Best in Show" Awards at Display Week 2011

In 2011, the Society for Information Display will be initiating an exciting new industry honor, the Best in Show awards, highlighting the most significant new products and technologies shown on the exhibit floor during Display Week. "The exhibition at SID's Display Week has often been the initial showcase for some of the most important new product developments and technological innovations of the display industry," says Bob Melcher, Chairman of the SID Display of the Year Awards Committee. "An unbiased panel will select one exhibitor in each of three separate categories, recognizing the most significant products and developments being shown."

An independent panel of display experts will review those products nominated for the awards on the show floor, and the winners will be selected for their ability to excite not only display experts, but the general public and press as well. SID will promote local, national, and international press coverage for the prize-winners. Best in Show Blue Ribbons will be presented to the winners at the SID Awards Luncheon on Wednesday during Display Week.

This competition will be open to all exhibitors on the show floor during Display Week 2011. Prizes will be awarded in the three categories of small, medium, and large organizations. This will allow exhibitors of all sizes to compete for the prizes. Self-nominations are encouraged! Nomination forms and details of the awards criteria can be found at •

– Jenny Donelan