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Down the Path of Display History
By Stephen P. Atwood

Industry News
By Jenny Donelan

Guest Editorial
Technical Progress Should Not Overwhelm Common Sense
By Tom Fiske

Display Week Review Introduction: Chinese Displays, Light-Field Displays, and Automotive Technology Lead Trends at Display Week 2015 
Chinese display companies showed up in force this year, adding excitement to an already dazzling exhibit hall of displays in sizes ranging from micro to downright huge. A couple of futuristic table-top displays and a wealth of automotive displays also commanded attention. Information Displayís roving reporters were on the scene to describe these and other advances.
By Jenny Donelan

I-Zone and Best-in-Show Winners
The Society for Information Display honored six exhibiting companies at Display Week 2015 in San Jose last June. These companies were Ubiquitous Energy for best prototype in the Innovation Zone and AUO, BOE, Fogale Sensation, Nanosys, and Nippon Electric Glass for Best-in-Show winners on the main exhibit floor.
By Jenny Donelan

Image Quality and Metrology
isplay technology delivers the photons to the front of the screen; the human vision system detects the photons and perceives an image. Measurement devices capture and analyze image characteristics and deliver objective quantities that engineers use to inform optical designs and monitor manufacturing processes.
By Tom Fiske

Display Materials and Processes
In addition to three major categories of new and evolving display materials ñ display glass, flexible transparent conductors, and quantum dots ñ a potentially disruptive material-and-process combination appeared at Display Week this year.
By Ken Werner

Microdisplays, Near-to-Eye, and 3-D
New display technologies, including some new twists on tried-and-true display technologies, are helping displays integrate ever more seamlessly with the devices we use every day.
By Steve Sechrist

Frontline Technology: A General Framework for Measuring the Optical Performance of Displays under Ambient Illumination
The growing diversity of the display landscape requires a unified approach to characterize visual performance under realistic lighting conditions.
By John Penczek, Edward F. Kelley, and Paul A. Boyntonr

Frontline Technology: Advanced Imaging Colorimetry
Implementing advanced methods of display metrology enables highly accurate luminance and color-imaging measurements to be performed. The next generation of high-accuracy imaging colorimeters benefits from a combined approach of recording additional data and utilizing a matrix-based optimization algorithm.
By –enan Konjhodûic, Peter Khrustalev, and Richard Young

SID News
International Display Workshops to Take Place in Otsu, Japan

By Jenny Donelan