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The Acceleration of Automotive Displays
By Stephen P. Atwood

Guest Editorial
Automotive Displays at the Dawn of Autonomous Driving
By Karlheinz Blankenbach

Industry News
By Jenny Donelan

Frontline Technology: Performance Optimization for In-Vehicle Displays
As the number and size of displays in cars continue to increase, harmonizing those displays across different applications and technologies within interior surfaces is a key task for system integrators. High-performance displays in vehicles require adjustments for specific design and performance needs. This article covers aspects of premium system design that involve optimization of white-point adjustment, color, and black uniformity for single and multiple display applications.
By Kai Hohmann and Markus Weber

Frontline Technology: Dynamic Backlights for Automotive LCDs
LCDs in vehicles need to demonstrate high luminance and resolution while also saving on power usage ñ two features that may seem mutually exclusive. One solution is a localdimming matrix backlight, which can significantly improve the visual quality of automotive LCDs while also conserving power. This approach, combined with emerging micro/miniLED technology, should help make industrial implementation of higher-quality automotive LCDs more feasible.
By Chihao Xu, Maxim Schmidt, Torsten Lahr, and Markus Weber

Enabling Technology: Inside Connections: How Your Carís Components Communicate
From dashboards to databases, a lot goes on inside the cockpit ñ the passenger area of an automobile.
By Jenny Donelan

Business of Displays: Q&A: ID Interviews Harmanís Rashmi Rao
By Eric Virey

Show Highlights: Display Week 2018 Snapshots
ID's reporting crew traveled the aisles and session rooms of Display Week to find out whatís happening in our industry.
By Information Display Staff

50 Years of LCD Technology
By Stephen P. Atwood

Book Review: Flexible Glass: Enabling Thin, Lightweight, and Flexible Electronics
By Ioannis Kymissis

SID News: Seeking Nominations for 2019 SID Honors and Awards