Products on Display at Display Week 2017 Products on Display at Display Week 2017

Products on Display at Display Week 2017

Those products on display at North America’s largest electronic-display exhibition that were offered for preview are described here.

by The Editorial Staff

THE SID 2017 International Symposium, Seminar, and Exhibition (Display Week 2017) will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, California, the week of May 21. For 3 days, May 23–25, leading manufacturers will present the latest displays, display components, and display systems. To present a preview of the show, we invited the exhibitors to highlight their offerings. The following is based on their responses.

Alsdorf, Germany
Booth 1413

Laser Processing for Glass or Film Substrates

4JET’s TWIN platform is designed for laser processing of glass or film substrates. The modular design allows the integration of up to two parallel or sequentially working process heads – for increased throughput or a combination of different processes in one machine. Standard applications include the cutting of technical glass with the PearlCut process, glass drilling, or the precise patterning of thin conductive films for the production of optoelectronic devices such as touch panels, LEDs, OLEDs, or smart windows, as well as in automotive and life sciences applications. Integration into automated production environments is possible.

Lakewood, Ohio, USA
Booth 1235

Graphite Heat Spreaders

SPREADERSHIELD flexible graphite heat spreaders are the industry standard used to prevent hotspots on displays, improve image quality, and cool hot display components. These products are ideal for display sizes ranging from smaller cell phones up to the largest consumer televisions. The graphite spreaders are pre-cut to any custom shape, have a durable pre-applied adhesive, and are laminated with a thin, tough, plastic coating for ease of handling and dielectric protection. Advanced Energy Technologies is a subsidiary of GrafTech International Inc.

Tokyo, Japan
Booth 1321

Advanced Glass Products for Vehicle Displays

Glass has become the design material of choice for next-generation vehicles. Its performance and aesthetics are unparalleled. As a global leader in advanced glass solutions, AGC is developing a range of glass platforms designed to increase driver safety, comfort, and convenience specifically for the automotive sector. The AGC exhibition showcases developmental automotive platforms, including a digital dashboard with 3D instrument cluster, CID, and passenger-side displays.

New Taipei City, Taiwan, ROC
Booth 335

LCD Bar Displays

Ampire produces customized displays and provides value-added services to meet customers’ LCD and touch-panel project needs. The company specializes in bar displays with ultra-wide aspect ratios that provide excellent performance, especially for marketing applications. The displays are available in sizes ranging from 6.3 to 28 inches, and are also offered with touch integration and sunlight readability.

Shenzhen, PR China
Booth 717

27-in. 8K 3D Display

BOE’s 27-in. 3D panel is an advanced amorphous silicon (a-Si) 8K (7,680 × 4,320) resolution display. The 325 pixels per inch offer a highly realistic viewing experience. With HADS and Bright View technology, the transmittance is increased by 30%. The color gamut is above Adobe 100% through the adoption of quantum dots. The border has been reduced to 3.5 mm, owing to innovative gate-driver-on-array (GOA) technology, which is obviously competitive with other MNT products. Moreover, BOE proposes a glasses-free 3D display based on this panel; with the switchable 3D barrier, it offers a better 3D experience with a larger 3D view angle that is free of crosstalk.

White City, OR, USA
Booth 1311

Hardcoat Films

Carestream Contract Manufacturing will showcase its hardcoat films at Display Week. Carestream’s crystal clear, super-hard polymer film coatings impart a durable, scratch-resistant surface that looks and wears like glass when adhered to any product surface. It is available as a coated polyethylene terephthalate (PET), polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), or polycarbonate (PC) film in 5-mil (125-μm) and 7-mil (175-μm) thicknesses. Typical hardcoat film applications include touch screens, consumer product cover-glass replacement, improved membrane and capacitive switch wear layers, appliance and automotive decorative films, and point-of-purchase (POP) and point-of-information (POI) displays.

Irvine, CA, USA
+1-949-421-0355, ext. 128
Booth 1513

8K Display Testing Solutions

The latest addition to Chroma’s broad range of display testing solutions, the 8K Super Hi-Vision Video Pattern Generator, is an industry leader and one of the most ompetitive display testing units on the market. It is designed to meet the highest standards for customers’ display testing needs at the lab or on the production floor. From high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) 2.0a, to DisplayPort 1.3, to traditional analog signals, Chroma 2238 is capable of incorporating up to four modules and outputting both timing and pattern signals from all 4 modules simultaneously. Its modular design allows easy upgrades to the latest industry signal standards without customers having to replace whole units.

Fremont, CA, USA
Booth 209

Reflective Displays

CLEARink Displays is a venture-backed startup, with R&D in US and Canada. CLEARink’s reflective displays are low-power, full-color, outdoor-readable, and video-capable – all at a cost comparable to that of LCDs. These displays will revolutionize the use cases for wearables, smartphones/tablets, e-School books, electronic shelf labels, and outdoor signage – the total combined accessible market of which will be over $12 billion by 2018. CLEARink’s technology is based on varying the brightness of a specially designed reflector film by modulating the total internal reflection of ambient light from the film, using a single electrically charged particle suspended in a liquid.

Santa Clarita, CA, USA
Booth 1445

Portable, High-performance Spectroradiometer

The CR-300 is a portable, high-end spectroradiometer with the performance of a laboratory grade instrument. Specifically designed to address the calibration of new laser projectors, it provides high color accuracy and measurement stability. The CR-300 is built with a 512-pixel CMOS sensor and provides a spectral resolution of 0.8 nm/pixel with an optical bandwidth of 2 nm. Colorimetry Research specializes in measurement and calibration of display panels and projectors.

Tokyo, Japan
Booth 1408

Precision Polarization Optics

ColorLink Japan offers unique capabilities with regard to assembling precision polarization optics.

Corning, NY, USA
Booth 929

Advanced Glass to Enhance the Consumer Driving Experience

Corning, a world-leading innovator in specialty glass, will show the connected car interior of the future at Display Week 2017. The display-rich dashboard and center stack, covered by thin, tough Corning Gorilla Glass for Automotive Interiors, represent the same look and aesthetics consumers love about their smartphones. The Gorilla Glass has been cold-formed into complex shapes, creating a smooth, luxurious, and cost-effective solution for manufacturers that inspires creativity among designers and excitement from consumers.

Tokyo, Japan
Booth 1517

Mura Correction System for OLED Production Lines

Cybernet provides a mura correction system (FPiS-HPS) for use on OLED display production lines. The system performs high-precision, high-speed mura correction in consideration of the impact of “gray-scale dependent for mura (sub-pixel unevenness, voltage drop),” which is a characteristic problem for OLEDs. Automation is achieved for all processes, from measurement to mura correction, as well as mura compensation data writing via customization based on applicable panels and production lines. Cybernet also provides mura correction intellectual property (IP). By cooperating with major semiconductor manufacturers whose products have been adopted for smartphones, tablet products, etc., Cybernet has optimized mura correction IP for display driver integrated circuit (DDIC) implementation.

Orange, CT, USA
Booth 1538

High-Resolution In-Situ Defect Detection

Vacuum deposition on film and glass is a high value-added operation. Products must be contaminant free, and in-situ inspection for defects of 1µm and larger is required in real time. Currently, deposition is performed “blind” – there is no feedback for contamination or defect detection until after the roll or sheet has been produced. A robust, elegant solution has arrived: The next generation of solid-state -laser reflection (SSLR) technology marries line-scan cameras and lasers with new high-resolution optics into a single scan unit. This scanner is easily installed and delivers 100% inspection during deposition. All active modules are located outside the chamber and the inspection is performed inside the chamber, in transmission, reflection or both.

Pittsburgh, PA, USA
+1-412-322-9900 x 308
Booth 1205

Projected Capacitive and Resistive Touch

Dawar Technologies provides projected capacitive and resistive touch solutions, as well as value-added services for custom user interface for the medical, military, aerospace, instrumentation, industrial, POS/kiosk, and marine markets. With manufacturing and design facilities in the US and Asia, Dawar controls and manages the entire touch system fulfillment process, including engineering, production, and supply chain management. Customers benefit from consistently high-quality products and services that support their businesses and help them succeed.


Morgan Hill, CA, USA
Booth 514

New-Generation LCD Controller

The Digital View ALR-1400v2 replaces the ALR-1400. After more than 10 years of production, the ALR-1400 has reached end of life (EOL), and notification has gone out. In its place, the ALR-1400v2 has been released and is now available. Mirroring the original, together with a small number of enhancements and updates, this new workhorse looks set to be every bit as solid and reliable as the first release. Digital View will be showing the ALR-1400v2 at its booth, together with other new products.

ShenZhen City, China
Booth 215

Bar-Type TFT Displays

DLC Display makes products including an 8.01-in., bar-type, IPS thin-film transistor (TFT) display with 1,600 (RGB) × 480 resolution, low-voltage differential signaling (LVDS) interface, and 500 candelas per square meter (cd/m2).

Irvine, CA, USA
Booth 545

HD-Resolution LCD Controller

The new EarthVision-X1 features up to HD-resolution, 1,920 × 1,080 low-voltage differential signaling (LVDS) panels, and a built-in LED backlight driver plus a header for external driver. EarthLCD will scale other resolutions to native panel resolution, up or down. Other features include: wide power range input (6 to 40 volts DC; standard video inputs high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) DVI VGA 2×, a composite via board header, full on-screen display (OSD) control via on-board buttons or external button board; full control of board features via serial (RS232) interface; and on-board DIP switch to select options like disable OSD buttons, etc.

Hérouville, Saint-Clair, France
Booth 1121

Optical Measurement Systems

ELDIM’s new VCProbe from its series of optics and sensors includes many innovations. The new product enables a full-viewing angle plot in less than 2 seconds. It offers the strength of ELDIM’s well-known EZContrast line linked to an efficient robotic. The robotic arm, combined with a viewing-angle system, makes an ideal solution for fast and accurate measurements. The technology can easily go from small to large displays, whatever their shapes: flat, curved, or flexible. An on-axis spectrometer and an IR camera to test the spatial temperature variation of displays are now also available.

Milpitas, CA, USA
Booth 1229

Projected Capacitive Controller

Elo is excited to announce the launch of the 9200 Series PCAP controller. Optimized for 15- to 32-in. touchscreens with a completely configurable touchscreen interface architecture, this in-house designed controller addresses the unique needs of industrial touch applications. Features include custom algorithms programmed to handle liquids in harsh environments, and mixed mode scanning and frequency hopping for challenging noise interference, providing for versatile commercial application use. Elo, a global leader in touchscreen solutions, architected the 9200 Series for maximum performance regardless of aspect ratio, screen size, or shape. The controller is available for sampling to customers now.

Billerica, MA, USA
Booth 1145

UV-Hybrid Adhesives

Epoxy Technology (EPO-TEK), a market leader in advanced epoxy, UV, and UV hybrids, is showcasing its expanded line of epoxy-based, UV-hybrid chemistry adhesives.  These novel formulations allow for improved handling and process control by utilizing both UV and thermal curing. The company’s UV-hybrid adhesives can be tack free in under 20 seconds, have lower shrinkage, less stress, and excellent 85°C/85%RH resistance.

Thessaloniki, Greece
Booth 1045

Touch Sensor Design Software

Fieldscale SENSE is the first touch sensor design and analysis simulation software exclusively developed to help engineers create the most advanced touchscreens in a swift modeling process. SENSE utilizes a state-of-the art boundary element method to simulate the behavior of a touch sensor when a pointer approaches its vicinity. Touch sensor specifications, such as the hovering effect, the touch response, and bezel influences can be modeled with SENSE. SENSE streamlines the product design process by automating its most demanding steps. It integrates with all parts of production positioning and is an indispensable tool for integrated circuit (IC) and touch-screen manufacturers.

Dresden, Germany
Booth 623

OLED Microdisplay with Fingerprint Sensor

Fraunhofer FEP has developed an OLED microdisplay with an embedded optical fingerprint sensor. The display is built from nested display and sensor pixels and is based on OLED-on-silicon technology. In this set-up, the active area can show and capture images in the same plane. In fingerprint mode, the display uses a controlled illumination of the finger touch that is captured by the embedded image sensor. The first prototype has a native resolution of 1,600 dpi. This is three times higher than required by the FBI. One of the most interesting applications for the new optical fingerprint technology is identification in mobile devices.

Schaumburg, IL, USA
Booth 737

Capacitive-Touch Panels

Futaba’s capacitive-touch panel products were developed using thin-film formation technologies perfected in the company’s electronic component manufacturing processes. With their outstanding sensitivity and resistance to harsh environmental conditions, these products are finding an increasing number of applications in consumer products and automotive in-vehicle equipment that require a high level of reliability.

Cleveland, OH, USA
Booth 204

LCD Color Technology

Whether we’re looking at a beautiful photo on our phone or watching a blockbuster movie on the couch, display screens have the power to transport us to other worlds. It’s no wonder that desire for televisions and devices with ultimate picture clarity and wide color gamut is greater than ever. GE has innovated RadiantRed Technology to unlock true-to-life colors and the truest red available in LCDs without compromise – and it’s available today.

Orlando, FL, USA
Booth 1244

Tunable LED Source

The OL 459 is a unique and innovative, tunable LED source designed for replication of spectra to enable calibration of cameras and other optical instruments. Separate optical output power modules enable remote location of either unit, making alignment or positioning of the source with respect to an instrument a breeze. The OL 459 is ideal and unsurpassed for camera calibrations, blackbody color temperature replication, customizable spectra for R&D, and more.

Pingxiang, Jiangxi Province, China
+86-799-3607525 (fax)
Booth 236

AMOLED Materials and Electroluminescent Intermediates

GuanMat Optoelectronic Materials offers custom synthesis and original equipment manufacturing (OEM) chemical manufacture of OLED intermediates and materials with high efficiency, greater stability, and higher throughput in the area of organic electronic materials used for OLED, organic thin-film transistor (OTFT), and organic photovoltaic (OPV). The company has adopted and certified the quality management and environmental management system of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Hukou Shiang, Hsin-chu County, Taiwan
+886-3-5971875, ext. 12705
Booth 1508

Touch Technologies

HengHao has more than 20 years’ experience in touch-panel and display design and manufacturing. The company offers solutions for touch, liquid-crystal monitors (LCMs), lamination, and system integration. It also has capabilities in one-glass solution (OGS), one-film solution (OFS), direct bonding, back-light module (BLM), and LCM assembly. These products can be used in smart watches, smartphones, tablets, notebooks, vehicles, Internet of Things (IoT), and industrial/medical original design manufacturing.

Berlin, Germany
Booth 606

Color LCOS Display

HOLOEYE introduces a new color liquid-crystal-on-silicon (LCOS) projection microdisplay with HD resolution (1,920 × 1,080 pixels) and integrated ASIC driver chip, including the following features: pixel pitch of 4.5 µm, display diagonal of 0.39 inches, active area of 8.64 × 4.86 mm, and package dimensions of 23.4 × 9.0 × 3.3 mm.

Krailling, Germany
Booth 1521

Laser Processing Workstation

InnoLas Solutions provides laser systems for micro material processing with various applications in the semiconductor, electronics, display, and photovoltaic industries. The ILS-LT is a versatile laser processing workstation designed for high-precision applications. Up to two laser sources (µs - fs pulses, 355-nm to 10.600-nm wavelength) and galvo scanners or fixed optic processing heads can be installed in the machine. The ILS-LT handles format sizes of up to 18 × 24 inches. A double x/y table configuration (ILS-DLT) with two processing heads significantly increases the productivity of the laser system; two substrates can be processed in parallel.

Munich, Germany
Booth 1135

Spectrally Enhanced Colorimeter

The new LumiTop 2700 from Instrument Systems combines the spectroradiometric accuracy of the well-known CAS 140 series with the obvious advantages of imaging light-measurement devices. This innovative system merges an RGB camera and a flicker-diode with a high-end array spectroradiometer. Using the extremely accurate spectral information of the spectrometer as reference, it guarantees the highest precision across the whole camera image, enabling fast and accurate testing of displays. Moreover, the combination of three devices in one makes the LumiTop 2700 perfect for display testing in production lines, because different test applications can now be organized in a single test station.

Austin, TX, USA
Booth 510

Shielded Connectors

I-PEX NOVASTACK 35-HDP shielded board-to-FPC connectors signal contacts support high data-rate transmission standards for applications up to at least 20 gigabits per second (Gbps). These connectors are used to transfer four differential lanes of VESA high-bit-rate (HBR)2 5.4 Gbps graphics data to 4K × 2K resolution displays. These connectors provide 360-degree electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding, which allows for versatile placement locations near wireless antennas and radios. The connectors’ 0.35-mm pitch, 3.7-mm depth, and 0.75-mm low-profile maximum mated height interconnection enables use in small spaces. The connector contact material is a copper alloy with higher-current carrying capacity on the four larger contacts designated for power transmission.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Booth 238

Better Readability for Automotive Displays

IRYStec’s DRIVEvue can be used with any automotive display device to improve display content readability in bright and dark driving conditions. The goal of DRIVEvue is to keep the perceived image quality constant, because varying lighting conditions affect the time it takes drivers to focus on the material displayed on screen (dwell time). IRYStec’s solution is designed to reduce dwell time, increasing driver’s safety. DRIVEvue can also reduce display power and heat by decreasing the average display brightness, thereby reducing the cost for cooling, and prolonging the life of the display panel.

Tokyo, Japan
Booth 1421

High-Impact Absorbent Acrylic Foam and Silicone Optically Clear Adhesive

Iwatani provides functional film and industrial tape products specialized for electronic devices, backed up by the company’s innovative technology and excellent analysis that enable flexible design capabilities for customers. Its ISR-ACF acrylic foam series features high-impact-absorbing performance and is widely used for display breakage prevention. Its ISR-SOC silicone optically clear adhesive (OCA) series has high durability, heat resistance, and flexibility suitable for specialized displays such as reflective, flexible, and OLED. Furthermore, its low refractive index improves the visual quality of the display.

San Jose, CA, USA
Booth 917

High-Transmittance (80%) Transparent Color Display

This newly developed display achieves a high transmittance level of 80% by applying JDI’s proprietary technology that permits the removal of the usual color filter and polarizer layers. Viewers are able to see the background image and the displayed foreground image clearly and at the same time. By fully utilizing this unique technology, displays can be developed for new applications, such as shop windows, education tools, automotive, etc. Specifications: 4 inches, 300(H) × 360(V) pixels, 16.7 million colors, and 80% transmittance. More information will be presented during Session 79.4 on Friday, May 26.

Ramsey, NJ, USA
Booth 1234

Display Color Analyzer

Building on the benefits offered by the Display Color Analyzer CA-210, Konica Minolta’s CA-310 offers even higher accuracy when measuring the LED-backlit LCD TVs that are becoming increasingly popular. Although conventional backlights such as fluorescent lamps provide relatively uniform light, the spectral emission distribution of LEDs varies slightly with each unit. The CA-310 overcomes this problem with color sensors that more closely match the CIE 1931 color-matching functions, offering higher measurement accuracy while providing high measurement speed, even at low luminances.

San Diego, CA, USA
Booth 421

Multi-function Haptic Display

Kyocera will demonstrate its innovative multi-function display for the first time at Display Week. Its patented technology, Haptivity, generates a programmable vibrational feedback to the user. A fine-tuned vibration through a piezo device mimics a real mechanical button’s impact on human skin. This 10.25-in., vertically convex display features high brightness and contrast ratio. For input, it supports either gesture input or touches on the optically bonded P-CAP touch screen with cover glass.

Fremont, CA, USA
Booth 413

27.5-in. Resized Ultra-Wide USB 3.0 Display

Litemax will be featuring the SSD2755, an innovative, resized ultra-wide LED-backlit LCD. The 27.5-in. resized panel demonstrates a brightness of 400 nits with a 1,366 × 70 aspect ratio of 16:0.8 for retail shelving to replace paper price tags for digital signage, department stores, vending machines, and industrial applications. It uses a simple one-USB 3.0 cable, carries power and signal input simultaneously, and enables full-color video with 4.5-watt low-power consumption. It is also available with digital video interface (DVI).

Torrance, CA, USA
+1-310-320-1066, ext. 314
Booth 508

Direction Turning Film for Display Applications

Luminit Direction Turning Film (DTF) can be incorporated into display panels, such as those used in avionics, and offers a practical solution for designers and engineers. DTF can redirect the image 20° up, down, left, or right to gain optimal viewing angles in limited spaces such as instrument panels. Because of the high efficiency of the DTF, the redirected image is virtually distortion free. Direction Turning Film can be used either within the display under the LCD or on top of the LCD.

Santa Rosa, CA, USA
Booth 1435

Infrared Radiation (IR) Blocker Coated Glass for Outdoor Displays

IR Blocker Coated Glass enables easily viewed outdoor displays in bright sunlight while reducing/eliminating the requirement for active cooling. Key features include: excellent sunlight readability; reduced solar heat gain; and extreme ruggedness. Key applications are: digital information displays (DIDs); outdoor kiosks/menu boards; and ruggedized displays. The product is available in two performance ratings: IR Blocker 40 with IR reflective peak of ≥40%R and IR Blocker 70 with IR reflective peak of ≥68%R.

Suwon, Korea
Booth 214

Cubic Colorimeters

Qbism HEXA is a product series of colorimeters designed for various optical test and measurement applications. These colorimeters have special features such as object-adaptive hardware design that is compatible with DeJign test jig and other environmental systems, dual-mode functions of color and spectrum measurement, wireless data communication, and powerful interface features for Windows PC, Android tablet, and ParaMetric test instruments.

Cypress, CA, USA
Booth 221

Tough Series TFT-LCD Color Module

Mitsubishi Electric’s AT070MP11 TFT-LCD color module offers a high-vibration resistance of 6.8Gs, seven times that (1.0 G) of conventional products, and thus is suitable for equipment subject to strong shocks, such as construction vehicles, agricultural vehicles, and factory-automation machines. The product has a market-leading operating temperature range of –40 to 85 °C, compared to –30 to 80 °C for conventional products, so it is suitable for outdoor use and in vehicles operated in extreme environments. The module has super-wide viewing angles of 170 degrees, both horizontally and vertically, ensuring excellent visibility for off-center installations. It has a high brightness of 1,100/1,000 cd/m2 and a high-contrast ratio of 1,000:1 for easy visibility in bright environments.

Lehmo, Finland
Booth 211

Ultra-thin Light-guide Film for LCD Backlights

Nanocomp has developed an ultra-thin light-guide film for medium-sized LCD backlights. While it is ultra-thin, the film offers superior efficiency and excellent uniformity. It is the thinnest and most efficient light-guide solution available in the size range of 7 to 15.6 inches. The exceptional thinness and efficiency are enabled by Nanocomp’s proprietary UV-R2R manufacturing process and special double-sided micro-imprinting technology used for the light out-coupling. Nanocomp’s ultra-thin (0.375–0.5 mm) light guide provides superior performance for all LCDs in its size range. The backlight unit can be made flexible, making a perfect match with flexible or bendable LCDs.

Milpitas, CA, USA
Booth 321

Hyperion Quantum Dots

Demos at Display Week featuring quantum dot technology from Nanosys will include a BT.2020 display based on the Display Industry Award Component of the Year winner for 2017: Hyperion Quantum Dots. Visitors will also have a chance to see a demonstration of the company’s next-generation photo-emissive quantum dots.

Warminster, PA, USA
Booth 1313

Shielded Flat-Flexible Cables

Nicomatic will introduce its new V Shield Flat Flex Cable, the next generation of FFC shielding, during Display Week 2017. Its new flat-flex cables are a twist on the traditional polyester-laminated FFC; during the manufacturing process, the polyester receives an added aluminum base layer. The new V Shield process provides electromagnetic interference (EMI)/radio-frequency interference (RFI) and electrostatic discharge (ESD) signal protection for customers’ specific designs, while maintaining the key characteristics of lightweight, thin, and flexible.

Aichi, Japan
Booth 744

Antireflective and Performance-Enhancing Coatings and Thin Films

NIDEK’s coating technology controls visible and invisible light to offer anti-reflection and transmittance/reflectance of specific wavelengths. The coating also provides functions like surface protection, conductivity, and anti-smudging. NIDEK offers its coating technology to a variety of fields such as automotive, information, and communication technology; electrical appliances; and spectacle lenses. Its thin-film coating technology includes hard coating, vacuum deposition coating, and transfer tinting that all enhance the performance of day-to-day advancements in various optical components. A combination of nano-level thin films from NIDEK allows transmission and reflection of specific light wavelengths according to customers’ various needs.

Syracuse, NY, USA
Booth 1305

Imaging Colorimeter

Photo Research, a leader in color and light measurement, is featuring its enhanced Tru 8 2D imaging solution with superior reliability. In addition, check out Photo Research’s boosted VideoWin software application, highlighting six fundamental mura measurements: luminance edge area; luminance mura area; luminance lightness area; color edge area; color mura area; and color lightness area. Photo Research has been a worldwide, trusted brand for more than 70 years.

Toledo, OH, USA
Booth 645

Smart Mirrors

The NSG Group introduces the next generation of its leading Pilkington MirroView products. Designed to meet the needs of the growing smart mirror market, Pilkington MirroView has a highly reflective mirror coating that is used to hide digital displays in retail, commercial, and residential applications. The Generation 2 Pilkington MirroView offers a number of refinements, including improved reflected color, giving a more natural, mirror-like appearance. Due to the growing demand for touch-enabled surfaces, the product is fully compatible with all touch technologies, including projected capacitive. The second-generation product also offers a smoother surface for an improved touch experience.

Scotts Valley, CA, USA
Booth 504

Custom AMLCDs

Pixel Scientific makes small-volume, custom AMLCDs possible. The company’s unique, patented technology allows it to excise custom displays from high-volume donor displays. Pixel Scientific provides a full range of custom and conventional displays with large color envelopes, high-brightness, and other performance-related features. The example shown below is a 6-in. × 6-in. 768 × 786 AMLCD module with a 1,000-nit backlight. This product, part number PS101-06061-00, is in full production.

Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Booth 1409

Sprayable Anti-glare Coatings for Display Applications

PPG has commercialized sprayable, sparkle-free anti-glare (AG) coatings for glass and plastic substrates for display applications. The thermally cured AG coating on glass substrates exhibits a tunable gloss range of 50GU to 120GU, a haze range of 3% to 12%, and pencil hardness of ≥8H after curing at 150°C for one hour.  The UV-curable anti-glare coating on plastic substrates has a tunable gloss range of 40GU to 100GU, a haze range of 5% to 20%, and pencil hardness determined by plastic substrate type (e.g., ≥4H on PET and PMMA, and ≥1H on PC).

Mountain View, CA, USA
Booth 1504

Innovative Touch Interaction

At Qeexo, the company’s passion is to enhance the user experience of touch devices. TouchTools is a touch interaction innovation that allows users to easily summon and manipulate a variety of virtual tools simply by using intuitive hand poses. With TouchTools, cumbersome toolbars are a thing of the past. Users need only to mimic the way they hold objects in the real world, place their hands on the screen, and TouchTools will choose the right virtual tool accordingly. TouchTools can be deployed on a variety of devices from tablets, to auto infotainment systems, to large displays.

Englishtown, NJ, USA
+1-732-792-1234, ext. 109
Booth 1345

Ruggedized Cables and Connectors

Quadrangle Products now offers ruggedized mil-spec cables and connectors. New connectors, tooling, and designs are added weekly as the company continually expands this product line. Quadrangle Products was approached by several of its partners in industry, who requested support for this style of cable, and it has quickly become one of the most popular product lines. Quadrangle is a certified ISO 9001 custom cable manufacturer with over 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of custom cable assemblies. Volumes from prototyping to production are offered.

San Diego, CA, USA
Booth 314

High Resolution HDMI to MIPI Rotator and Converter Board

Q-VIo and Cypher Scientific present the Q-Vio high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) or low-voltage differential signaling (LVDS) to Mobile Industry Processor Interface (MIPI) rotation and conversion system, which utilizes an elegant, low-cost board solution to facilitate the use of the latest technology MIPI LCD panels in designs with industry standard HDMI and LVDS input sources. Features include: up to wide-screen ultra-extended graphics array (WUXGA) resolution with quad high definition (QHD) on the way; true real-time image rotation and mirror/flip capability on board; HDMI or LVDS to MIPI variations; programmability for any four-lane MIPI panel; LED backlight power circuit built in (standard or high bright); convertibility from portrait LCDs to landscape orientation; and small form factor.

Redmond, WA, USA
Booth 1129

Conoscope Lens

The Radiant Vision Systems conoscope lens enables high-resolution photopic measurement of angular distributions of color, luminance, and contrast of displays and display components. Using Fourier optics to map emission angles to charge-couple device (CCD) pixels, the lens captures a full cone of viewing angle data in a single measurement to ±60 degrees. No rotation of the camera or the display is necessary to capture angular data, providing quick, accurate results and making the system ideal for R&D projects and in-line quality control. The lens is well-suited to a wide range of display types, including LCD and OLED, as well as backlights.

Grafenberg, Germany
Booth 718

Liquid, Optically Clear Adhesives

RAMPF makes liquid, optically clear adhesives that are specially developed for mixing and dispensing systems. The company offers a fully automated joining method featuring the air bubble-free application of bonding materials with the subsequent joining of components. Material is applied in a vacuum and components joined in an airless environment in vacuum. Thin-film degassing of single components facilitates processing of highly degassed bonding material. Degassing of undercuts and gaps between frame and display is performed while material is applied, minimizing the risk of air bubbles. RAMPF also offers silicone systems, and adhesives for attaching displays, frames, supports, etc.

Victor, NY, USA
Booth 729

Inkjet Deposition

The Starlight Digital Manufacturing and Printing Platform features industrial inkjet deposition of decorative and functional inks on flexible and rigid substrates. A modular system, Starlight can be customized with pre- and post-printing operations for high throughput manufacturing. A large-area heated vacuum platen accommodates cut-sheet formats that meet the demands of high-volume production. The Starlight systems can be configured to print stretchable UV inks for thermoformable plastics and decorative glass bezel applications. The recently announced Starlight 3000FHE will print conductive and dielectric materials with in-line curing and sintering, and automated placement of discrete semiconductor components for flexible display electronics.

Barcelona, Spain
Booth 410

Anti-Glare Cover Glass for Touch and HD Displays

SEVASA’s HapticGlas offers among the largest cover glass sizes on the market – up to 154 inches (88 × 26 inches/2,250 × 3,210 mm). The product offers exceptional tactile feedback, very low sparkling, wide gloss range, tight gloss control, and HD resolution. It is resistant to scratches and stains, and shows few fingerprints. It is bendable, temperable, and perfect for public use and outdoors. Custom specifications are available. HapticGlas is ideal for HD applications such as multitouch walls/tables, displays, digital signage, ATMs, point of sale, etc.

Jena, Germany
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Privacy Solutions for Display Applications

siOPTICA is a leading provider of innovative switchable privacy solutions. With its optical strength and new materials, the siOPTICA technology offers a high level of security for all LCD-based panels. The sioSHIELD solution is used in the payment industry and in the automotive industry, as well as for laptops and other mobile devices.

Orange, MA, USA
+1-978 544-2171
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Braided-Steel Touch-Screen Stylus

The SLENCIL MW20-11-RJ1 is a military-constructed touch-screen stylus with a 20-in. (50-cm) braided steel cable tether that is black-plastic coated and features “sure-crimp” ring terminal anchoring hardware. The tether is designed with 200-lb. tensile strength. A cushion-tip stylus provides impact resistance to screen. The stylus may be imprinted with corporate logo or brand. Made in USA.

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Flexible Lamination Manufacturing

The TMS-22TS laminator offers users complete manufacturing flexibility by performing flex-to-flex, flex-to-rigid, and rigid-to-rigid substrate lamination work. It is ideal for displays, touch sensors, and other flexible hybrid electronics (FHE) applications in a production or an R&D environment. By using the Sun-Tec proprietary “tail-stopper” mechanism to enable out-gassing during a rigid-to-rigid substrates lamination, trapped air between the substrates is significantly reduced. Additional features of the TMS-22TS include PLC storage for 100 production recipes, programmable digitally controlled lamination speed and pressure settings, min/max substrate processing of 10-in./22-in. diagonal, and placement accuracy of +/– 0.2 mm.

Fremont, CA, USA
+1-510-651-1329 or 510-573-3913
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Multi-color LED HUD

Super Image Technologies’ newest multi-color LED digital light processing (DLP) head-up display (HUD) offers compact body design, high optical efficiency, low power consumption, long LED life, bright emissive display, and standard HD video interface. Additional features include: water-clear emissive screen that adheres to any windshield or glass surface; scalable image size with unlimited viewing angles; bright teal, white, and red information display; compatibility with HD video or image; and mini-HDMI and micro-USB interfaces.

Monroe, WA
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Robotic Touch and Pen Testing

Tactile Automation will introduce the TakTouch 1000, with its new force-sensing and reporting end effector, which is a 4-axis robotic touch and pen-testing platform designed specifically for testing a variety of different gestures on touch screens, touch-pads, keyboards, stylus, etc. This robot eliminates multiple test fixtures and operator inaccuracies while allowing companies to automatically run a wide variety of tests sequentially without operator input. Therefore, customers can allocate their most precious resources (people’s time and money) to higher revenue producing tasks.

Tianjin, Tianjin, China
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Quantum Dot Luminescent Micro-Spheres (QLMS)

Quantum dot (QD) luminescent micro-spheres (QLMS), developed by Tianjin Zhonghuan Quantum Tech (ZH-Qtech), are a new kind of highly robust QD composite featuring high-efficiency, narrow full width at half maximum (FWHM), and excellent long-term operational stability. QLMS is fully compatible with current LED packaging processes and can be used as phosphors for direct on-chip applications – tube or film is not required anymore. QLMS will make it more convenient and cost effective for manufacturers to adopt QDs in flat-panel displays with wide color gamut and LED lighting with high color rendering.

Chino, CA, USA
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Bendable, Foldable AMOLED for Mobile Devices

TIANMA’s first real flexible AMOLED is 5.5 inches, with vivid color and high pixel density. It can be bendable or foldable, and it is also thin and light. TIANMA is bringing its bright AMOLED products to the smart device market. To create color in life is TIANMA’s mission.

Tokyo, Japan
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2D Spectroradiometer

To satisfy demand for expanding color gamuts, OLEDs and lasers have become mainstream. But luminance and chromaticity uniformity and mura are inevitable phenomena of this technology. Topcon’s groundbreaking 2D spectroradiometer SR-5000 is the perfect tool for defect finding, analysis, and material development for OLEDs. Also, SR-5000H is a higher grade hybrid model built with 2D spectral filters and XYZ filters. This versatile model enables the fulfillment of lower luminance levels up to 0.005 candelas per square meter (cd/m2), and minimizes the site space in one unit. It will enable high productivity and quality for every OLED site.

Tokyo, Japan
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Analytical Service for OLED Devices

Toray Research Center provides an extensive range of high-quality material analysis services. The company has 38 years of experience serving the world’s top R&D/manufacturing companies in a variety of industrial fields, including OLED. Learn how its benchmarking/degradation material analysis can work for customers.

Seoul, Korea
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OLED Event Organizer

UBI Research organizes international events throughout the year, with the goal of growth for the industry, and also of gathering together experts and businesses for open discussion and networking. The UBI Research Report covers markets and technology.It is designed for the in-depth understanding of the entire OLED industry, including market forecasts, competition, supply chain analysis, and investment trends.

Taichung, Taiwan, ROC
+886-4-2531-4277, ext. 3868
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LCD and Touch Panels

United Radiant Technology (URT) manufactures professional LCD panels and modules, including twisted nematic (TN), super-twisted nematic (STN), film-compensated-twisted nematic (FSTN), and thin-film transistor (TFT). The company also produces touch screens.

Elmhurst, IL, USA
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Touch Driver Software

USCO America Inc. presents a new idea with its own touch driver software. Its affiliate company, DMC Co., Ltd, in Japan, developed the DMT-DD driver for USCO’s touch screens. DMT-DD is a touch driver for P-Cap and resistive touch sensors, and can control both of those at the same time. It is possible to construct a multi-monitor environment with just one Windows (XP/7/8/81/10)PC system. This solution is already used for Japanese’s train ticket kiosks, and also works well for bank ATMs and various information terminals. It is possible to use two operation terminals – one for customers and the other for administrators.

Munich, Germany
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Optical Bonding Materials for Vehicular Displays

As the inside of automobile cockpits are exposed to broad temperature extremes, high humidity, UV radiation, and constant vibration, it’s essential to select an optical bonding material that will remain stable and compliant in those conditions. WACKER’s LUMISIL silicone optically clear resins (OCRs) were specifically developed and extensively tested to meet the rigorous testing demands of the automotive industry. The WACKER LUMISIL OCRs are superior to acrylics in many ways, including outstanding reliability at broad temperature extremes, UV stability, and low volume shrinkage, ensuring long-term stability and performance for automotive displays.

Gundersheim, Germany
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Display Consulting

Wammes & Partner – a long-term Deutsches Flachbildschirm Forum or German Flat-Panel Forum (DFF) member – provides display networking and best-practice advice for display customers.

Saint Charles, MO, USA
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Mobile Display Test System

Westar Display Technologies is demonstrating the QuickTest II+  automated test system – an upgrade to the company’s industry-standard QuickTest II system. The QuickTest II+ characterizes mobile displays up to 9 inches and includes: a camera, spectrometer, and Westar TRD-100A to provide measurements of uniformity, color, contrast, luminance, cross talk, response time, flicker, and more. The system includes the Westar T-Drive SD-100 video test pattern generator and a computer with the company’s QuickTest software, which allows the user to easily create custom test scripts. QuickTest II+ can be extended with several options, including reflection measurement, custom display fixtures, and more.

Chu-Nan, Taiwan
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4.1-in. Transparent OLED Display

WiseChip has introduced a see-through OLED display for HUD applications. Specifications include: 180° viewing angle without color distortion; wide operating temperature range (-40°C ~+ 105°C); ultra-high luminance of 1,500 candelas per square meter (cd/m2) that provides a clear and bright image to drivers; and fast response time (≦ 10μs). OLED technology enables safe and easy viewing, with clear visibility in sunlight and at night. It will be used more and more in future head-up displays for vehicles, as well as in dashboard displays, internal lighting, and other applications.

Huntingdon, UK
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Piezoelectric Printheads

The Xaar 1003 AMx is the latest addition to the Xaar range of market-leading piezoelectric drop-on-demand advanced manufacturing printheads, giving high resistance to functional fluids while still delivering exceptional drop accuracy and placement. Specialized internal and external coatings prevent corrosive and reactive functional fluids from ingressing and possibly damaging the printhead. This increases uptime and decreases maintenance frequency for longer printhead life. The printhead is capable of consistently jetting droplets as small as 6 picoliters to produce fine features, patterns, and coatings. These features enable the industrialization of advanced manufacturing processes in sectors such as displays, PCBs, semiconductors, and photovoltaics.

Tokyo, Japan
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Test Systems for Flexible Electronics

Yuasa System Co. is introducing its latest tension-free endurance test systems for flexible electronics during Display Week. Based upon established global testing standards, the Yuasa tension-free system is designed to increase reliability and efficiencies for all companies involved in the research and manufacturing of display devices (smartphones, TVs, wearables, etc.) The 2017 updated version features interchangeable cartridges designed for ease of use and seamless operation between endurance rigs and microscopes. Additionally, new optional packages include both manual and remote operation by PC and ability to externally save and output all test data.

Deqing, Zhejiang, China
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Retina Imaging Luminance Meter

The VDM-200 Retina Imaging Luminance Meter specializes in the measurement and analysis of optical performance, geometric parameters, and image quality of virtual image displays. The device simulates the eye pupil by using a 5-mm diameter of aperture located at the front focal point of the imaging lens in the luminance meter. This guarantees the entrance pupil is matched with the augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR) exit pupil, and constant field of vision (FOV) at any image distance in V-H angular coordinates. The photodetection combines the spectral radiance meter and an imaging photometer with high angular resolution so that additional measurements of pixel defects and angular resolution are possible.  •