Product Testing: What You Ignore Could Kill Your Business
By Stephen P. Atwood

Guest Editorial

Flexible and Mobile Displays: An Exciting Time
By Peter Smith

Industry News

Successful Strategies for Emerging Entrepreneurs

The Business of Displays

Successful Strategies for Emerging Entrepreneurs
By Joel M. Pollack

Short Subjects

The Increased Importance of Patent Portfolio Building in View of KSR vs. Teleflex
By Clark A. Jablon, Esq.

An OEM's Perspective on the Impact of New Display Technologies on Mobile Display Devices

Which, if any, emerging display technology is ready to unseat AMLCD technology as the dominant force in mobile devices? The answer lies in which one can best address issues such as thickness and power management.
By Mike Neilio

Flexible-Display Development for Army Applications

The U.S. Army has long recognized the significant role display technology plays in Army systems and has supported the development of the current flat-panel technologies. Flexible-display technology will provide an advantage over glass-based displays for Army applications; therefore, the U.S. Army is supporting research and development designed to speed commercialization of flexible displays.
By David Morton and Eric Forsythe

The Importance of Hole-Injection-Layer Technology in Polymer Organic Light-Emitting-Diode Displays

By improving cost and manufacturing efficiencies of OLED displays, hole-injection-layer technology could be one factor in enabling the commercialization of flexible OLED-based displays.
By Brian Woodworth, Mathew Mathai, Ritesh Tipnis, and Eric Boughner

Solution Processing for OLED-Industry Success

Solution processing is one potential method for enhancing the commercialization of OLED displays. In this article, DuPont discusses its recently announced solution-processing technology.
By William Feehery, David Flattery, Norman Herron, Charlie Lang, and Marie O'Regan

New Era: A Sea Change in the Front-Projection Industry

A perfect storm of new technology and changing user demands is creating new applications and solutions with the potential to transform the front-projection market. Here is a look at the latest developments.
By William Coggshall, Michael Abramson, Candace Hogan, and Alfred Poor

Journal of the SID Preview

Papers appearing in the October 2007 issue of the Journal of the SID are previewed.
By Aris Silzars