Products on Display at SID 2006

Some of the products on display at North America's largest electronic-display exhibition are previewed.

by The Editorial Staff

THE SID 2006 International Symposium, Seminar, and Exhibition will be held at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco, California, the week of June 4. For 3 days, June 6-8, leading manufacturers will showcase their latest displays, display components, and display systems. To present a preview of the show, we invited the exhibitors to highlight their offerings. The following is based on their responses.

Ronkonkoma, NY 631/580-4360
Booth 102

LAN controller board

Apollo Display Technologies will feature the new ArtistaNET LAN controller board with an Ethernet interface that makes it possible to integrate a wide range of TFT-LCDs over a LAN or WLAN network without the use of a Client PC. ArtistaNET reducesoverall system costs, provides Ethernet speeds of 10/100Mbit/sec, supports LCD resolutions from QVGA (320 x 240) to WXGA (1366 x 768), and supports wireless local-area networks up to 802.11 b/g. It supports TFT-LCDs from 5 to 46-in.-diagonal sizes, comes with an integrated four-wire resistive touch-screen controller, easily integrates in LAN/WLAN networks, and supports a range of graphics formats, including BMP, JPEG, GIF, and PNG.


Tully, NY 315/696-6676
Booth 1319

CCFL inverter

New CCFL inverter technology allows for the independent control of red, green, and blue CCFLs that can be easily retrofitted into many large-panel TFT displays. The technology provides better than a 20% improvement in panel brightness versus the traditional white CCFL solution. Additional capabilities include easy adjustment of panel chroma-ticity, NVIS-mode support using monochromatic red or green, very-wide-range dimming performance, and constant luminance control.



Burbank, CA 818/848-7722
Booth 1328

Protocol analyzer

Astro Systems will introduce the VA-1809 protocol analyzer, designed to analyze each function of the HDMI source signal provided by any HDMI AV source. The VA-1809 can emulate a repeater and receiver to validate each source. Among its inspection functions are video timing, info-frame, channel status bit, audio data, and constant HDCP. The VA-1809 allows the user to analyze and visually confirm each function and the operating conditions of the source input. This is a tool for pre-compliance testing and certification and for many mobile applications. Additionally, this unit will allow the user to save analyzed data onto a memory card and separate HDMI content into audio and video for greater validation.

Karlsruhe, Germany +49-721-9626-445
Booth 726

Large-sized FPD measurement systems

The DMS 1100 has been specifically developed and optimized to handle large-sized flat-panel applications such as LCD TV. This instrument operates the device under test in its designed position. Its design combines short measurement times with large-spot-size capabilities and full angular resolution.

Ludwigshafen, Germany +49-621-607-6805
Booth 1434

Phosphorescent blue emitter

The OLED shown in the photograph contains a new phosphorescent blue emitter recently developed by BASF. This triplet blue is a key component for OLEDs to progress towards widespread commercialization in flat-panel-display and lighting applications. BASF has used quantum-mechanical calculations to design and optimize this class of materials, predominately with respect to color coordinates and luminescence quantum yield. To complete the set of materials required for deep-blue OLEDs, suitable host and blocker materials were engineered. These tailor-made materials were applied to develop deep-blue phosphorescent devices with excellent CIE color coordinates (0.15, 0.15) and world-record efficiencies of 15 cd/A (12.1% ext. QE, 11.1 lm/W). Even at high brightness levels of, e.g., 600 cd/m2, the efficiency reaches 12.1 cd/A.


Williamsburg, VA 757-229-9368
Booth 1519

Glass substrates for display solutions

Berliner Glas offers multifaceted glass substrates for innovative display solutions. The substrates combine a wide range of refinement possibilities such as micro-etching, lamination with special film, edge work, AR coating, or functional layers for best screen performance. Sol-gel multi-layer coatings improve the optical properties or lead to anti-glare and contrast enhancement in the visible spectrum. High-quality printing gives the final touch and makes the panel unique in appearance and function. In-house assembling,e.g., gaskets or busbars, for complete fulfilment enhance the services of Berliner Glas for optimum one-stop support.


Sebastopol, CA 707/824-2060
Booth 1810

LCD module integrated with PenTile RGBW technology

Clairvoyante will exhibit a 2.4-in. VGA a-Si display module from LG Innotek integrated with PenTile RGBW technology. The VGA display module provides a 50% better contrast, offers twice the brightness, and uses less than half the power of similar legacy products, making it ideal for use in high-end data-centric mobile devices which require long battery life and highly luminant, high-resolution displays. In addition to doubling brightness and substantially reducing power, PenTile RGBW integration also enhances production yields, reducing cost by as much as 30% and giving a-Si manufacturers a chance to compete in the high-resolution market.


Boulder, Co 303/545-5843 x118
Booth 1202

3-D systems

ColorLink introduces a world of 3-D displays. Highlighted for SID will be 100- and 80-in. rear-projection 3-D displays showing still images, video images, and an interactive gaming experience. In addition, a high-resolution 40-in. LCD monitor with 2-D/3-D display capability will be demonstrated. ColorLink will also present novel concepts in polarization- and non-polarization-based solutions for 3-D displays.


Corning, NY 607/974-4345
Booth 330

TFT-LCD glass substrates

Corning's EAGLE XG glass, the first LCD substrate free of arsenic, antimony, and barium, provides the same superior performance as EAGLE2000 substrates. This forward-looking glass anticipates various environmental regulations and supports LCDs as the greenest flat-panel-display platform. Corning's Gen 8 substrate, in the latter stages of development, will also be exhibited. As LCD TV gains popularity, Gen 8 substrates will support even larger screen sizes.


Rockaway, NJ 973/442-6000
Booth 1415

Acrylite sheet

ACRYLITE non-glare abrasion-resistant optical-grade acrylic sheet is a continuously manufactured acrylic sheet offering high optical quality, light-weight, and excellent impact strength. Its shatter resistance and improved impact strength compared to glass allows display-screen OEMs and designers to have more flexibility and greater choices to improve product design. Its lightweight is important from a practical and safety standpoint for handheld applications as well as for large display screens, projection television screens, and multi-media displays. ACRYLITE is easy to fabricate into any desired shape and is available in custom sizes and parts as well as neutral density tints for improved contrast.


Teck-Nabern, Germany +49-7021-805412
Booth 535

High-performance display-driver ICs

Dialog Semiconductor will demonstrate its highly integrated, low-power display driver ICs for a range of display technologies, including CSTN, TFT, OLED, MEMS, and electrophoretic displays. Dialog's CSTN drivers used in high-volume mobile and consumer-electronics devices provide high-performance full-color high-speed moving images using multi-line-addressing LCD technology, ensuring faster response time over conventional passive-matrix displays. Our integrated ICs significantly reduce external component count, enabling simpler display module design and manufacturing, lower system costs, and higher reliability. Our display-driver ICs incorporate fully integrated graphic display RAM with high-speed interfaces and various power-management functions.


Morgan Hill, CA 408/782-7773
Booth 418

RoHS-compliant LCD controllers

Digital View will feature Professional Class, a new line of RoHS-compliant LCD controllers. The new SVH-1920 and SP-1600 represent the first of the DV Professional Class. Each is capable of extensive customization via Digital View's proprietary applications programs. Customization capabilities include the ability to locally modify timing for support of new LCD panels, enable and disable video input ports and menu items, and custom menu screen presentations. Professional Class controllers are high-reliability designs and provide an MTBF well in excess of 100k hours. The SVH-1920 supports resolutions up to 1920 x 1080 for a full range of HD panels and video input formats. Supporting both 4:3 and 16:9 panels, the controller provides support for panel resolutions from VGA through WSXGA. Display content in Digital View's booth will be provided by the New Series 700 content server from Digital View's Media Systems Division.


Santa Clara, CA 408/565-0670
Booth 1812

Materials deposition system

The Dimatix Materials Printer (DMP) is a versatile benchtop precision digital materials deposition system. It is the world's first complete low-cost solution for high-precision jetting of functional fluids, including nanoparticle-based metallic and organic materials on substrates including plastic, glass, metal sheets, silicon, membranes, gels, and paper. The DMP is an easy-to-use cost-effective tool to quickly develop and test processes and prototypes from flexible circuits, RFID tags, and displays to optical lenses and wearable electronics. The high-performance MEMS-based ink-jet head is configured as a disposable cartridge jetting 10-pl and larger-sized drops. The DMP enables development of new materials and products and brings them to market faster, easier, and at a significantly lower cost than ever before.


Woodbury, MN 651/730-4090
Booth 1226

Flat-panel inspection system

Dr. Schenk's Flat Panel Inspection System Chess is a high-resolution modular optical system designed for the inspection of sheet-to-sheet panels, including glass substrates, PDP glass, coated glass, color filters, OLEDs, array structures, and rear-projection screens. Chess is used worldwide in a wide range of applications for information displays and the medical and architectural industries. A variety of resolution ranges is available to respond to customer-specific manufacturing and inspection requirements. Chess systems can be used either in-line, fully integrated into automated production lines, or off-line as stand-alone systems with integrated handling. Chess systems are accurate, highly reliable, and maintenance free with repeatable defect detection, fast cycle time, and real-time data processing.


Sijhih City, Taiwan +886-2-2698-0110
Booth 227

Touch-panel controllers

eGalax is a touch-panel controller supplier located in Taiwan, offering a full range of touch-panel controllers for various types of touch panels, including resistive, capacitive, and SAW. These panels can communicate with the system using RS232, USB, or PS2 interfaces. Driver utilities which are compatiable with a variety of operating systems such as Windows 98, 2000, NT4, Me, XP, XP Tablet PC Edition, Win CE 2.12, CE3.0,, various Linux, DOS, MAC/OS, etc., are available.


Herouville, France +33-(0)-2-31-94-76-00
Booth 1818

New high-speed viewing-angle measurement for LCD-TV screens

ELDIM recently introduced an innovative technology for evaluating the performance of the largest LCD TVs. EZContrast XL88W provides fast contrast and chromaticity analysis as a function of viewing angle up to ±88°. Using a measurement spot size up to 6 mm in diameter, the device is suitable to any pixel sizes and thus matches all standard recommendations. EZContrast XL88W may be easily integrated with automated stages and drivers. The system becomes a reference tool for high-speed quality evaluation.


Endicott, NY 607/754-9187
Booth 501


Endicott Research Group will feature the industry's broadest range of DC-AC inverters for powering CCFL-backlit LCDs from single- to multi-lamp designs, including open frame and encapsulated versions. ERG offers optimum flexibility in selecting the inverter that's right for the application. The S Series open-frame inverter offers the smallest form factor available (0.62 x 2.87 x 0.38 in. or 15.85 x 72.8 x 9.65 mm) for powering single- or dual-lamp LCD modules in applications such as signature capture and POS terminals. The S Series is also available as a D Series generic off-the-shelf inverter for immediate evaluation requirements. If higher resistance to moisture, shock, and vibration is needed, ERG offers a vacuum-encapsulated version of this compact, low-profile inverter – the SE Series. Ideal for industrial and medical applications, the SE Series measures only 0.75 x 2.98 x 0.42 in., or 19.1 x 75.7 x 10.66 mm).


Nagano, Japan +81-263-26-6415
Booth 1342

Passive-matrix OLED panels

Fuji Electric Advanced Technology Co. is a research and development company of Fuji Electric Group conducting four operations: energy/electric systems, FA components/systems, electronic devices, and retail equipment/systems. Passive-matrix-driven 3.4-in. CCM OLED panels will be demonstrated. The panel has 240 (RGB) x 160 pixels and displays 260,000 colors. A wide OLED spectrum and reduced driving voltage realizes long life and high efficiency



Shelton, CT 203/925-8581
Booth 412

High-transparency resistive touch panels

Fujitsu will showcase standard high-transparency resistive touch panels. The 4- and 7-wire touch panels provide cost-effective off-the-shelf options for transmissive LCDs used in high-ambient-light applications. Proprietary Index Matching coatings on the glass and film layers lower reflectance losses for transmissivities up to 92%. Fujitsu offers many different high-transparency touch panels as standard products. Newer 7-wire panels include 15- and 17-in. panels with Clear and anti-glare treatments and 86% transmissivity. Newer 4-wire high-transparency panels include 3.7-in. anti-glare 80% transmissive; 3.9-in. Clear 86% transmissive; and 10.4-in. 86% transmissive with anti-glare or Clear hardcoat finishes.


Brecksville, OH 440/922-4584
Booth 626

Single-LED molded light guides

Global Lighting Technologies (GLT) will feature a new family of single-LED molded light guides using GLT's patented MicroLenstechnology that provides higher brightness than other LED-based backlighting solutions – with greater efficiency, reduced part count, and lower cost – for a wide variety of applications. MicroLens backlights can be designed in sizes from 0.24- to 15.4-in. diagonals to provide single-LED monochrome bi-color or tri-color backlights. MicroLens pixel-based light-extraction technology provides the most efficient utilization of today's LEDs to offer fully integrated backlighting modules with higher brightness, crisp color, extreme thinness (0.60 mm or below), outstanding uniformity (approximately 80–85% on average), lower power consumption (typically 1–20 mA @3.5 V), and the cost advantages of a smaller form factor with fewer components. MicroLens modules utilize the most advanced and efficient light-extraction technology, providing a unique "transition" area that spreads the light uniformly, extracting light precisely at each point across the panel.


San Jose, CA 408/350-8739
Booth 237

TouchSense integration kit

Immersion Corp. will feature its new TouchSense® technology that makes touching a graphical object on a touch screen feel like pressing a real button. Despite many touch-screen benefits, they lack the confirming response of mechanical controls. But with the new TouchSense system, touch screens can provide unmistakable confirmation to aid in fast and accurate data entry. Synchronized audio, video, and tactile cues can markedly elevate the touch-screen user experience, supplying a more intuitive and engaging experience.

Boulder, CO 303/444-4608
Booth 237

Automatic liquid-crystal testing equipment

Instec's automatic liquid-crystal testing (ALCT) equipment has up to two independent-channel high-voltage arbitrary-waveform-function generators (±100 V and 1 MHz) and up to four real-time digital scope channels. VHR (the Voltage Holding Ratio Measurement System), RDC (the Residual DC Measurement System), and Photo Detector are also available. ALCT can perform the automatic measurement of various liquid-crystal parameters. ALCT can also be integrated with Instec's microscope thermal stages and temperature controllers, enabling the user to analyze the temperature dependence of various LC parameters. Instec also provides a temperature-controlled shielding box.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 613/729-0614
Booth 1119

Light-measurement spectroradiometer systems

Instrument Systems GmbH, a leading global manufacturer of light-measurement spectroradiometer systems, is launching the next generation of the popular (over 1000 units shipped) CAS140 series – the CAS 140CT. Having a newly developed monochromator, new control electronics, high-end back-illuminated CCD detectors, high-performance gratings, a choice of USB or PCI bus, detector temperature monitoring, comprehensive DLL, Labview, full-application-support software, and a choice of seven models that cover a spectral range of 200-2160 nm makes this unit equally at home on a benchtop or in a demanding production environment. A comprehensive selection of measuring adapters is available for photometric and radiometric measurement applications, from display measurements to lamp and LED characterization (including integrating spheres and goniometers).


Boulder, CO 303/443-1036
Booth 1307

Materials deposition system

Imaging Technology International (iTi) introduces the XY Materials Deposition System 2.0 (XY 2.0) at SID 2006. The XY 2.0 is a sophisticated and flexible ink-jet-printing system for the development of jettable fluids, ink-jet-based production processes, and the analysis of the interaction between fluids and substrates. The XY 2.0 offers inline curing capability for printing applications requiring intermediate curing between print passes or fluid tacking for building multiple layers. iTi's XY systems have been used in the development of advanced printing techniques for organic electronic displays and plastic electronics, and the deposition of conductive fluids for printed circuits.

Hauppauge, NY 631/273-5500
Booth 725

Electronic voting machines

Because of the increased popularity of electronic voting machines, Jaco Electronics will be presenting the Advantage-L voting machine at SID 2006. The Advantage-L is an integrated voting machine capable of providing full-faced ballot capability to voters across the country. It is comprised of a 40-in. HD display with touch capability and associated components to address the growing needs of this growing market.

Pacoima, CA 1-800-421-7244
Booth 640

Solutions to high-brightness LCD requirements

JKL Components Corp.'s HighNit multi-lamp rail assemblies provide the solution to high-ambient-lighting requirements for LCDs. These are used as a brightness-enhancement upgrade for displays in aircraft cockpits, ATMs, kiosks, and industrial displays. HighNitrails can increase brightness up to 350% greater than that of standard designs. The assemblies shown are for 14.1- and 15-in. displays, one with separately wired NVIS green and white lamps, for night or day operations. HighNit rails are available for displays up to 30 in., with 2–4 lamps per rail depending on requirements.


Westborough, MA 508/870-5959
Booth 1636

Fully integrated binocular display module

The Kopin BDM-922K is a binocular display module with VGA resolution that can be easily incorporated into video eyewear products. The module delivers a large-screen-display experience (a virtual 48-in. screen viewed from a 7-ft. distance). It generates crisp images for playing mobile games and provides comfortable viewing of movies and TV on the go. The module integrates two Kopin CyberDisplay 922K color-filter displays, LED backlights, a pair of pre-aligned high-quality lenses, and the drive electronics. The plug-and-play module requires just a 3.3-V power supply and a video signal (auto-selecting for either NTSC or PAL standard).

Littleton, MA 978/486-0766
Booth 1817

Optical-design software

Lambda Research Corp. has developed TracePro, solid-based illumination design software for opto-mechanical modeling of backlights and projection systems; TracePro Bridge for SolidWorks for 3D-CAD-design interoperability; and OSLO software for optical design. TracePro provides powerful design capability with algorithms such as RepTile surfaces for micro-structure mapping for backlighting, polarization modeling, thermal variation, and birefringence to analyze computer LCD monitors and backlight displays. TracePro Bridge for SolidWorks, an Add-In to SolidWorks, enables users to include optical components and properties (LEDs, CCFLs, RepTile surfaces, etc.) directly in SolidWorks models. The completed opto-mechanical models are exported to TracePro for optical ray-tracing and analysis.


Tokyo, Japan +81-422-21-0201
Booth 232

Liquid-crystal-viscosity-coefficient measurement system

The Liquid Crystal Viscosity Coefficient Measurement System (Lvic) was jointly developed by Tohoku University and Aomori Support Center for Industrial Promotion for measuring the three dominant rotation viscosity coefficients by using the MVS (measurement of three viscosities by separate fitting) method. The system is applicable for both p- and n-type liquid crystal with a small amount of liquid-crystal sample.

Auburn, CA 530/888-8344
Booth 1113

Display-measurement systems

Microvision will demonstrate its latest innovation in automated display-testing systems, the SS300X series. Emphasized will be the new Response Time (RTM) software, new plasma-display measurements, and the newest ISO and TCO test suites. The Response Time software includes a new Motion Picture Analysis suite and Microvision's exclusive automatic "Playback" filter sequencing. New PDP tests include luminance variation, black-level stability, image streaking, residual image, and color tracking. Microvision's "ISO-2" hardware/ software package tests in full accordance to all ISO 13406-2 specifications. New features include shorter test durations, additional automation, automatic pass/fail calculations for all criteria, and improved reflectance hardware.

Yvelines, France +33-(0)-1-39-30-72-50
Booth 1310

BiNem® SGVA evaluation kit

The NEMOPTIC BiNem® SGVA Evaluation Kit is aimed at demonstrating the overall performance of BiNem® display modules in terms of optical quality, speed, and ultra-low power consumption. It displays 200-dpi bistable b/w images, with 800 x 600 pixels. Power is only required when images are updated. The display time is 240 msec at 25°C. Readability is excellent, with a 32% white reflectance, 6.5:1 contrast ratio, and 120°C viewing angle. A simple stand-alone demonstration is included. Images can be read from a SD card or downloaded via an USB cable. Operating temperature range is from 0 to 40°C.

Oxon, U.K. +44-(0)-1844-260377
Booth 1806

EMI shielding windows

Optical Filters has released a new range of shielding windows featuring micromesh. EmiClare MicroMesh is virtually invisible and, due to the exceptional uniformity of the structure, there is absolutely no moiré fringing effect. Its fine construction gives excellent light transmission and, with a high level of EMI-shielding, EmiClare MicroMesh is ideal for use in larger displays. Applications include avionics, military information technology, and touch screens. Optical Filters can incorporate EmiClare MicroMesh into a wide range of plastic or glass windows. It is also possible to retrofit to existing equipment.

Danvers, MA 978/777-1900
Booth 342

Backlighting LEDs

The Golden DRAGON® ARGUS® from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors are the latest family of products utilizing OSRAM-patented Thin Film and ThinGaN chip technologies. The integrated ARGUS® lens is optimized for backlighting applications, providing the highest luminous efficacy, uniform backlighting, and low profile without the need for active cooling. A typical backlight system will utilize four ARGUS LEDs – one red, two green, and one blue. The ARGUS lens spreads the light without dark or hot spots. These backlights are fully scalable in size and brightness by using the appropriate number of clusters.

Osaka, Japan +81-72-855-8550
Booth 405

Moving-picture response-time measurement system

Otsuka Electronics Co. has released a new model of the moving-picture response-time measurement system, the MPRT-2000. Though the former model, the MPRT-1000, is suitable for gray-scale response-time measurements, the MPRT-2000 can be adapted to motion color blurring with a color CCD camera and a new parameter, Color Blur Area (CBA). MPRT-2000 provides an effective tool for the improvement of motion color blurring of flat-panel displays; for example, PDP TVs and DLP projectors. The evaluation method for motion blur shows good agreement with the eye-perceived estimation.


Pompano Beach, FL 954/946-9454
Booth 1715

Surface-property measurement instrument

The measurement of contact angle is an established method to determine surface properties critical for wetting and cleaning applications. Currently available instruments equipped with a video camera are, however, not well suited for quality-control purposes because they were originally designed for laboratory work carried out by advanced scientists. Apart from being bulky and fragile, the use of a specimen stage is often a severe limitation when testing the large glass and polymer sheets used in FPD manufacturing. A special issue is the measurement of low contact angles below 5°, which is neglected in most commercially available instruments. For these low angles, the traditional tracing of the droplet contour will fail completely as the top of the sessile drop becomes invisible to a video camera equipped with a standard lens.

Beaverton, OR 503/748-6159
Booth 1619

StereoMirror technology

Planar's SD product line, featuring innovative StereoMirror technology, provides the highest-quality stereoscopic image available in a desktop monitor. StereoMirror technology delivers stunning images and comfortable viewing for use in geospatial, photogrammetry, medical, gaming, and data visualization applications. Key features include full SXGA (1280 x 1024) resolution in stereo, flicker-free high-contrast imaging, useability in standard office lighting, fast (12 msec) LCD response time, multi-user wide-angle viewing, employment of off-the-shelf graphics cards, plug and play with most OpenGL and DirectX applications that support stereo, simple polarizing glasses, and readily converts from stereo/3-D to standard 2-D.

Pleasanton, CA 925/227-2700
Booth 1034

Embedded visual-enhancement software

Portrait Displays will feature embedded TV and computer-display management utilities targeted at firmware, video scaler, and flat-panel suppliers. TV Tune, with patented PixelLava technology, maximizes the visual quality of TV displays by calibrating the input signal of nearly any external device, from DVD players to game consoles to media PCs. For computer displays, Display Tune®software enhances the basic OSD functions by offering a patented six-step color calibration process, profiles for multiple environments, OEM customization, and plug-in technology for extended display-management features. Plug-in options include asset management, PIP control, and Auto Pivot® rotational software. Both TV Tune and Display Tune technologies provide additional options, including in-the-field firmware updates and theft deterrence logic.


Lake Forrest, CA 949/859-8168
Booth 1535

QVGA active-matrix TFT

Powertip Technology will demonstrate a 3.5-in. QVGA a-Si transmissive active-matrix TFT-LCD with a digital supply voltage of 3.3 V, an operating current of 0.02 mA, a white LED backlight, an FPC connection, and HX8218 and HX8615 driver ICs. The module size is 76.9 (W) x 63.9 (L) x 3.2 (H) mm.


Englishtown, NJ 732/792-1234
Booth 205

Cable assemblies

Quadrangle Products, a manufacturer of cable assemblies interfacing to LCDs, inverters, and backlights, has introduced the RT-700G Series product line. The RT-700G Series enables the user to easily interface from a 0.5-mm FFC connector to virtually any type of wire-to-board connector and can accommodate 0.5-mm FFC/FPC connectors with 10–50 positions. The traces on the 0.5-mm FPC interface adapter are gold plated for maximum reliability. Also being developed is the QD6000 series FPC cables in 3-, 6-, 9-, and 12-in. standard lengths with trace (conductor) counts of 10–50. Traces are gold plated for maximum reliability. The RT-700G and QD6000 series are RoHS compliant.

Hopkinton, NH 425/844-0152
Booth 1234

Novel measuring tool

The Imaging Sphere is a novel tool for measuring luminous intensity of light sources, viewing-angle performance of displays, or light scatter from surfaces (including BRDF). Previously, performing these types of measurements required either complex, precision goniometric motion systems or expensive conoscopes. In contrast, the Imaging Sphere utilizes a simple hemispherical measurement chamber mated with a CCD-based imaging photo-meter or colorimeter. Because the Imaging Sphere has no moving parts, it can perform measurements orders of magnitude faster than traditional methods. It also delivers greater flexibility and superior data resolution.


Lainte, Italy +39-2-93178-328
Booth 1131

Vacuum maintenance and harmful gas sorption

The SAES Getters Group is a world leader in a variety of scientific and industrial applications where stringent vacuum conditions or ultra-high-pure gases are required. As a strategic supplier of technology innovation for the flat-panel-display industry (plasma, FEDs, OLEDs, and LCD backlighting), SAES Getters provides solutions that meet the most-severe requirements set by manufacturers in terms of vacuum maintenance and harmful gas sorption. SAES Getters' DryFlex is the dryer solution with the thinnest product configuration available on the OLED market (< 100 μm) and ensures over 30% of product lifetime extension, due to its high sorption speed.

Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. +886-2-2659-1276 x138
Booth 209

Single-chip driver IC

Sitronix Technology Corp. has developed the ST77XX Series single-chip driver IC for both a-Si TFT and LTPS displays that can be applied to any small, portable, battery-driven product, such as cellular phones, MP3 players, and PDAs. The ST77XX series integrates power circuits, gate and source drivers, oscillators, timing generators, and built-in adjustable gamma curves for display optimization. All these drivers support all types of interfaces, including the 80/68 MCU interface, the RGB interface, and the serial peripheral interface. The TFT series with different resolutions can be adopted into panel sizes from 1.3 to 3.5 in.


Chula Vista, CA 619/216-6477
Booth 1504

Tempered-glass resistance touch screens

SMK's standard film-on-glass touch screens just got better with our new 0.7-mm thin chemically reinforced glass for screens up to 10.4 in. Our thinner and lighter touch screen is just as robust as our standard model with a 1.1-mm glass and ideal for pen or finger input with a transparency of 75–88% and a storage temperature of –20 to +70°C required by handheld terminals, POS, and other devices. Customization includes anti-reflection and anti-smudge protection, available upon request. Standard touch-screen sizes include 3.8, 5.6, 8.2, 9.4, and 10.4 in.


Pak Shek Kok, NT, Hong Kong +852-2207-1111
Booth 202

Microdisplay modules

Together with Kopin's microdisplay technology, Solomon Systech provides two types of modules: the KCD-QENF-LX and the KCD-QMNF-ITB. The KCD-QENF-LX delivers large (35-in. diagonal at a 7-ft. distance) crisp images for comfortable extended viewing of movies and TV on the go and for playing mobile games. It integrates two CyberDisplay® 230K color-filter displays, LED backlights, a pair of pre-aligned high-quality lenses, and driving electronics. The KCD-QMNF-ITB provides the digital camera user with a large crisp full-color image equivalent to a 16-in. screen at a distance of 1 m. It is not only a complete electronic viewfinder solution, it can be incorprated in mobile accessories as well. (CyberDisplay® is a registered microdisplay of Kopin Corp.)

Scottsdale, AZ 480/556-9671
Booth 1135

Film lamination equipment

Kenix Global Technologies and Sun-Tec America will feature Sun-Tec's TMS-SA Film Lamination machine. This laminator can be used for laminating films to other films, glass, or plastic substrates or assembled displays with bezels. The TMS-SA is designed to be affordably priced for R&D, low-volume production, and repair work without sacrificing the basic performance of more-expensive models. This machine maintains Sun-Tec's high standards of providing bubble-free lamination with an high placement accuracy of 0.008 in. (0.2 mm) on substrate sizes from 4 up to 24 in. on the diagonal. The basic TMS-SA is manually operated, but with available options can be configured as a fully automated machine.

Phoenix, AZ 602/866-8208
Booth 302

Technical glass mechanical singulation tools

TLC will feature their high-accuracy Gen-3 TLC Phoenix-600® (24 x 24 in./600 x 600 mm) glass cutter for singulating rectilinear/circular/curvilinear FPDs, having an unobstructed surface for easy integration in automated lines. Sharing similar flexibility, quality, and accuracy, the space-saving TLC Summit Gen-5® (46 x 58 in./1160 x 1460 mm) replaces bulky, complex, old-technology equipment and provides multifunctionality never before possible in technical-glass singulation. TLC's unique rotating cutting head incorporates a CCD camera for exact onstage measurement/inspection and a quick, repeatable targeting system for precise alignment of single sheet or laminate parts.

Tokyo, Japan +81-3-5205-2901
Booth 331

Glass substarte polisher and cleaner

Tokki's Nano Washer® polishes and cleans glass substrate surfaces (<370 x 470 mm) by using a unique nanoscale soft-polishing and water jet cleaning process. Particles and residue can be removed effectively even for rugged substrate surfaces. The number of defects on the OLED emitting area can be decreased, and it is possible to improve device performance and production yield by using the Nano Washer®. The surface of ITO or metal can also be polished by the changing the type/combination of polishing pads and slurry.

Paramount, CA 562/634-0434
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Slanted tailored Microdiffuser

Wavefront Technology mass produces roll-to-roll tailored microdiffusers (TMD) using proprietary low-cost replication methods. In addition to offering the standard circular and elliptical TMDs, this year WFT introduced the slanted tailored micro-diffuser (STMD). The STMD performs by utilizing input light on-axis and outputs the light at a predetermined off-axis angle. The STMD is available as a custom product to meet our customers ever-changing requirements. WFT also offers roll-to-roll or large-flat-panel replication of micro-structured optical films containing prismatic, diffractive, microlens, or moth-eye features.


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Small-format-display driver

Westar's T-Drive SD100 can drive most small-format displays currently on the market. The tester provides programmable horizontal and vertical timing for RGB interfaces; selectable CPU or SPI interfaces with programmable bit-packing and initialization sequences; a myriad of built-in test patterns or downloaded images, quickly loaded to the display via the RGB interface or CPU or SPI graphic memory interface; three programmable power rails for small-format displays; and accurate drive currents for various LED backlight configurations including LEDs connected in series or in parallel. Cost-effective tooling (interconnect and drive profile) is also available.


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Piezo inverter

Zippy Technology is a leader in Piezo Inverter and Green Power for CCFL, EEFL, and HCFL solutions and has been ISO 9001 certified since 1994, owning more than 400 worldwide patents in various key-technology segments. No EMI, pure-sine-wave output, 90%+ high efficiency, -40 to 85°C working temperature, extra-wide-range flicker-free dimming control, extended long lamp life, independent open-lamp protection, and output short-circuit protection are key advantages welcome by a long list of mission critical solution providers.


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Zytronic will be showcasing its latest projected capacitive technology (PCT) based product, ZYSWITCH, which allows custom button-switch arrays to benefit from a zero wear-out mechanism and offers high resistance to physical or chemical attack. ZYSWITCH does not require a software driver, easing integration and simplifying direct upgrade or replacement of membrane-type units already in service. ZYSWITCH can be customized to any shape or size and can address applications that require up to 16 buttons, making it suitable for virtually anywhere a keypad is required, including domestic appliances, industrial control panels, drinks machines, and elevator controls. •