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Welcome to Display Week
By Stephen P. Atwood

Industry News
By Jenny Donelan

President's Corner
Moving On, Making Progress
By Amal Ghosh

Guest Editorial
Vehicle Displays in the Passing Lane
By Karlheinz Blankenbach

Best Products of 2015: 2016 Display Industry Awards 
Each year, the Society for Information Display's Display Industry Awards Committee selects award winners that have advanced the state of the art of display products and technology in the categories of Display of the Year, Display Component of the Year, and Display Application of the Year.
By Jenny Donelan

Frontline Technology: Understanding the Requirements for Automotive Displays in Ambient Light Conditions
The authors have developed a full-windshield head-up display (FW-HUD) for automotive applications. This new display is based on emissive projection display technology and forms photo-quality images on a fully transparent RGB emissive screen, after selective excitation of the screen by images in multiple ultra-violet wavebands from a projector. With this FW-HUD, information can be graphically displayed anywhere on a windshield without limitation on viewing angles.
By Jan Bauer and Markus Kreuzer

Frontline Technology: Haptics Help Drivers Keep Their Eyes on the Road
An empirical user study suggests that touch displays with haptic feedback reduce driver workload by making blind operation easier and faster.
By Thomas Voehringer-Kuhnt, Kai Hohmann, Andreas Brueninghaus, and Ercan Tunca

Display Marketplace: New Directions for Digital Signage and Public Displays: Part 2
The second half of our two-part series on the market dynamics of digital-signage applications for commercial (or public) displays examines the educational and corporate markets and winds up with a forward look at how OLEDs may further energize the industry.
By Todd Fender

Enabling Technology: Sensor Architecture: The Evolution of Digital Signage and Intelligent Visual Communications
Proximity networks and beacon software are being used to enhance the digital-signage experience for retailers, venue owners, and customers in stores and other public locations.
By Mark Boidman

Frontline Technology: Challenges for Outdoor Digital Displays
When designing an outdoor digital-signage system, location, hardware, sunlight readability, durability, and reliability are key components to consider. To meet these challenges, Delphi Display Systems has developed fully integrated and sealed outdoor display systems that incorporate embedded media control and robust remote management.
By Benjamin Medvitz

Trade-Show Preview: Products on Display at Display Week 2016
Some of the products on display at North Americaís largest electronic-display exhibition are previewed.
Compiled by Editorial Staff

SID News: 2015 JSID Outstanding Student Paper