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A Mid-Summer Night's Dream
By Stephen P. Atwood

Industry News
By Jenny Donelan

Guest Editorial
Welcome to the Light Field
By Nikhil Balram

Frontline Technology: Light-Field Imaging and Display Systems
Light-field imaging and display are often treated as separate areas, but at a conceptual level they are closely related. Display can be viewed as the reverse path of imaging, and this way of thinking can be helpful in the design of either type of system. This article offers a brief outline of both light-field imaging and display systems and a roadmap for their practical use going forward.
By Nikhil Balram and Ivana Tošić

Frontline Technology: Advances in Head-Mounted Light-Field Displays for Virtual and Augmented Reality
Head-mounted light-field displays render a true 3D scene by sampling either the projections of the 3D scene at different depths or the directions of the light rays apparently emitted by the 3D scene and viewed from different eye positions. Head-mounted lightfield displays are capable of rendering correct or nearly correct focus cues and addressing the well-known vergence-accommodation mismatch problems of conventional virtual and augmented-reality displays.
By Hong Hua

Conference Review: One Day, Sixteen Speakers, Innumerable Insights
The Bay Area chapter of SID recently brought together 16 experts for a fascinating, far-ranging look at issues that are shaping the display industry.
By Jenny Donelan, Sri Peruvemba, Paul Semenza, and John Wager

Frontline Technology: Display Color Gamuts: NTSC to Rec.2020
Modern color gamuts are one of the most misunderstood aspects of display metrology. Here, we will examine the usefulness of the still widely referenced 1953 NTSC gamut and also compare accurately colorized gamuts in the 1931 and 1976 CIE color spaces.
By Raymond M. Soneira

Show Highlights: Display Week 2016 Show Daily Highlights
Color e-ink, augmented reality's relationship with human evolution, and displays for smartwatches that really resemble a watch were only a few of the great discoveries that Information Display's roving reporters made at Display Week 2016 in San Francisco.
By Information Display Staff

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